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Secrets of Christmas™

Following the introductions of holiday seasons and the 3D game A Christmas Carol published in December 2015, I have the pleasure of joining a new video slot 3d Netent to this chart on the theme of Christmas by leaving a place well at Hot at Secrets of Christmas™! A slot machine type game that stands proudly on its 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 fixed lines to offer intense moments of pleasure and excitement to its audience that has all its chances to be large.

The game of Secrets of Christmas™ takes place in a relatively calm and snowy landscape for several weeks already. A snow of unnamed purity that seems to have taken the queens of the daily taking advantage of its total grip to conceal in addition the passages of the road.

Access roads that lead to small villages and dirt roads forming a veritable network having this common point to lead mainly to coniferous forests. Secrets of Christmas™ will be particularly interested in one of them that makes it possible to go without too much difficulty to the front of a chalet lost in the middle of this huge snow mat powder.

It is in this rather remote area that the online game Secrets Of Christmas™ will take will spread its wings. This game of chance Netent will take its comfort to offer its audience a panoramic view on this full covered with a snowy coat. To project its spectators at high speed by means of a camera embedded on this seductive wooden house to embark them in a split second in its warm interior filled with gifts of Christmas.

A happiness shared between adults and children by taking a crazy pleasure to tear under the highs effects of excitement the colorful and belted packs of tape concealing these surprises that only maintain the suspense. A passage from the game of chance Secrets of Christmas™ which will be staged by Free games equipped with a many options to ensure that players leave the pockets full of money.

But before entering the heart of this surprising feature, the game Secrets of Christmas™ will stabilize on the edge of one of the windows frozen by the ruthless coldness of winter of this House of wood in order to characterize the main game Secrets of Christmas™.

An Interface of the most representative Christmas game with this glass under the full grasp of the cold which leaves no chance to the curious so that they can be able to know at present what is taking place inside this chalet. The suspense and this growing desire to know more will be at his climax.

The 5 reels of the video slot Secrets of Christmas™ are belted by branches of holly offering a protective side to the reels that are inhabited by many objects and representations that refer to the lexical field of Christmas with this perpetual flood of joy of living and this fairy side visible in the eyes of children when they tear the packs of their gifts.

The game screen of Secrets of Christmas™ is then colonized by lit candles that are adorned with Christmas tree balls, large knitted socks with love and by the utmost care of the maternal grandmother, a large glass of milk with a straw and what gourmet cookies, an imposing golden bell accompanied by a red knot and a few twigs of fir, a cottage made of gingerbread and many other icons.

But all these Christmas gifts did not arrive with a single stroke of magic wand below the Christmas tree? Not of course and it goes without saying an obviousness that is at the origin of the benevolent actions of the Santa Claus. A protagonist dressed in red and a matching bonnet that wears a long white beard by straightening most of the time on the back of his nose his little round glasses. Strangely enough, this old man never takes a single wrinkle over the years. One of the deep mysteries of this character that remains enigmatic in the eyes of all.

An ambitious man who is the ultimate responsible for his countless offerings that are waiting to find an owner and that they distribute in the largest discretion in all the enlightened houses. The Santa Claus of Secrets of Christmas™ is known in the region to be a particularly generous man and he does not hesitate to overload his sleds with the help of very imposing gifts leaves to breathless a little faster than expected his unfortunate queens who each year expect a much more intensive journey than the one of the past year.

For still and always encourage the motivation of his brave queens, Santa Claus whispers to them that it is only one night per year and that it is really important to achieve this goal which is to offer a wonderful moment to all that this either for the larger or the smaller ones. The Santa Claus of the Secrets of Christmas™ slot machine is gifted in business and every time his queens capitulate for fear of disappoint.

In this harsh winter cold, Secrets of Christmas™ will warm the hearts by offering warm features that aim to showcase simple and expandable Wilds, free games (scatter icons) offering before their passage of additional options like extra Free Spins, earning multipliers as well as icons Wilds as a supplement.

In addition to offering a bonus game coupled with free spins, the video slot has a fixed jackpot worth £350 000 which little fall at any time by imposing any configuration of the game to unlock. Consisting of 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 fixed payment lines, the online casino game Secrets of Christmas™ offers a relatively comfortable betting range that ranges from £0.25 up to £125.00 for those who are not afraid to play big. To influence a value, the Secrets of Christmas™ game offers the opportunity to adjust a room level between 1 and 10.

Following this brief episode, it will come time to meet the father Christmas!



Secrets of Christmas™ is a Netent mobile casino game that promises to its public to offer him multiple reversal of situation during the course of his gameplay and this begins with the introduction of the Wilds.

We can also qualify this feature as Joker since these are clearly representations that in the case of Secrets of Christmas™ are Santa Claus icons that aim to replace all items in the game. The scatters escape This rule but all the other symbols will have to bend during the lightning passage of the wilds that can manifest themselves in team history to intensify their strength of compensation.


The scatters will probably be the icon fetish of the players of Secrets of Christmas™ because these will be responsible for activating free games which by default will be 10!

Scatter illustrations that are responsible for representing with warm colors a bag that undoubtedly and that of Santa Claus having as main characteristic to be chock full of toys and plushes in all kinds.

In this momentum, the featuring of free spins will leave above all things the place to a bonus game. The project will allow players to enter this famous cottage. More precisely in the living room where a beautiful Christmas tree is decorated with care and a few meters from there a chimney spit of vivid flames.

In the course of the bonus level, the latter will have the task of projecting the players in the middle of a mountain of gifts in perfect match for the younger ones as for the larger ones. The configuration of the game will feature to let see 20 gifts and the major goal to evolve in this feature will be to Click on one of the objects present at the screen.

In total, the bonus game will allow players to progress in 3 distinct zones and as a result of the number of scatters they will have obtained beforehand, they will be able to become more or less involved in their number of selections by place.

To add more details to this level, 3 scatters allow you to choose 3 Christmas gifts per zone, 4 scatters equals 4 gifts and by logic 5 scatters corresponds to 5 gifts. Something to marvel at a lot of participants. Each choice made with the help of a simple mouse click will allow the future progress of the Free games to be more efficient in terms of redistributing earnings.

This is a fact because each selection will certainly reveal either price multipliers (x1, x2,…), additional free spins ( snowflake), Simple wilds ( Bell) or expandable wilds (Santa Claus) that will have the asset to remain frozen on their site (Reels 2 and 4) and this until the end of the process of running free spins.

To scent this atmosphere blending magic and adrenaline, The slot Netent Secrets Of
Christmas™ will still leave enough territory for a fixed jackpot worth £350 000! A colossal value that can fall at any time during the game with this force for the players to be able to acquire it without having to play in bet Max (Maximum bet) which for reminder amounts to £125.00 per spin in the configuration of the game Secrets of Christmas™.



The Christmas festivities have never been celebrated as well as with the Gambling Secrets of Christmas™ from Netent! A good work of realization is worth noting but good with the habit of this publisher, there is no longer really the need to report it because with each novelty follows a real surprise in the quality of the graphics and the different evolutions of the soundtrack.

A Netent game of incredible finesse that leaves little room at random when it is about focusing on the editing details. A compelling video slot in its gameplay with a well-built story that features this Santa Claus who without an eyelid always answers present to offer gifts by thousands.

The features are in sufficient numbers to offer a good user experience. The free games have the advantage of combining with a bonus game which at the end of the course offers this opportunity to play for free with a good cocktail of feature more or less profitable. Note in this momentum that the theoretical redistribution rate for players with the money game Netent Secrets of Christmas™ rises to a value of 96.7% which is far from negligible and I attest without hesitation this profitability compared to the committed during my different tests.

To conclude, I recommend Secrets of Christmas™ for players who are looking for an online game about Christmas theme with a fairly sustained level of featuring. A major advantage that has the first strong point of offering a consistent playing space that leaves little room for the routine.

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