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Sails Of Gold™

Sails of Gold™ is one of the last masterpieces of the company creating virtual money games Play’n GO. This new title ranks delicately in the category of video slot games of 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 lines of payment.

In its gameplay, this video slot offers its users to embody the famous navigator Christopher Columbus. This first man of modern history who the end of the 15th century went through with the help of its crew and without too many complications the Atlantic Ocean. This ship’s captain was persuaded to imprint the seaway that would lead him without making any errors of course to the Indies Orientals.

But the face of reality was quite different. This long journey filled with uncertainties led him to the gates of the Caribbean. He was the first European to lay his feet on the sublime beaches of this new continent, which will be named after the colonization that is going to flow a lot of blood in America.

Christopher Columbus was the first man in history to define a viable journey between Europe and the new American continent, where he will make a total of 4 return trips without any major difficulties. These many feats will make him an integral part of the story. He was then considered forever as a main player in the great discoveries of our world.

The Sails of Gold™ slot machine is trying to revive these moving moments that Christopher Columbus knew during his excursions and I must say that this video slot is doing it particularly well. Sumptuous graphics carefully illustrate the doors of Caribbean.

The surface of the water is highlighted by a beautiful sunset that disperses plumes to the mixture of yellow and orange colors. A staging that marries perfectly well with the other elements of the scenery like small islets planted here and there, dominating palm trees that with the help of their large foliage come to marry the storefronts of the online casino game Sails of Gold™.

During this adventure that promises to be consistent in action series, players will have the chance to be entertained with quite impressive gameplay. Yes indeed, it will be possible to play with features of type joker with the key of token lots, scatters, free spins as well as extra free spins and to complete the program an opportunity to dream to win a fixed jackpot of a Value of £250 000!

During this trip that will take place in a large wooden ship, players will be able to progress in the gameplay of the game using the 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 lines. A free slot that offers in terms of symbols a compass, a coat of arms, a gold goldsmith’s piece adorned with precious stones, a ship planned for long distances that sails on the waves and of course the portrait depicted on a painting of Christophe Columbus.

Regarding its range of bets, Sails of Gold™ is a game of chance that offers the possibility to align bets between £0.01 and £50.00 which leaves room for all types of wallets and allows to know by betting more where less strong what the game Sails of Gold™ to really in the belly.

The parameterization is simpler with a manual line setting from 1 to 10, coins values from 1 to 5 and fixing to the active line number and finally the opportunity to be able to select a denomination value available between £0.01 and £1. 00.



In terms of features, Sails of Gold™ offers wildcards. A feature whose primary role is to form pay lines as quickly as possible. To be able to fulfill this mission entrusted to him, the joker of Sails of Gold™ puts the great means by having for hobby favorite time to replace all the icons he finds on his passage.

I write all but an exception adds its grain of salt. The Joker may have a substitution grip on all the items that can be found on the 5 wheels of the slot, but the scatters are immunized against Jokers.

Jokers in the plural because it should also be taken into consideration that this feature may be present several times during the end of a spin. By positioning 2, 3, 4 or 5 times on the screen, the wildcard symbols represented by the portrait of Christopher Columbus will be able to offer respectively 10, 100, 1000 or in the extreme case 5000 tokens!


A few moments ago, I mentioned the fact that the silver game sails of gold allowed to play for free. I confirm this in this paragraph. To be able to start a free spins session, the Sails of Gold™ game requires at least 3 scatter icons illustrated by Christopher’s Columbus strong craft.

It is then that the rhythm of the game will take a whole different pace to dive and without wanting to play word game the players in a journey at a brisk pace to the commands of a ship. The soundtrack will also see its degree of dynamism to provoke waves of suspense and adrenaline to the users. I speak with knowledge of the matter in expressing myself as this was my personal feeling during the activation of this passage of the online game Sails of Gold™.

During the unfolding phase of this free spins sequence, a new icon will surface. It will represent a golden ship seen from the front. The goal of the latter will be to act as a wild. A second form of joker. By logic, it will answer this to help the game to create pay lines much faster than during the main game stage. But its most expensive goal will be to program extra free laps. To do this, this new icon will have to show at least 3 times on the reels of the video slot Sails of Gold™.



Unlike the Golden Caravan™, there are no winning multipliers that intervene during this passage of the game. On the other hand, the probabilities to obtain good profits are still at the appointment. In addition, the redistribution index for players is 96.25% and it is barely higher than for the game Golden Caravan™.

Quality side of the graphics in general, there is nothing to complain about. The publishers Play’n Go have the umpteenth time bringing together the right ingredients to offer a very nice graphic charter for the eyes. I really liked the scenario of the short cinematography of departure. This orange sunset where its intense rays rest on the surface of the waters of the Caribbean. A magnificent staging that leaves shortly after the slot machine Sails of Gold™ presents itself to its public.

To finish, I therefore recommend to all players who love the adventure games drawn from real facts to discover the game of chance Sails of Gold™. A video slot that draws inspiration from the great moments of Christopher Columbus ‘ life and has a minimum of talent for especially well Take.

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