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Complete lexicon of features present in online slots games

When you want to tame a slot machine on the internet by taking this initiative to know what is eager to be on the menu in terms of features, we always take this habit of taking refuge directly in the table of earnings. In other words, a succinct prize scale that alone is the compensation plan for a slot machine. It also makes it possible to clearly identify the number of options in the game, their rate of pay, the items that are own…

Generally speaking, as there are sometimes exceptions to this normality, these are the 5-reels online slots that offer a good range of features. Options that preserve this state of mind to guarantee a game overexcited in terms of animations and evolutionary sounds caused by the intervention of these famous features. At the same time that these features allow to sow the discord, putting full view to the players from the game area of 5 reels by not refusing to serve on a golden platter prizes more or less advantageous!

But here, it is not always easy to understand correctly through the jargon of the machines under the principle of featuring of the features that can arise in their respective gameplay. There are features that follow a fast path in their progression and others who prefer to follow a compensation logic for a certain amount of time through the slot machine selected.

This second case can sometimes cause difficulties for the players on the level of comprehension in reference to the redistribution of prizes. Most of the time everything goes very fast in the sequence of steps of a feature that sometimes can become intermingled with another to certify an explosive cocktail of prize! One finds itself then quickly lost under the surge of animations that dominate partially the game.

But good always in this capital condition where the features triggered beforehand by the manifestation of one or more symbols on the game interface are that day there sufficiently well to offer prizes. It is not because a slot machine chooses to wake up features that these will inevitably start to trigger prizes that they are otherwise weak or exorbitant.

From experience, it occasionally happens that game options that are part of the of life of a slot machine remain passive not in their graphic evolution on the 5 reels of the game but abstaining without regret to release earnings and that very small. Rather embarrassing situation in the camp of players but which is pronounced in most cases during free play sessions consisting of a small number of spins or even with the intervention of wilds simple. Jokers not always decided to draw a radiant smile of pleasure on the faces of players by offering mountains of chips with upstream a good load adrenaline!

Going back to the key reason for this article, it has found its meaning by exposing the complete lexicon in relation to the features that can be encountered during a slot game session on the internet. To allow each reader to understand at 100% the logic of redistribution as well as the principle of operation in relation to each feature, this content is responsible for referencing all the known options at this day.

Everything was combed out so as to leave no hope for one of them to escape this drastic rule based on a complete referencing of options mingled with the games of slot machines. Therefore, a dynamic page that is thinking of consolidating the new features in link lending or by far to this popular casino game online.

Game features offering new ways to play with slot machines currently available on the internet gambling market. But in the continuity of this momentum of progression, to open this endorsement to allow to make fruitful its commitments of betting in the regularity which are pleasing to find emergence during the times when one expects least. An additional motivation resulting from creativity in favor of simple motive in reference to the contribution of the glory of innovation of the e-Gaming and the maintenance of the experience of the users more and more enriched.

To establish a good organization in this inventory of features that make up the gameplay of online slots and which proves to be relatively large, are sorted alphabetically the set of options that can find Birth in the heart of a five-reel slot machine. Of course with the systematic accompaniment of a concise definition accompanied according to the cases of figure by concrete examples. Following the consultation of the glossary of internet slots features of the AC comparison updated regularly with the introduction of new ways to meet victories during a game session, armed bandits will no longer have only one secret for gambling enthusiasts of this kind!

Now Place the slot machine game options glossary!

Stop button:

The Stop button is a feature that is present on virtually every slot machine in the market. The purpose of this feature is to stop the current spin instead of waiting wisely for the time it stops under its own will. So we can draw 2 benefits. The first is that it allows to be able to develop a certain game strategy. During the spin, we can see the symbols that scroll at a brisk pace. By stopping the game immediately, it is likely to be able to display them at the stop to ultimately increase their chances in order to trigger one or features simultaneously. The second strong point of this Stop button option is to allow players to play much quicker.


The icon Click Me (click me) usually need to be present 3 times on the interface in order to be able to be active. Once this is done it is always asked players to kindly click on 1 of the 3 Click Me who are facing him. This action allows him to instantly discover a gain that he can pocket in the stride! The other 2 clicks then reveal their contents in tokens in order to show the players whether they have made the right choice! On the other hand, these 2 other values in coins are not good to be counted in bankroll.


Concerning slot machines and in this case those published by the Swedish developer Netent, many of them have a fixed jackpot which very often exceeds the height of the £100 000! Unlike the work of a progressive jackpot, these pools do not inflate in volume through the influence of the losing bets of the players. These jackpots remain frozen in time and they are only waiting to be won by a lucky.

Some Netent titles and other online casino software like for example NextGen Gaming Group (NYX) offer this advantageous opportunity to entertain themselves on slot machines that give this rich opportunity to pocket one or more progressive jackpots !Some variants are configured to offer up to 5 mini progressive jackpots. Others offer a single one that generally sits at the top of the interface by proudly displaying a total accumulated earnings that can exceed after a certain amount of time the 6 figures!

Many are the possibilities to hope to win a fixed jackpot. It actually depends on the configuration of the slot machine or more precisely the software that is responsible for propelling it. Each supplier that offers this option of winning fixed jackpots has its own operating mode. For example, it is common to note that slot machine impose a minimum of 5 similar icons occupying very specific areas of play. In other cases, to play in Bet Max (maximum bet tolerated by the slot machine) and to discover with a zest of luck a formula of symbols compatible but must be imperatively sufficient in effective.

In other circumstances, first enter into a first feature such as a Level 1 bonus game or free games to then toggle without returning to the main game in a second feature that will put all cards on the table so give this opportunity to the players to unlock the jackpot. There are really a thousand and one procedures to try to win the big lot !This is what makes it all its popularity among fans of slot machine of five-reels and is undoubtedly the most profitable of features!

Bonus Game:

The bonus game is one of the features that is pronounced to be the most wanted by slot machine players. In general, this option can be unlocked by getting at least 3 similar icons anywhere on the screen where on areas defined in advance by the rules of the game. Once inside, this feature has the particularity of requiring users to get more involved in the slot machine. To take their computer mouse firmly in hand to select objects in highlights with the ultimate goal of collecting chips. But also to answer puzzles not necessarily obvious, to appeal to his memory, to make crucial decisions in this intention to evolve in the adventures orchestrated by the game bonus…

But this feature does not stop in such a good way in the case of some virtual casino games. Once inside the bonus game of a slot machine, it is sometimes possible to be able to progress through several levels that have this common ambition to build a terse fictitious story where players become part of the skin of an actor in grass.

Therefore, the odds of getting prizes are much more important! The flow of the bonus game is completely free which makes this feature a very lucrative game option for those who will have the art and the way to tame it. At the end of the bonus game, the total prizes won is displayed in bulk so as not to miss it all in a chain of animations and train to its ears!

A final earning which is of course subject to end up being counted in the lucky player’s crate once the latter joins the main game. Note that some slots have several bonus game features with the accompaniment of completely different staging. In this sense, this versatility adds excitement with chances of earning even more money supported!

Earning Multiplier:

This feature works in most cases following the activation of a feature that can for example refer to wild features, free spins or even a bonus level. Earning multipliers are very often subject to complementarity with respect to a feature and they act mainly in the second level while playing a crucial role in significantly inflating the total amount freshly won.

These prize multipliers usually start on a value of x1 and with each new consecutive win, this index is able to evolve gradually up to x15 see more! A loss, the result of a spin without a prize redistribution, systematically causes the game to be set to its default multiplication value of x1. At this point, only new slot machine spins are in a capacity to increase the index of the coefficient of multiplication.

Free spins:

As we have just seen with the scatter icons, the free spins can be launched through this feature but not every time. What for? Because some slots have free spins and they have had this preference to do without a scatter feature. In this case, it is an item designated in advance that allows players to be able to access it. Once present at least 3 times on the screen, the players toggles on the other side by integrating the mysteries that revolve around the free spins! The game then works in a totally automated way, leaving the spectators as a result. What’s great about all of this is that the game works without the need for users to inject the money!

Free spins can go between 1 and 666 (slot scary Rich 3 from Rival Gaming). Chance for the one who will reach this level of free spins!The number of free games allocated varies greatly from the number of free-spins icons that are visible at the time of release. In addition to playing for free, other feature can be the subject of a process event like wilds of any form, extra free spins called extra free spins, a bonus game, earning multipliers and many other features!

Left or Double:

As a result of a win, the left or double gives players the opportunity to grow their profits in their last spin. This is when the button named double up or quit or double will suddenly become active. The latter is usually present next to the spin button. By clicking on it, the player can clearly see a protagonist in the story of the slot machine. The latter will invite him in most of the time to play the game of the stack and the face (or Double) using a coin of currency.

In the event that the player wins, he will suddenly see his starting bet being doubled in a stroke of a wand magic! He can then either leave the double up with his money or continue the game up to 10 times but on one condition. That he cannot find the way to defeat in the meantime. If this is the case, he will unfortunately see his start canceled and he’ll be forced to leave empty pockets in the Main game.

Re-Spin :

The Re-Spin is a feature that is activated in the vast majority of cases by a wild. When the wild is finished with its activity of substitution of symbols and distribution of random prizes, it will be the turn of the Re-Spin to engage in the game with the feature of delivering a free spin. This is the new pattern of symbols on the screen that will announce the definitive answer in terms of obtaining new prizes. If earnings are shown at the end of the re-spin, a new free spin will immediately road! If there is still a source of earning to the key, this will mark it again. On the other hand, if the second Re-Spin suffers a defeat then the players will return to the main game in search of new adventures!


Scatters are so-called special icons that have this unique potential to deliver batches of chips. The greater the number of scatters on the interface and the higher these parts packs are. Scatters can be activated either on an active pay line or outside of a line. Again, it all depends on the configuration of the slot machine. In addition to allowing players to win coins during the session, Scatters can sometimes open access to free spins that are also called in the jargon of the e-Gaming, free spins.

Automatic Spins:

In order to provide additional user comfort for its players, some online gambling publishers such as Netent, NextGen or Leander games make available a feature called Automatic spins. It is therefore possible to be able to set up a group of slot machine spins on a scale from 5 to 1 000. During the course of the game, it is of course possible to leave the feature either to make changes in the value of the starting bet, to exit the automatic spins mode, to return to a manual game mode or simply to leave the slot machine.

Tumbling Reels:

Uncommon, Tumbling Reels feature is quite original as a whole. The 5-reels slot machines have the habit of giving the green light to their reels so that they can enjoy performing spins from bottom to top. The Tumbling Reels game option stands out in its own way by being completely different from what we’ve seen so far. The icons are not imbedded on rotating reels but they fall from the top of the slot machine to pile up on each other. To complete the entire interface with icons of different natures.

Successive explosions of symbols then take place during the triggering of features and other symbols have the role of coming assiduously complete in turn the empty spaces by falling cascading. When obtaining new earnings from a new cascade of items, a re-spin finds birth and as long as prizes deem good to come and maintain the game session, new re-spins invite to the party!

On the other hand, if an avalanche does not know a victory at the end of the loop, then it is the players who will have to inject a bet by clicking on the button spin in order to give again energy to the slot machine so that its featuring tumbling reels be able to work!


The wild is in the jargon of slot machines of 5 reels a joker. Its goal is to finalize a winning line in order to pay for it. So this is clearly a surrogate icon. The wild also has additional options such as simple (occupies 1 case) expandable (colonizes the whole height of a reel), stacked Wild & Sticky wild (they are unpredictable and they move randomly). Understand that these different modes of wilds work differently on the 5 reels and rows of an online slot machine but their point in common and that they greatly favor a paying game by randomly replacing the icons that hinder its projects.

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