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Released online on May 26th, 2016, the mobile slot machine Robin Hood™ has the effect of a bomb in innovation. NextGen Gaming has put the package with this new title built of 5 reels, 3 rows and 40 pay lines.

The story of this adventure game happens on the traces of a clay trail squirming in a forest held in a secret place. The suspense is already marked by this atmosphere that will ally with calm moments and others much more lively when triggering strong features in compensation.

Robin Hood™ is a mobile slot dealing with the theme of adventure that is of exceptional graphic quality. The elements of the decorations have been drawn in watercolor, allowing to imagine a remarkable work based on finesse in order to offer a graphic content very close to the real.

In front of this backdrop of an interminable forest presents itself through 5 reels blurred icons that present with charm the story of Robin Hood™. Very clean symbols full of details that for some image the three protagonists of history. The first in any case the one who has the most chance of manifesting during the game is Robin Hood™.

A bird with large thin legs suggesting that it is a pink flamingo but in reality it is not part of this species of bird that can be characterized as a stilt. Gifted to shoot in the mile with the help of his archery and whatever the distance, this character is not part of a species of bird well precise.

On the other hand, what is certain is that this extra is very enthusiastic and he will know how to share his sense of complicity with the players. A very intelligent volatile wearing a cape and a green hat associated with a red feather. Full of malice, this character will not miss an episode of this mobile slot to amplify the basics of the action series of the game of Robin Hood™.

The opposite sex will be there and in addition to the same DNA as Robin Hood™. A princess with the perfect panoply of the small privileged with a large pointed hat beribboned of silk scarves resting on the ground allowing her to serve her in the second of dress to conceal her perfect silhouette.

Always well prepared with the face from morning to evening, his greatest ambition in his life is to attract the looks on his person because its purpose ultimate is to find a beautiful day his charming prince who will assure him love and protection. A lot of tenderness and passion revolve around this character filled with sensuality.

The third appearing is a bit off topic after the description of the two birds. This is an owl that has a weakness for beer tasting. Dressed in a purple tunic, he stood leaning to a beer-bed, holding with his other plucked hand a beer freshly casting.

Other than these main items of the online casino game Robin Hood™, users will be able to form pay lines via a purse releasing a few gold coins of intense brilliance, a target where the main character Robin Hood™ loves to spend time training to shoot at the bow, a quiver, a notice of search or even figures as well as letters.

The game features that are only waiting to be discovered. They are aimed at wilds, a super-put feature, free games varying between 15 and 25, extra free spins as well as a feature leaves or double.

With 5 reels, 3 rows and 40 fixed lines, the slot online Robin Hood™ of NextGen Gaming offers an opportunity to set bets between £1.00 and £200.00. A rather large maximum value and which I have to say and uncommon yet so far in the gameplay of the other mobile slot machines of the brand.



Recurrently, the wilds are each time present in the contents of a slot machine. In the gameplay of the mobile slot Robin Hood™, the jokers will be in full capacity to substitute all the icons that help in the formation of pay lines except the icons Scatters.

To have a grip in the content of the game, the wilds of this online casino game will be able to appear only on the central reel. The wild is represented by the main character who is the bird who has a crazy passion for the archery.

Once active, this bird will come out partially from its landing site to perform a whole formation of gestures that will have the advantage of making neighboring wilds appear on other reels. With such a scenario, this family of jokers will be able to promote the formation of winning lines to keep only the one that would bring the most prize.

In addition to this advantage that is to gather to strengthen the earning index, the wilds will be able to offer lots of chips. In other words and maximally either by showing up five times anywhere on the reels of the Robin Hood™ slot, a pack of 250 coins will be allocated.

We just saw the wild in his way of working in the normal state. What you need to know is that a special feature unique to all NextGen Gaming silver games is enabled in the gameplay of the mobile game Robin Hood™.

This is an option called Super bet. The latter is visible on the right side of the mobile online casino game. Its major role is to allow a number of icons to be able to be changed into wild to increase considerably the chances of meeting Lady Chance.

This Super setting feature is enabled by default and in this first level knowing that there are three of them, the princess symbol will be able to transform at any moment of play into a joker icon. With level two accessible by simply clicking on it to activate, the game will require an injection of 30 coins.

Following this, other icons can be changed into wild like the princess, the owl or even the blue purse. The last level is the third of Super Bet feature will be more greedy than the second and therefore ask to be active a power supply of 80 coins per spin.

During its operation, this third level will be able to fully substitute the items of the princess, the owl, the target of the stock exchange as well as the quiver.


Now let’s go to the princess camp with irresistible charm. Its territory is access to free spins that can be seen through the presence of scatter icons. Particular symbols that are represented by a castle.

At its peak, the featuring of free spins will be in a capacity to offer up to 25 free spins. The location of scatter items is of no importance in putting this free game feature into service. During the free spins, the wilds as well as the Super bet will combine to guarantee explosives prizes.

During the game time free spins, it will not be impossible to win again free spins from the time when at least 3 scatters present. This will have the gift of activating 15 free spins additional.

In addition, scatters will be able to allocate batches of tokens according to their quantity. By getting 3, 4 or 5 times these type of symbol, players will be able to pocket respectively 160, 600 or even 4000 chips which is far from being negligible.



Robin Hood™ is a remarkable game and on many planes. I was very surprised at the graphic design. The publishers have made great visual change and I hope they will continue in this direction because the way the illustrations were done is just splendid.

The game Robin Hood™ offers in its entirety graphics drawn with watercolor. A new way for NextGen Gaming publishers to present Robin hood™ what is worth it compared to the old achievements of having a much less caricature side. Hoping that this new path of innovation continues for other games of mobile slot machines to come.

To make the difference in terms of the technique of making the graphics, I can cite for example the title of Owl Eyes™. A game of chance that binds to Robin Hood’s™ theme but in a nocturnal setting immersed in a forest guarded by an owl mysterious.

The soundtrack of Robin Hood™ was really well worked with calm episodes (main game) and the reverse of the sets for the adventures of the features by merging them with much more rhythmic tones. An effect that adds an extra degree of excitement when entering the core of a feature and I think of the free spins by writing this line. The sound generally plays a lot during its game phases and NextGen Gaming seems to have it very well assimilated.

At the level of its game feature, Robin Hood™ has a good gameplay. The free spins are a misfortune in the redistribution of prizes especially since the other feature can mingle with the show. A broth of features that gives a good opening to the game to achieve big win.

The payout redistribution rate of the Robin Hood money game revolves around 95% which is a good value knowing that it can climb up to 96.96% if the last level of the Super bet is active.

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