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Shaaark Superbet™

Both in a terrestrial and aquatic environment, Shaaark Superbet™ is a slot machine that was designed by the NextGen Gaming production company. Built of 5 reels and 25 free pay lines, Shaaark Superbet™ offers its audiences a first-time entertainment at the seaside.

At first, the place where the game takes place Shaaark Superbet™ looks to be peaceful where it is good to spend some time to forget the hardships of everyday life. This place is also formed by a beach of fine white sand, a water giving the desire to go poking a head history to cool off and to romp between friends and a cloudy sky accompanied by a sparkling sun.

The reality is quite different and it takes effect when one begins to approach this mass of water which harbors in it one of the most fierce and fearsome predator. A predator like us can not make them the best in the world of Shaaark Superbet™. This one is not very far from the 3 meters in length. It is protected by a grey, thick and smooth skin and has a large tail allowing it to take speed very quickly to use it to catch its prey.

His big jaw is terrifying. It is inhabited by two rows of diamonds that symbolize a sharpened teeth like a razor blade. His countless mortal teeth never cease to shine under the piercing radiance of the sun. When we see them, it is usually too late to act accordingly and the survival index proves to be extremely low. This disruptive element acts unpredictably by doing all kinds of fast and coming ultras in the shallow waters of the Shaaark Superbet™ bathing area.

We guessed it, it is a great white shark. A ruthless fish that has only one objective that is to shred everything it finds in its passage. This super predator has a preference that is to count as many new victims as possible to his hunting board than to feed. This predatory animal is the main character of the Shaaark Superbet™ slot machine.

It will play a key role to allow players of the online slot to progress in the features of the game. I also think of the special feature called Superbet, the scatters option to activate 10 free spins but still when certain conditions are fulfilled and a wild feature that will be there to activate the degree of terror that the game wants to export in the minds of users.

I confess that I do not go with my dead hand because the main objective of the video slot Shaaark Superbet™ is to create a climate based mainly of humor. Of course, some tragic events are going to take place with swimmers as well as people in full tan completely distraught who start to desert the scene when the sight of a shark.

The facts are well present to give Shaaark Superbet™ a unique theme of its kind in all cases at NextGen Gaming because it is a first for this publisher. This game of chance clearly leaves to think about some episodes of the films the Jaws made by Steven Spielberg with these swimmers that cost what costs want to save their skin by all means.

Sound effects are also programmed to add adrenaline when the white shark surfaces where it is locating its next casualties from the bottom of the water during the Super Bet function. An episode that lets us understand that this predator takes a real pleasure to kill. On the other hand, the game Shaaark Superbet™ remains very simple in terms of advancement in the actions that it can make live to its players.

The suspense is present with all kinds of adventures but with regret to disappoint some players who will read this magazine, the gores scenes are disabled during the course of the gameplay. Although this game of money is intended for people over 18, this video slot NextGen Gaming remains very childish with scenes that everyone can largely support visually and at the level of the sounds.

Powered by NetxGen Gaming, Shaaark Superbet™ is a slot machine that is made up of 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 pay lines. With its setting of payment lines and denomination values, this humorous slot machine makes it possible to place bets between £0.01 and £50.00 euros.

Without wanting to play words, this range of bets already leaves a good leeway to discover this set of 5 reels. As additional options, this online casino game offers a double up option as well as an automatic play feature. Regarding Shaaark Superbet™, the quick feature to play is not active.



The most common feature in slots games whether it’s 3 or of 5 reels is definitely the wild option. Shaaark Superbet™ has this type of feature with as illustration this dear bloodthirsty shark in constant quest of a new prey to devour.

He keeps slamming his jaw with his big white teeth, sharp and sharpened like a blade of country knife. The purpose of this icon is to replace all items in the game in order to allow it to fill its replacement symbol role at 100%. It will be able to carry out this mission on all the icons of the game except those concerning the scatters.

The wild of the video slot Shaaark Superbet™ will also be able to act several times in a row. To the maximum, it will be able to pronounce 5 times in order to credit by passing a lot of chips with a value of 5000!


The second feature of the online casino game Shaaark Superbet™ is based on a Superbet feature knowing that its title does not hide it from the masses. In the main game, players will have their feet in the hot sand of a beach very frequented by tourists during the season of great heats.

The background also lets us observe a slightly agitated sea but leaving free place to swimmers confirmed as beginners. The sun is at the appointment and it lets you know with its multiple rays that give the sea all its charm with different shades of blue starting from the clearest until the darkest. But something is wrong in these places.

People who were lying down peacefully as a family to drink as much sunshine suddenly deserted the beach. The parasols in shambles clearly prove this to us with this lady who has delayed her hands On the cheeks and mouth wide open emitting cries of distress has visibly seen something very scary lapping in the salty waters.

By activating the special feature on behalf of Superbet, the elements of the first set will very clearly know changes. The only element of the Shaaark Superbet™ slot machine that will not evolve one hair is the composition of the game interface that forms the 5 reels with multiple icons very demonstrative of the universe of Shaaark Superbet™.

There is a sign indicating that swimming is prohibited but this does not prevent some burnt heads from going poking a head story to understand the reason for this ban. A completely drunk man is in the midst of the waters. It rests on an orange tire-shaped buoy. It is installed in the center of it in a position called starfish with the posterior immersed in water.

Its abdominals 100% Heineken support as best as they could a can of blonde beer. More faithful to the theme of the video slot Shaaark Superbet™, a surfboard that has probably known the power of an adult white shark jaw.

To enter the Super Bet feature, there is no need to get a very specific combination of symbols. Simply activate the 25 pay lines and then click on the Super Bet button visible at the bottom of the center of the slot machine. Once this one-click selection is made, a human howling will take place and the interface of the video slot Shaaark Superbet™ will be found in the landmarks of the great white shark that terrorize with joy the bathers and lovers of the sunbathing.

The place is located at the bottom of the sea. It is very dark but the interface of the game will retain its clarity with the same icons as in the main game. There will be no displacement on this subject. The Super Bet function will play louder than in the standard game with a minimum bet of £0.30 and a maximum bet of £60.00. Another feature of this option to play Shaaark Superbet™ focuses on the fact that the realized profits will be calculated from the left to the right which is the inverse concerning the main game.


During both stages (main game and Super Bet feature) Shaaark Superbet™ game, it will be possible to win 10 free spins! To enter this third and last feature of the Shaaark Superbet™ online gambling game, it will be required to get at least 3 items of a white shark.

The location area has no influence to activate the 10 free spins. It is simply asked to get 3 at least knowing that the game can make it appear up to 5 per spin with lots of coins allocated. Basic, this feature will double the set of prices it’ll take in its race. But this multiplier can increase to a level of x4 when the wilds of substitution will form prizes.



Shaaark Superbet™ is a NextGen Gaming slot machine that has good gameplay. It offers good felted graphics that make it clear to think of a drawn strip.

The theme grafted to the game is original and it offers good playful content with these two kinds of world including one concerning the space of humans on the beach and in the sea and the second which is only reserved to the hunting area of the ruthless shark. I really liked these 2 contrasts especially since it is not difficult to access. Just play with the 25 lines of the slot machine Shaaark Superbet™ then the integration is done with a single mouse click.

The features of Shaaark Superbet™ are deep enough in their workflow with all kinds of animations and sound effects to amplify each scene of the game. In addition, these play options offer generous profits, especially during the free games that at the outset double the prizes won and then open access to the wilds shark to quadruple the gains resulting from this substitution feature. Nothing narrate negative about the options for entertaining with the video slot Shaaark Superbet™.

The gameplay, the rate of redistribution on the bets as well as the physical aspect of the game Shaaark Superbet™ complement each other well in order to offer the public this NextGen Gaming video slot a good reason to discover it!

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