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Secrets of Atlantis™

The publishers Netent plunge again into a body of water with the slot machine with no download Secrets of Atlantis™. A true white pearl located in the middle of the North Atlantic where the lost city of Atlantis.

Once and according to the theoretical reports of our current scientists and historians, this island with an important surface sheltered millennia ago a civilization far more developed than ours on the intellectual planes. Many mysteries remain on the surface about this people who are at the origin of great feats technology.

This knowledge and culture have been swallowed up by the force of a deluge that take away from the map and in a few moments this piece of land that still intrigues many researchers of our era. A place on Earth that seems to want to keep forever secrets.

Secrets of Atlantis™ is a game that takes place in an aquatic environment. More precisely where lies between rocks and some large beds of white sand a lost city which by the force of time found itself by being colonized by all kinds of fauna and flora.

Thousands of species particularly fond of the surfaces of these buildings cling to it firmly. Architectures originally conceived by terrestrial beings, the Atlanteans.

The graphic design of the casino Secrets of Atlantis™ game carefully illustrates this city which concentrates many buildings opening out through many openings that would appear to be windows. The latter show a nice spectacle by allowing itself to be pierced through a part by powerful solar rays.

By gradually rotating the 5 reels, 3 rows and 40 lines of this slot machine with no download, the players will have probably the surprise of meeting a mermaid. A hybrid creature with irresistible charm. It will benefit from the arrival of the players in its landmark by presenting themselves on the reels and by actively participating in the course of the game by animating for example a feature (Nudge Wild).

It will sometimes position itself in its entirety and sometimes it will have preferences to conceal parts of its body. A slender silhouette, arms outstretched and close to his carnal envelope and brown hair being carried by the weak sea currents of this place that we can clearly describe as very enigmatic.

Apart from being able to be entertained in the company of a half woman and fish being and that through a form of wild enough gainful, the online game Secrets of Atlantis™ offers the only opportunity to be able to collect winnings from left to right but also from right to left or in both directions. It will also be possible and at each spin to trigger a special feature in the name of Highlight, re-spins with colossal icons and an opportunity to win a fixed jackpot with a value of £320 000!

With this family of features, the users of the slot machine Secrets of Atlantis™ will be able before each new launch program a bet value that will be included each time between £0.20 and £200.00. To define a bet in relation to this newly quoted scale, players will be able to use room values and denomination.

Secrets of Atlantis™ has 40 lines but the latter are fixed which has the effect of not allowing the players of this five-reel slot to be able to activate them manually.



In his gameplay, Secrets of Atlantis™ offers a special feature under of highlight. said that way, that does not mean much and therefore, we really do not know what it is. In addition, the indices are no-existent.

Sometimes by rotating the reels of the slot machine, one can quickly realise that some reels are 2, 3 and 4 have the privilege of being able to manifest themselves with a background different from the other reels either the 1 and 5.

These 3 reels are part of the special feature highlight because they appear highlighted with a pretty checkerboard. In order for this option of the Secrets of Atlantis™ game to be activated in its entirety, these 3 reels must be highlighted in the same spin.

This will have the immediate effect of promoting the triggering of a re-pin which is to make very simple a free part. During this free spin, the space of reels 2, 3 and 4 will give way to a colossal symbol which therefore has the feature of occupying the whole area offered by these reels (3×3).

It will then be much easier for the video slot Secrets of Atlantis™ to offer earnings with the advantage of amplifying them compared to a game situation in the basic mode. In the process of the special feature Highlight, it will not be impossible to collect a second Re-spin.


A feature Nudge wild will be able to see the light. This is clearly an improved version compared to a simple wild.
This form of joker filled with little thing ready the same criteria that a wild classic. The role of the Nudge Wild is to significantly increase the chances of winning Tokens.

To fulfill this goal, it will act as a substitute icon in order to maximize the probabilities to form pay lines and keep in purpose only the one that pays the most profits. This type of wild is represented by the main character of Secrets of Atlantis™.

The siren that can be displayed entirely on the screen or partially. Everything will depend on his desires during the present moment. The more it will discover and the more it will allow the game to accentuate its index of generosity.



Secrets of Atlantis™ is an online casino game with no download that is far to be unpleasant to the eyes. The graphic elements are treated at the same time this is quite normal as they come from the realization of Netent studios.

A company of Swedish origin that continues to surprise its public as the new slots creations Flash. The soundtrack also followed this path with welcoming soundings that immediately plunged me into this mysterious atmosphere that gives the firm desire to turn the 5 reels of game.

Regarding its catalog of features, I find it a bit close to the daisies but the gameplay still offers an opportunity to get prizes in both directions which is not common in the range of videos slots Netent. In addition, the configuration of the game shows a theoretical redistribution rate on bets of 97.10% and the gameplay randomly offers a chance in gold to try to win a fixed jackpot worth £320 000 which is far from being nothing.

Secrets of Atlantis™ is therefore quite rewarding even if the game routine can quickly settle down. This game of money is not listed in the favorites of the Avis Casinos guide because it lacks game options like free games or a Bonus game.

However, I still invite players who especially like the aquatic environments to test for free and with no download this new title of Netent. I personally think they will not be disappointed. Other than Secrets of Atlantis™, Netent also offers a similar game in its toy library which is under the title of Subtopia with nice features to discover.

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