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Silver Lion

Here is a NextGen Gaming slot machine that will warm up the bodies in this cold winter period that does not seem to want to dissipate.

Anyway, the online casino game Silver Lion will set fire to its 5 reels, 3 rows and its 1024 opportunities to bequeath fiery prizes to players who will trust him. In a rather warm atmosphere constantly accompanied by animals of all kinds, the video slot Silver Lion’s plan is to embark his public in hostile land. More precisely on the African continent in the middle of the savannah where all kinds of plant and animal species are teeming of the most wise of them up to the fiercest.

As his title can make us think, the Silver Lion slot machine will be supported in large part during the course of its relatively loaded gameplay by a lion. The King of the Savannah we all know from now on but this one has something peculiar in it. This inner strength emanating from its fur so much sought by the surrounding poachers. An energy that has the gift of giving birth to a deeper feeling in relation to all the other lions in the region when you encounter it beyond its large yellowish grasses. An abundant flora that withstands the harshest droughts and in this momentum allows the Silver Lion slot machine to find its ideal location. A perfect place to reveal his talents of redistributing prizes well known to the public to self-qualify as exorbitant.

A silver lion with a formidable muscular power that leaves no hope of survival for his prey but unlike his colleagues in the Savannah, this predator to anything but a ruthless wild animal but rather a big teddy that wouldn’t hurt a fly. This remains imprisoned in the theoretical mind of course because this lion was created to act as a carnivore thirsty for blood and fresh pulpit and therefore its predatory instinct is still alive and well.

In addition to putting forward the king of Animals of the Savannah, the slot machine Silver Lion opens his territory of play to welcome lots of animals that make up all the richness of this corner of the world time coveted by holidaymakers during their safari. Many cameras have already been robbed in these places to build these many animal documentaries that we can regularly see on the air.

Silver Lion is a very lively slot that is gifted in the matter to represent rigorously multiple animal species like a trio of meerkats standing proudly on their little hind legs to observe what happens live for miles to the round, a hippo who keeps opening his mouth while bathing tirelessly in a water point become over time a huge puddle of mud, a couple of zebras walking in the high grass while remaining on the lookout so as not to end up in a meal for the rap IDE and unpredictable leopard that is never very far away.

Many other animals are counted in this wilderness that does not seem to have a limit. But on the other hand, these animals chose to stay on the sidelines without revealing themselves physically. But they do act of presence in their way by pushing their respective sounds to their identity like an elephant, monkeys or even birds. A simple and effective way to enrich the sound quality of the Silver Lion online game by having this great force to impregnate players very quickly in the context of the game.

Silver Lion is a game that promises to transport its audience into a hostile land where their only ally will be natives who are going to make a certain transition to security. Armed with lances as sharp as modern razors, these men are compass on paw. Talented in many areas such as hunting, survival and this agility to blend into this Beautiful Landscape, players will be certain to go straight to the goal to make bad meetings during the unfolding of the free games.

A feature that will be very loaded in suspense and very heavy at the level of its redistribution weight with the intervention of Wilds simple, earning multipliers and of extra Free Spins! Silver Lion offers the chance to be able to set a starting from £0.80 which can of course evolve up to a value of £100.00 per spin by intervening directly on denomination values available between £0.01 and £2.50.



In the gameplay of Silver Lion is present a wild simple that can act on several areas of the game in order to increase the likelihood of entering victories during its demonstration on the reels 2, 3 and 4.

The simple wild of Silver Lion is represented by a tree that sits on a plateau covered by tall grasses and where the sun hides behind its imposing branches dotted with thick foliage. An item that cannot be ignored on the basis of the word “wild” in capital letters.

During its presence on the reels 2, 3 and 4 , the simple wilds in formation will have the main task of forming combinations in order to make them juicy in price. To overcome this goal, the simple Wild will act as a substitute for symbols. It will have a relentless force on all items of the game aside from those who are responsible for representing the diamond icons that we will see as a result of Silver’s table of earnings Lion.


We are already there and to enter the free sequence offered by the online casino game Silver Lion, the game setup will require to get at minimum 3 silver lion Bonus icons on the reels.

The place of presence of these illustrations responsible for the activation of free spins is absolutely irrelevant. On the other hand, what is crucial is to get at least 3 to activate 8 free spins. The game of chance will go much further in its strength of generosity with 15 or 20 Free spins in the respective case of the appearance of 4 or 5 Silver Lion Bonus symbols on the screen.

As usual, NextGen gaming publishers like to mark a clear difference in the visual aspect between the main game and the start-up of free spins or with other features that have an importance in the course of the adventures of the game.

In the case of Silver Lion, this slot machine will transform its basic landscape by plunging it into the chills of the night that reign in Africa where many predators are well awake to relentlessly track their future meals.

The free games will follow one after the other by offering the chance to the players to play with wilds that oddly will be much less shy compared to the main game. Earning multipliers will also be of the party with a multiplication power of x27 and as if that was not enough, an opportunity to be able to accumulate free spins by getting at minimum 2 new Silver Lion Bonus Symbols.



Silver Lion is in my opinion a relatively enjoyable online casino game to browse. As many readers now know, I am a fan of gambling with animals. I have always liked this atmosphere and it is with this type of money game that plays the longest.

As much to say that with the slot machine Silver Lion I spent good moments of play especially in the process of unfolding free games that can lead us to entertain free with 20 spins! A figure that is far from negligible in the knowledge that chances are open to prolong the fun with extra free spins and an opportunity to be able to collect crazy sums with a multiplier of gain of x27!

Featuring 5 reels, 4 rows and 1024 ways to earn money, Silver Lion is a casino game owned by the toy library NextGen Gaming which does not wait to be desired to release a maximum of chips. The ambient scenery is very captivating with this soundtrack that is responsible for letting express all kinds of animals.

With a good audio headset and closing your eyes, you’d think you were almost in the middle of the Savannah! Silver Lion is therefore a game that I recommend for those who love slots with animals especially since NextGen Gaming is an ace in this discipline and in addition the quality of prize redistribution is more than adequate with a theoretical rate displayed with a value of 95.26% !

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