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Sirens’ Serenade™

A long time ago, under the sea, there was a kingdom Sirens’ Serenade™ with a king, a queen and six princesses sirens. They could swim anywhere but not on the surface, only on the day of the 15th birthday of each princess they could go to the surface for a whole day and at the end of the day she must return to the kingdom.

The last of the Princesses, a beauty with long, black hair, as in Sirens’ Serenade™, just celebrated her 15th birthday and rises to the surface, and what she sees the leash amazed, she just saw a young sailor, who had restored a ship of Vikings, as it can be seen in Sirens’ Serenade™, And falls immediately in love with him, but the day is soon over and she must go home. On the way home, she meets a sorcerer and tells her about her adventure.

The sorcerer proposes her to make a pact, he can give her legs but if she rises to the surface and does not find his love then his soul will be to him forever. The little mermaid accepts without hesitation and when she goes back to the surface and looks for her sailor she sees him marrying a young blonde girl and she tries to escape the spell of the sorcerer.

Unfortunately the sorcerer had already caught his soul in a vial and she could not go home, it was indeed too late for the little mermaid. She was trapped in the surface and only she could escape if she found true love. But she must follow the sorcerer wherever he goes without asking questions and not fussing. It is the attraction of a circus and they go from village to village across the country.

Everyone is talking about the mermaid show but no one knows if it’s real or not. Magnus decides to take his little sister to the circus, she keeps talking about it! Magnus doesn’t really believe it, but he loves his sister and does everything to make her happy. So they patiently waiting for the time of the start of the show.

Everything is going beautifully, until the big show has to unfold… A large aquarium covered in the middle of the runway announces it. There it is! The tarp is going up and a wonderful creature is in the water. She swims like a fish she doesn’t even go up to the surface. His impressive choreography in the water leaves the audience speechless.

The circus people adore her but the sorcerer who passes himself off as the leader of the circus is not appreciated at all, he is wicked, brutal, and ruthless. The siren would like to escape but alone she cannot she needs help. When the show finished, Megan, Magnus ‘ sister implores her to go see her he cannot resist and he accepts.

They slowly approach the aquarium and when they are close to her their look lai to glimpse a glimmer of emotion and disbelief, he did not think that these creatures could exist, but they had one right in front of their noses! It was just something out of the ordinary, what you can see once in a lifetime!

The little mermaid who spoke by transmissions of thoughts when Megan approches her hand to the glass asks her to help. She’s desperate, she can’t stand being locked up with that being so abominable, that makes her suffer so much. The little girl immediately understands her problem and asks her brother to help her, it is absolutely necessary to get her out of there and be able to bring her back to the sea. For this it will be necessary to come back later to help her to escape, but for now we must first go home and rest a little, the Health of the small was not extraordinary.

Well entered at night, the two brothers return to the circus, and the gypsy who read the Bonaventure will help them, the sorcerer always takes a liqueur before going to sleep but this time the beautiful gypsy had poured a half vial of sleeping pills to leave him a little to flat! And it seemed in a deep sleep, but don’t forget that he is a sorcerer!

The two young people approach the room where the siren is locked, and manage to open it. Before she goes, she has to go and get the bottle where her soul is locked. You have to play a few notes on the harmonica to be able to open the chest where the bottle is. But you have to be very careful not to wake up the wicked sorcerer!

When the siren asked for help to Megan, she also shared some music notes and now she understands everything! While Magnus helps the siren get out of the room, the little girl goes into the sorcerer’s room and gently plays the notes that her friend had put in her head. The trunk opens and a dot bottle with intense brightness is inside.

Megan takes the vial carefully and at that time… The Sorcerer is waking up! And he’s not in a good mood! Megan starts screaming to warn his brother! She runs out and goes to the siren that jumps with joy when she sees the vial! She tells Megan to throw it to the ground to free his soul, what the little girl does immediately!

While the three youngsters escape, the rest of the circus artists prevent the sorcerer from following them. By releasing the soul of the bottle, Megan made it back to its natural state, the legs turning into a beautiful fish tail, the problem now is that they must not waste time, they must take him to the sea, otherwise she will die…

Magnus who had obtained his driver’s license a week before, did not hesitate for a moment, he posed in the backseat the beautiful mermaid, and Megan made her company, and he jumped to the front and starts his father’s old car very quickly. After a while the little mermaid loses consciousness, and Megan is really scared!

Magnus drives as fast as he can but it’s not easy, he can’t do otherwise. The sea is not very far but you have to get there the life of the mermaid is at stake. The tears are dripping on Megan’s cheeks, she thinks her friend is going to die. That’s it! They’ve arrived! Magnus immediately exits the car and takes the siren in his arms. It runs desperately towards the sea and gently leaves it in the water.

The little mermaid gets acquainted and everyone is happy. She asks Megan to approach and take her in her arms to cure her. It will now have an iron health! But it is time to let go back to the kingdom of sirens and they take the way back. It will be a great story to tell their children!

Game Features Sirens’ Serenade ™


All winnings will be paid from left to right, except scatter symbols that pay in any position. All pay lines will be multiplied by credits obtained by line. Scatter gains are multiplied by total credits earned. Scatters are paid in supplement to the win line.

Only the highest win is paid on each active line. The Wild is represented by a beautiful brown mermaid with long wavy hair, and pastel mauve eyes of the same color of her luscious lips. It is a Double High symbol it takes two squares, and can substitute any symbol except the scatter. If you see it 3, 4 or 5 times on the reels we will win 200, 600 or 1500 coins!

The scatter that triggers the free spins is represented by large rocks that emerge of the sea and two rays lightning that come from the sky and illuminate it. If we find 3 or more scatter symbols on the reels will activate Free spins, which can be re-activated during feature. The winnings will be double and all bets and lines played are the same as the game that activate the feature. If you have 3, 4 or 5 times the scatter on the screen you will be able to win 10, 14 or 18 free spins.

The scatter that triggers the winnings represented by a frame grey that has the words Sirens Serenade in gold. The scatter wins will be multiplied by the total credits earned, and they will be paid in supplement to all the winning lines. If you have 3, 4 or 5 times the scatter on the reels you can win 3, 25 or 50 coins.

Opinion of the casino game Sirens’ Serenade™:

Sirens’ Serenade™: the provider Genii brings us its instant slot machine under the theme of the Sirens of 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 pay lines that can make us pocket up to 52,125 coins! There is not a bunch of features but a good free spins package. It’s a relatively simple game for beginners but for someone who is looking for thrills it’s not the foot! The wagering values range from £0.01 to £0.25 and from 1 to 5 coins per line, so it’s a little weak. The interface is of a magnificent beauty, a seascape that breathtaking and don’t talk about the siren! The Genii software could have done a little better level features because considering the machines that are coming out lately this one is going to stay a little back, it remains simple as a whole and even the 52,125 coins that can be won don’t make you want to play for a long time. I’m sorry but I can’t give a good note to Sirens’ Serenade™.

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