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Samba Carnival™

Posted online sometime in May 2016, Samba Carnival™ is a mobile slot machine that is powered by Play’n Go. A very popular advanced software in Europe that offers to its title Samba Carnival™ a configuration of 5 reels, 3 rows and 15 lines of payment.

A casino game that opens up to a grandiose event that is long awaited and celebrated every year in Brazil. We can clearly guess that this is the Carnival feast and that is quite right. Samba Carnival™ is an online slot that immediately puts its players in the bath with a rhythmic soundtrack with whistle and Djembes.

The female rim dominates the places with various representations of Brazilians just as ravishing in relation to each other. They carry beautiful colorful disguises made in large part by large feathers.

An assortment that has the gift of bringing lightness to these seductive young women in the face of their many choreographies. The glittering smile, showing a nice dentition and with a make-up of the most neat, they carry for each of them a very sexy dress that lets see a beautiful skin matte. Irresistible women who will probably make according to the preferences of each one capsize the hearts of men or even women.

Especially dynamic through its good sound, the slot machine Samba Carnival™ has a graphic chart that illustrates with details a starry sky where a fireworks blends with the decorations to bring beautiful colorful feather that dazzle the glances the time of a few seconds. A crowd of people attending the parade of these dancers of the night are concealed under a cloak built of giant feathers of blue colors and green.

With its 5 reels illustrated by a trio of dancers wearing carnival costumes with different styles and exotic fruits with refreshing virtues like watermelon or oranges, the game of Samba Carnival™ offers a quite interesting gameplay. Before playing, this Play’n Go casino game leaves the choice to play with a default chip value of £0.75.

For players who want to set a bet before playing or before programming automatic spin up to 50, they will be able to do it perfectly by using a few adjustment buttons. Samba Carnival™ is a most comprehensive slot machine for adjusting bet.

To go in this direction, Samba Carnival™ users will be able to intervene on room values ranging from £0.01 to £0.25, room levels ranging from 1 to 5 and the opportunity to activate between 1 to 15 lines. At a minimum, the silver game Samba Carnival™ will be able to operate with a value of £0.01.

Regarding players who want to see what Samba Carnival™ is able to offer in Bet Max, they will be able to evolve up to a value of £18.75. A sum that may seem weak at first but by reading the rest of this table of earnings, the people intrigued by this small amount will quickly understand the reason.



Focusing on the winning scale of the mobile slot machine Play’n GO Samba Carnival™, we can see that the game has wilds. Jokers that are far from ordinary. It is true that they have a standard feature which has the task of acting as a substitute for symbols.

In other words, to allow the game and in a faster degree to form pay lines for the purpose to keep the one that offers the most prize. The wilds of the casino game Samba Carnival™ have an extra force which is to be able to act on several areas during the end of the spin.

This has the effect of reinforcing the probabilities to get money in a reduced play time. The jokers of the game of chance Samba Carnival™ are represented by maracas. A musical instrument which per unit makes it possible to obtain a multiplier.

The wilds can present themselves at any time by two, three, four or five which translates into a respective multiplication power of x2, x3, x4 or x5. Wild of remarkable power that can allow a prize to be multiply up to x150!

The explanation for this very important index and that when the wilds show up in several places at the end of a spin they will benefit from it to multiply in them so as to offer a final multiplier that will be able to seize a monumental force.


The second feature of the mobile casino game Samba Carnival™ is aimed at Bonus game. The goal to be able to penetrate into the gameplay of this option will be to get the three djembes screen. Once this stage of the game is complete, these musical instruments will take control of the game by erasing the other visible items on the 5 reels of the slot machines.

They will therefore be highlighted through an image magnification and take advantage of their new size to fill the entire width of the game interface. That’s when the bonus game of Samba Carnival™ will be enabled.

The goal to earn money in this episode of the gameplay of this slot Play’n GO will be to call on his computer mouse and randomly select one of the three djembes present on the screen. This action on the part of the player will be intended to reveal the contents in tokens hidden behind this African instrument.

Once the chips are credited to the cashier, the other two djembes will not leave a mystery before they leave and therefore, they’ll reveal their pack of coins in turn. This will allow players to be able to measure their choice. Whether they did the best action or No, No.



Samba Carnival™ is a fairly simplistic game at the level of its graphical configuration. The scenery is not unpleasant but I think that this theme is full of enough details in real life so that the publishers Play’n GO can be inspired to achieve a game of a higher quality compared to that one.

In other words, I think the carnival theme of Rio de Janeiro has not been exploited properly to allow the slot machine to offer better graphics and animations. From the point of view of its gameplay, Samba Carnival™ does not offer an important range of bets.

It abruptly stops at £18.75 which can be problematic for players who like to play loud. This is a disadvantage without really being one because the game of Samba Carnival™ is in a capacity to be able to multiply up to x150 the prizes obtained.

This is a defect that is quickly forgotten and which largely allows to compensate to achieve significant gains and fairly quickly. On the other hand, I was quite disappointed with the featuring of the bonus game. The content of the gameplay is in my opinion quite hollow.

This is simply a disguised bonus level that is more akin to a special feature just click me on something else. That said, the slot online Samba Carnival™ edited by Play’n GO remains a nice game to browse with a comfortable redistribution rate that is 95%. Simply, I think the game could have been better in its design global.

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