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As a result of the creations of Dragon Palace™, Astro Cat™ and More Monkeys™, the silver game designers NextGen Gaming have not said their last word by not depriving themselves to further expand their already considerable number of slot machine variants that are inspired for those previously listed in Asian culture. The last slot machine of 5 reels welded to this theme that seems much to count in the eyes of developers NYX is called Shangri La™!

An adventure game which is defined as being rather relaxing. This characteristic is very quickly felt and this feeling invades little by little fullness begins its ascent with the help of its soundtrack which has the gift of being particularly fluid by detaching itself sometimes from its usual frame when activating features.

In order not to make unnecessary turns, the mobile Shangri La™ slot machine promises its audience to be colonized by series of actions particularly rich in emotions! I must even say that the gameplay of the video slot Shangri La™ is well-tied with a scatter option that makes a tobacco in the prize redistribution.

Not only through its free spins fairly substantial but inevitably for this multiplication power that many other slot machines of this category would like to have. This undeniable advantage of offering its audience the opportunity to activate 2 random feature within the session reserved only for free spins and scatters.

Unique features that will export players to places where they have no idea. The imaginary is endless at NextGen Gaming and the developers present on the Shangri La™ project have done a very deep job to allow the public to entertain themselves in the presence of incomparable game features and that is more impossible to unearth elsewhere.

Whether it is in the gameplay of the other games of slots NYX gaming where even further by going to the door of the toy library of competitors of this firm. Very briefly for the moment knowing that I will take as to my great habit the time to present every option offered in the content of Shangri La™, players will be able to activate wilds simple and extensible scatters offering access to free spins.

A Super free spins that simply translates into a horde of extra free spins. A Chest bonus sponsored by a series of click me and another special feature titled this time Trail bonus that aims to advance on a checkerboard the heroine of the game by gradually activating a wheel of fortune containing earning multipliers. To finish this chance of being able to double the value of its recent profit by handing it totally through an option or double.

Ultimately to what has just been written above, Shangri La™ is a slot machine of 5 reels, 3 rows and 15 lines of payment which has something to marvel at more than one player. Not only for the quality of its gameplay that reserves many cinematography from an onboard camera but also for the meticulous activity of making the game that has been conducted to achieve the design of graphics of a bluffing reality.

At this time it really feels like the first box so the graphics elements are of good quality. A dress that is responsible for putting in front of the scene a landscape bordered by a chain of mountains of an extreme whiteness which quickly think that it is about eternal snow.

In reality, this is not the fact that this rock, which forms the shape of these mountainous massifs, is actually only limestone. By letting our eyes gradually lose altitude, we can very quickly notice a thick green mass that are only the group of trees forming then a forest whose limits of its expansion remains unknown.

Dizzying waterfalls here and there provokes an intimidating sensation of emptiness and offers a real paradise for life with all kinds of animal and plant species. For a bit it looks like a moment in the set of the game Koi Princess™ of Netent.

Now that we’ve seen what was happening in real time on the right side of the Shangri La™ slot machine, we’re going to be interested in what’s happening on the other side. On a massive stone and not far from an umpteenth waterfall of crystalline water stands for centuries now a kind of temple that keeps in its thick walls of an exemplary coldness many mysteries. Puzzles that will surely be solved during the passage of the special feature Chest Bonus.

About her interface, the Shangri La™ online casino game lets it appear in the eyes of all the illustrations of animals that each time have this point in common to have accessories that have the advantage of putting them more in value. There is the portrait of an elephant, a white tiger and a rhinoceros that display a piercing look without letting a single ounce of aggression pass through. The animal side is not expressed and these creatures seem to be bewitched by something we didn’t know that existed.

As items are also present a lily flower, the architecture of another temple that is noticed by being much more sophisticated compared to the first that is omnipresent in the background in the main game. A sabre whose blade would make a razor so jealous that it is sharp as well as poker card signs.

But the icon that will have the most impact in the game remains the heroine of the game Shangri La™. In a few words, a young woman of Asian descent. This would not have surprised anyone who has a look quite peculiar since his dress does not really fit in the adventure box strictly speaking.

The black hair letting go at the will of the wind, this young woman wears a red silk ribbon around her neck and her bust is only dressed by a tank top letting see a curious symbol on the front. The navel in the air then releasing all its charm, this damsel for the least carefree wears a tight waist pants made of snake skin that is securely attached to the bottom of her hips through a thick leather belt.

To climb the cliffs it wears reinforced leather boots that are adapted to the terrain and provides comfort and protection in addition to its gold-colored knee pads. In her right hand she firmly holds a sword that challenges anyone to approach it to measure the consequences. Certainly, an attractive woman but to whom have not.

The skin of the face relatively clear and the smile to the lips, this female protagonist will be constantly present to accompany the players in their game session. To start a game, users will be able to set a bet value that Rest Available between £0.20 euro and £200.00. To my great regret, this is the only setting point to set a bet value before putting into action the 5 reels of the slot Shangri La™.

The 15-line also remain frozen as no adjustment buttons are made available. Admittedly, I am quite disappointed with this lack of options but the game Shangri La™ still offers the possibility of being able to activate the game in automatic mode then giving players the obligation to click Play to raise each stop the 5 reels.



To start this Shangri La™ earning scale, let’s talk about the wilds. You should know that the Shangri La™ online game has a family of 3 Jokers. The first refers to wilds simple, the second to wilds of the same nature except that the latter will act in the second time to stick to the standard wilds. These jokers are named wilds inflamed their frame which ignites very easily. The third wild is defined by extendable. That is to say that they have this ability to cover the full height of their coil so as to allow the game to unleash more easily and therefore to free more easily and especially faster batches of chips.

The simple and inflamed wilds have this common force of doubling all the profits that they will be responsible for. As with a traditional joker, their goal in the Shangri La™ game will be to replace all items they find across their road to greatly promote the formation of winning lines.

Of course, the simple wilds will be able to present themselves several times on the screen and their fetish rolls to fulfill their mission are the 2, 3 and 4. The other reels namely 1 and 5 will have no influence on the wilds and therefore their presence on these 2 other reels will be simply ignored.

To add more chili and generally in the wilds feature of Shangri La™, extensible jokers can be activated at the same time as the simple wilds. On the other hand, these jokers with this ability to be able to grow on the whole height of a roller will be able to carry out this objective on the reels 2, 3 or 4. Whatever the type of joker, all the symbols of the game can be substituted except the scatter icon that will be untouchable.

To get to the free spins stage or rather named free spins, players will have to be patient without making spins for hours. The goal to activate the free spins promised by the gameplay of the Shangri La™ slot machine will be to collect on the screen and on any zone at least a number of 3 scatters.

These icons are identifiable by a gold cut adorned by a large tiger head. Once these 3 scatters are present on the interface, the configuration of the slot machine will invite players to click on one of the 3 scatters via a mini features called in the jargon of online casino games Click me or Pick Me again.

It is then that the icon illustrated by a cut will turn on itself like a tornado and in an excessive velocity. A bearing will be visible and the latter will be split into zones leaving each time free place to a very specific symbol. In all, there will be 4. One to represent the menu of free spins with 8 free spins to win and a wild feature yet never discovered, a second to define the Super free spins that will consist of more free spins or 12 with a strong Wilds activity, a third for the feature Chest bonus and a fourth for the feature Trail bonus.

The first 2 ways of playing (Free spins and super free games) are basic and therefore widespread in slot machine games whether at NextGen Gaming or another competitor in the industry. It is therefore pointless to expand on them but by cons the 2 others have an interest in this table of earnings of Shangri La™ so we will focus on it and as soon.


is a feature that is going to have for project to lead the players to the front of the Door Of the Asian temple visible in the background and that through an onboard camera. This great wooden door will open to direct the lucky users in a large reception room where sits there and rooted on a building of stones and moss a century-old tree.

A shrub irrigated by runoff from a water of incredible purity that escapes between the spaces created by these countless blocks of Rock Nested on each other. A solid support that in the end serves as a throne to this amazing tree that gives a deep sense of serenity. In front of this grandiose spectacle will be found on a clear floor 5 Rectangular chests having for distinct difference between them their color. The goal of the players to progress in this bonus Chest bonus game will be to click on 1 of the 5 chests. If 1 random prize or 1 multiplier that can reach x15 is revealed, the player will have to restart his previous operation until he falls nose to nose with a unfortunately empty chest. This disappointing stage of the Chest Bonus game will mark the end of this joyous episode and the player will be shipped as dry in the main game.


is an option of the Shangri La™ game that can earn a lot of money from those who will be able to validate these requirements as it is possible to multiply up to x100 the value of the bet that enabled the Trail feature to activated the Bonus! This is not a joke but once again, only the magic of chance will be able to validate or not the acquisition of such an amount of profit multiplication. Once this feature is activated, players will be exported to the sky and they can enjoy a plunging view overlooking the treetops of this immense forest and also on very imposing waterfalls.

The players will embody the heroine of the game in the company of its white Tiger which are all 2 imaged by a pawn. A kind of dice that will have the principle of advancing on a footbridge made of planks of spaced wood and ropes. To move forward progressively but surely on this narrow passage that does not guarantee great security because the players will be constantly confronted with the force of the vacuum, a Wheel of Fortune will be present on the lower right side of the game screen.

Composed of fractions that host numbers ranging from 1 to 3, each spin using a mouse click will make advance the famous pawn. Each stop will be symbolized by an earning multiplier. Several spins of the wheel of Fortune will require to be engaged and at each new position, the profit multipliers are added together. In purpose to all this this chance to be able to accumulate to the maximum several multipliers offering this opportunity of chance of Shangri La™ to credit a maximum multiplication coefficient of x100!



Shangri La™ is for my part an excellent online casino game NextGen Gaming that I recommend to test. A game of pure adventure that puts full view with internal features that give a good boost.

Not only for its cashier with multipliers to the hallucinating amounts ranging from up to x100 but also on account of its personal user experience. The Chest and Trail Bonus features offer this opportunity to be fully involved in the game by making personal selections. In addition, these episodes are relatively long in their respective processes which has the gift of giving us enough time to be fully absorbed by the game itself.

While remaining humble on what will follow, I discovered the online slots in 2011 and I can say without any hesitation that Shangri La™ de NYX Gaming is a video slot that is undoubtedly part of my favorite casino games. The gameplay is surprising with in addition its brilliant effects of realism produced by the onboard camera that operates the time of a few seconds before being able to land in the features Chest bonus and Trail bonus. I adore these staging that take the lead to create a deep realism in the game. The watercolor graphics are in my view a very good success with an internal character who adds a lot of action and suspense to the gameplay of the game of Chance Shangri La™.

Especially when setting up the wilds which in passing make a misfortune during their phase of redistribution of gain. Shangri La™ is therefore in my opinion a particularly playful adventure game that has the gift of associating with perfection with generosity by offering a rate of redistribution 96.63%!

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