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How to become a master of a slot game session?

When you enter an online casino and we are under its spell, usually the first initiative you undertake is to open an account. Fill in a few formalities in a completely free framework for this purpose to present yourself a little to the administration of the casino. The one and only way to get in return validated connection information in the secure system of the platform and finally be part of the family! Once this data is stored in the base of the game house, it is enough to use them to be able to identify with the casino and then have full access to its member area.

It is in these moments that we take a few moments to deposit a few pounds. Make the instant present a pure instant of entertainment by entering the big yard with a bankroll filled with real chips. Coins requiring only to be consumed on games of chance in the case of virtual slot machines or to take the time to enjoy the scenery by testing free of charge the variants proposed to us from a converted toy library.

In the 2 cases of figure, namely the game mode paying and fun, what will follow in this article is compatible with 100% with the strategy that will follow. Although I must admit that a free game version will inevitably be much more flexible in terms of price redistribution compared to a version accessible via money in the form of fictitious casino tokens.

Before I get into the lively topic, I think it’s good to say that this strategy comes from my own experience. It is not a formula to be taken in the first degree. This trick to dominate the redistribution course of a slot machine will be able to function perfectly in some cases, in other periods of play be well received but with some shortcomings in its operation and in other Circumstances prove to be catastrophic in terms of expected results.

So this is not a foolproof method of slot machine as we can cross a lot on forums specialized in more or less efficient strategies of online gambling. This method is no more than a reflection of a personal observation that allows me to know whether a slot machine is favorable to a correct redistribution or just closed at the moment. In this case know if it will be possible for me to be a strategist knowing whether or not I would be able to influence its redistribution course so as to draw from my injections of bets the best return on investment.

Constantly fluctuate its bet value to induce a slot machine to pay

When connected to a slot machine, it is necessary at first even if it is not obligatory to either play with the lowest setting by adjusting the number of lines if there are, parts per line and denomination values. Some digital casinos are more transparent than others by displaying the number of players connected in real mode on their slot machines.

If the index is low, the only advice I can give is to flee because the slot machine will put all his energy to absorb a maximum of money. Therefore, do not release virtually any price. In this case, it is clearly stated in the jargon that the slot machine is locked. It’s like when a roulette comes out an endless series of red or black digits or even zeros very close to each other.

It is more advisable to leave the table because the roulette is visibly closed. To return to the locked slot machine, he recharges and will pay later. If on the other hand the index of attendance is high, it is already a good sign without getting in mind that one will become rich as Cresus in the next minutes. It would be foolish to think so.

Once connected to the game, perform a few spins, spin to see how the slot machine behaves. If the latter is generous in unlocking more or less long features in their course, gradually increase the total value of bet to try to collect a mass of chips more abundant and always in a time of play restricted.

It is important not to exceed a game of more than 15 minutes. Especially do not be stubborn to want to climb too abruptly its bet value at the risk of gradually locking the slot machine. From experience, I know that 85% of the slot machine on the internet behave like this.

If at the beginning of the game session, the slot machine does not react, make a bet representing a total of 5 times the value the minimum bet granted history to tickle it a bit and to know a possible change. If a feature comes to light or if no winning is the result of this spin, halve the value of that bet to see if it is camping on its positions.

If this is the case, remain frozen on this bet and then increase it to the maximum value of any time every 5 or 10 spins in order to induce it to distribute prizes. The fact of fluctuating its wagering value very frequently influences a slot machine to invite it to express itself accordingly by giving importance to the features it contains in its gameplay.

Take a step back to observe the carousel of a slot machine with its feature-trigger symbols so as to know if it responds favorably to a fair game.

Intelligent fluctuating its bet value is part of a strategy that greatly influences the redistribution course of a slot machine. Now let’s see when a slot machine is on the verge of paying. Rather when it feels ready to trigger a high-performance payment feature like a bonus game, free spins, Wheel of Fortune, etc.

In the vast majority of cases, not to say all the time in fact, a slot machine needs to cross over the road of his reels at least 3 bonus icons to allow players to enter the bonus level or else 3 scatter symbols to unlock without a free slot game session.

Many players will agree that it is not uncommon to find that a slot machine enjoys playing with our nerves. In the sense that the latter will display consecutively on reell 1 and 2 or 3 for example the icon in correspondence with the feature that you want to activate. Lack of luck, it always has a missing symbol for the chain to be perfect and thus allow players to win chips in addition to an adventure rich in twists when advancing in the feature.

It is often that the reel 5 starts to heat, ignite graphically supported by a unique sound and that puts the pellets before stopping for this purpose to raise the adrenaline. Sometimes the last symbol you want is the jackpot, but in other cases, it is noted in the absent, and it boils down to a frustrating failure. So you have to start all over again by re-launching the reels of the slot machine and of course accompany it with a new sum of money.

In this case, the most sensible thing is to be slightly more stingy than before at the level of its bet amount so as to warn the machine that it will no longer be able to eat as many chips. No more good life! Her future will be threatened in some way and she will be forced to behave differently if she wants to keep her number of users.

So it will take nothing to let go and therefore maintain this game strategy. Hold the time of a few spins with a bet decreases in volume to observe the slot machine make a little ride with 2 symbols bonus game for example and dragging feet to not release the third. At this point, his goal will be to influence the players to store stronger see even beyond the limit of what they have already done previously if he is seeing new on reels. You will have to be persevering by standing up to him. It will magically end up displaying the 3 items that are expected.

The probability of activating a feature is more favorable when one voluntarily lowers its bet value than if one makes the decision to increase it significantly. A slot machine for any interest to operate a feature with the lowest player side bet because during the course of its game option, the future redistribution is dependent on the setting value responsible for the trigger.

After that, free to everyone to re-raise its token value while having a responsible eye on its bankroll to avoid devouring it faster than normal. As stated at the beginning of the article, this strategy of knowing when a slot machine will pay and how to influence its redistribution course does not work at all times. It therefore includes in its mechanism a significant risk-taking at the level of the health of its cash capital.

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