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Betting locations and types in roulette

Online roulette whether it is from the American, European, French, English or Mexican versions is a game of chance that invites you to think through strategies and that both fascinates many players. Everyone’s dream is to detect flaws in order to have a real advantage in the face of bank.

Today I am writing this article with the aim of referencing all the areas of bets available on the surface of an online roulette mat. We are accustomed to know the most popular places like the famous red/black highlighted by the method of the martingale or even the solid numbers reputed to multiply 35 times the bet engaged. But some areas of betting in roulette are still in the shadows. This is unfortunate and therefore they are little used by the general public. It is for this reason that this topic is devoted exclusively to these many ways of playing roulette so that this online casino game can no longer keep secrets for anybody.

In what will follow, I will at first devote myself to the types of domestic bets which are the most remunerative but which offer on the other hand a fairly low probability of winning. Then I will mention all the areas of external betting that are on the other hand more numerous but which unlike the domestic bets offer relatively low payment ribs. To help memorize these different locations of Paris on the mat, a illustrative image is present in order to accompany the description of each type of bet that can be placed in the game of the roulette.

The different types of betting in roulette

The inner bets:

Full :

The full or fetish numbers are on the checkerboard of the game mat. The latter start with the green number zero and they increase per unit for the purpose to stop at the figure 36. The even numbers are red while those in black are the odd ones. This type of bet may be placed once or several times up to a maximum of 36 times before starting the roulette.


The ride to the roulette is to bet on a line that is located between 2 adjacent numbers which is worth the name of horse. For example, it is quite possible to play between 7 and 8 or between 11 and 14 to cite only these two cases of Figure.


The square is a form of betting that has the principle of covering four numbers with one coin. To be able to dominate this staging area, simply place a token at the intersection of the 4 numbers as shown opposite. To the maximum, the game of roulette leaves the opportunity to place bets on 22 squares before turning the cylinder.


Betting on 6 numbers at a time is conceivable and it is the bet called line that allows to do it and this on 11 zones. Note that this option is inaccessible by a good number of online casinos. To cover 6 numbers with a single token, simply place it on the common end of 2 rows.

Outside bets:

colonne-rouletteThe slots in the column betting areas are numbered 3 and are located to the right of the mat with marking 2 to 1. These areas have the principle of dividing in 3 lengthwise the surface that illustrates the solid numbers. Each column is used to cover 12 numbers. The game of roulette offers the possibility to play with 2 columns per turn which leaves the opportunity to cover up to 24 numbers. Note that zero is not taken into account to provide a victory.


With the columns we have just described, the dozens are 3 but the number of numbers they can cover and a little more restricted. Each dozen is in a capacity to cover 9 numbers with the opportunity to play to the maximum with 2 dozens offering the opportunity to cover 18 Numbers.


The missing area is a region that is located at the bottom right of the mat with a space that displays 1 to 18. For logic, this place allows to play with the numbers between this scale or half of the full.

Passe :

This space to play is the same as missing except that the game focuses on the other half of the full numbers from 19 to 36. For the bets misses and passes, the zero number is not taken into account which offers an advantage to the online casino or land.

Pair Odd:

As his name can clearly make us understand, the purpose of this type of betting on roulette is to focus either on even or odd numbers. To play with odd digits, a game area is located on the left side of the slot to play on the pass. As far as the peer numbers are concerned, this is the opposite of the mat either on the right side of the slot to play on lack.


>I think and I must not be the only one to know that this area of betting to roulette and the best known of any. Compared to the illustrative image shown here, these two places to play on 50% of the numbers are represented by a round black lozenge and for the second colored in red. Other roulette interfaces are on the market with of forms rectangular or diamond-shaped. Every online roulette game editor has its own way of creating its own interface Games.

This informative article about the different zones and types of betting on online roulette ends with the knowledge that the latter remains open to the discussion in case of question or simply to bring value added to what has already been mentioned. Online roulette enthusiasts like the most confirmed are welcome to make comments knowing also that the Avis Casinos site offers roulette games without download by passing through roulette tables with low limits.

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