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Sin City Nights™

Betsoft Gaming comes back with a video slot machine under Sin City Nights™. A particularly colorful game of money that comes straight from paradise on the land of gambling of all kinds. Of course we have guessed it, it is about Las Vegas! A place where everything and finally allowed almost.

Vegas, a city in America that never sleeps. A place that is constantly boosted by lust in the pure state that radiates thousands of fires through buildings with modern architecture. Buildings that also count countless floors reserving their area to luxurious suites.

Palaces that are adorned by endless games of light that have at their feet multiple fountains with this agility to project powerful columns of water to tens of meters in height. High intensity water fountains that have the common charm of forming particularly attractive geometric figures for eyes.

On the grounds of this series of land-based casinos that occupy a vast territory, the armed bandits keep on panicking and do not deprive themselves in any way when it comes to coughing up the chips permanently per kilo. Modest as wealthy customers come to Las Vegas where instead to Sin City Nights™ to spend nights of madness.

Nights without real borders in the company of the female gent who has the art and the way through its irresistible charm to make consuming champagne flute to no longer finish everything letting the players position themselves in front of a game table for try to win the jackpot. The goal being to become the Prince of the night with this abundance of gambling whose Sin City Nights™ slot machine wants to make his public.

The online casino game mobile Sin City Nights™ wants to put a lot of sight to its players by offering them a tumbling Reels feature. An option that has the principle of working with symbols in freefall. More commonly called a cascade of symbols that have the peculiarity of falling under the effect of weightlessness from the top of the interface of the game.

Betsoft Gaming Publishers are not at their first try in tumbling Reels featuring with notably the three-dimensional titles of Birds!™ and Rook’s Revenge™ which are variants of incredible graphics quality.

In this madness of quantities, Sin City Nights™ is a game of money that offers a wide range of color games that offer the screen a side for the least warmth with multiple explosions of items for the sole purpose of giving birth to a maximum of pay lines.

The big win are not discarded from the stage with for personal experience a price obtained in demo version of a value of £8 355! Massive gains that will also be the result of Re-spins, Scalable earning multipliers during the main game but also during the free spins session which has the advantage of offering simple wilds, explosions of symbols and the opportunity to accumulate Free Spins.

Sin City Nights™ well hides his game until the end of the night by dedicating his cherry on the cake to a fixed jackpot worth £2 330 000! A huge jackpot that makes Sin City Nights™ one of the most generous progressive slot machines in the toy library Betsoft Gaming!

Sin City Nights™ is a video slot that in addition to being accompanied by incessant explosions of symbols aiming clearly to put the full view is delightfully linked to a young cabaret woman with an outfit more than light.

It presents itself in its best light with a beautiful skin having absorbed many times the rays of the sun. With a smile on your lips that allows you to see a perfect dentition with a make-up adapted to the ambient festivities, this particularly sexy dancer wears an elegant red ostrich feather costume. Only his head and his posterior advantages are concealed by this thick plumage giving him softness and lightness in his gestures.

More upstream is a parking leaving only room for luxury cars like the prestigious Lamborghini, Ferrari,Porche and Mercedes brands. Cars with a certain level of comfort are carefully maintained and they accurately reflect the general atmosphere of Sin City Nights™ through their freshly polished bodywork at the wax.

In the festivities of Sin City Nights™, it will be possible to launch the 5 reels and 3 rows of this virtual slot Betsoft Gaming from£0.50 bet. Certainly, a small sum of money but which can by the sole will of the players gradually swell up to reach a climax of £125.00.

To evolve in this sense, there is nothing more simplistic than with the game of chance Sin City Nights™. Just go to the betting setup table at the bottom of the screen. Denomination values on a scale ranging from £0.02 up to £1.00 as well as oscillating part values between 1 and 5 are placed at the click of the range. Once the setup is done, it will be time to start the game by pressing the button Spin.



As we have just seen since the introduction of the table of earnings from Sin City Nights™, this video slot does not have a payment line but as a substitution a dreaded tumbling Reels feature.

By definition, a replacement option that aims to leave icons tumble from the top of the interface to end up sorting along the 3 rows of the slot machine. Following this, some symbols will be more excited than others that will have the effect of making them explode.

Empty spaces will suddenly be created. It is then that a Re-Spin (free ride) will find birth to come complete the spaces lacking icons by new thanks to the rapid intervention of new symbols.

Following this episode, the game will again create explosions of items which will give life to a second re-Spin or then go under silence without any action on the reels. In this case, the only way to restart the machine will be to use the spin button by injecting a more or less high sum of money (from £0.50 to £125.00).

In the face of this explosion of symbols, gains will be in the vast majority absorbed by the balances of the players but the configuration of the game of Sin City Nights™ will not stop in if good way with the intervention of earning multipliers who will have the main advantage of being progressive in front of their power.

In the main game, these prize multiplier indices will be configured to x1 then x2, x3 and x5. Each explosion will allow users to evolve on a multiplication coefficient more advantageous than the previous.

The only condition for optimum progress in the company of these multipliers will be to make a flawless. That is to say get explosions of symbols consecutively. Without this, the multiplier chain will break and players will have to start again from 0 or on a value of x1. At the stage of free spins, it is also the same thing in the principle of operation except that the multiplication values will be more attractive with to start x3 then x6, x9 and access to x15 for the most lucky.


Regarding the free game session of the video slot Sin City Nights™, this latter can be launched from the moment when 3 free spins green icons will show up on reels 1, 2 and 3.

At this stage of the game, it is a number of 10 free spins that will be activated with to recall this reception of scalable earning multipliers but also of simple wilds and this great opportunity to play with extra spins free to the number of 10.

In this grandiose spectacle, the video slot machine Sin City Nights™ will advance to stand in front of a fountain present in the middle of a small place not far from the parking of luxury cars. The big win will be at the appointmoint with an opportunity to leave with a sacred loot.



Sin City Nights™ is not the best game Betsoft gaming that I could test in terms of theme of the City of LasVegas. My favorite game remains Weekend in Vegas™ with a bonus game especially qttractive.

An element that the game Sin City Nights™ does not have what in my opinion is quite a pity despite the fact that its gameplay remains sufficiently loaded to satisfy the user experience of many gambling enthusiasts and guarantee them a remuneration regular.

Speaking of redistribution and as an example, free bets make a real carton with this opportunity to be able to multiply these gains in progress up to x15 and this golden chance to be able to prolong this moment of free play with the presence extra free spins programmed on an index of 10.

To this, Sin City Nights™ remains a relatively generous slot that offers a very captivating graphic charter that makes friends with the course of features that are animated every time by moments of action of all kinds but also of suspense with enticing prizes unexpected.

Available on computer and nomadic versions like on mobile phones and on touch tablets, the slot machine Sin City Nights™ will greatly satisfy players who like to be entertained in the company of games to the holidays themes.

The slot machine which each presentation are framed by one or more protagonists especially involved in the energizing adventures that make up the gameplay of the game.

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