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Pyramid Quest For Immortality™

Yesterday either on October the 21st of 2015, we had added to the list of games Betsoft gaming a slot machine covering the theme of Ancient Egypt. Its title, Genie Fortune that the passage has remarkable three-dimensional graphics.

Today, on October 22nd of 2015, we are adding a new 3D slot machine that this time was designed by Netent developers. The title of this money game is Pyramid Quest for Immortality™. French translation, it clearly means quest pyramid for immortality™.

We fully agree with this appellation regarding this game because its graphic charter speaks for itself but there is always one but. We would also have alluded to this title to fortune. What for? Because this virtual slot of the Netent brand is in perfect capacity to offer a fixed jackpot worth 3 600 000 coins! No, no, it’s not a joke and Pyramid Quest For immortality™ makes it known when it opens to players. This is the biggest prize pool ever recorded at this Day! Since its launch on the internet, the Netent gambling production company had not yet taken the initiative to challenge its users to win such amount.

In addition to offering a golden opportunity to become multi millionaire following one or a series of spins (launched), the game Pyramid Quest for Immortality™ is built of 5 reels, 5 rows and there are 720 ways to bet. This latter characteristic of programming therefore implies that there is no line of payment and this is well confirmed.

With these 5 reels, the video slot Pyramid Quest for Immortality™ offers a representation of its interface With these different symbols quite different compared to what we usually encounter regarding Netent. This is what makes it all its charm with an assembly of icons that actually forms one of the facades of a temple at the resides a wealthy pharaoh. In the shape of a marquee if we can use this word, the screen for entertaining with Pyramid Quest for immortality™ is made up of beetles, Egyptian accessories of all kinds, from a sphinx to the power of multiplication…

This sacred temple is protected by two gods sunk in pure gold. These hybrid gods are for the one who stands left with an Ankh (life cross) fixed on a golden bar that he holds firmly between his fingers of his right hand is Horus. One of the oldest Egyptian deities that is represented by the body of a human being with a head of falcon.

On the other side of the game screen of Pyramid Quest for immortality™ is posted chin raised towards this black sky dotted with stars the hybrid God Anubis. Master of the necropolises and protector of the embalmers, this supreme being to the human appearance up to the level of his shoulders has a head of canid. In addition to protecting the Pharaoh, Anubis will play an important role in the course of the game, thanks to this object that he does not let go of his left hand. A mysterious accessory but that will find its meaning by the following.

With 5 reels, 5 rows and 720 opportunities to play and win generous prizes, the Pyramid Quest for Immortality™ slot machine offers the opportunity to bet money based on £0.10 and £200.00. A range of suitable bets that will satisfy a wide audience. Once a bet is set up through a coin and denomination value, it will be possible to unlock re-spins as for the James Dean game of NextGen Gaming as well as wilds that lead to gain progressive multipliers! For reminder, the fixed jackpot worth 3 600 000 chips will be able to join the crate of a lucky one at each moment!



In addition to having a very large number of ways to play, the three-dimensional video slot Pyramid Quest for immortality™ is not built in the same way compared to the other slots in the library Netent. This online slot lets think at first that it is elaborated so as to contain 5 reels but this is quite different. The 5 traditional reels that we used to meet with this type of online game have been replaced by a feature called tumbling reels. We classify this feature in the special feature category Netent because it is not very widespread and it offers a way to play completely different.

Tumbling Reels means that the reels are not going to rotate after a spin request. They will literally allow random icons to cascade from the top of the slot machine. When 3 similar symbols are found on one of the 720 opportunities to win, these items will start to explode.

Therefore, they will leave empty spaces for future items to fill them and in turn form a new winning combination or then stay in place without exploding. During the formation of a new combination of symbols, no bet will be committed. This means that the game will run in a totally automated way and free.

In the jargon of slot machine games it is entitled to benefit from a re-spin or a free ride that can give rise to a profit or nothing at all. This second probability in the face of the progress of the game will therefore ask the player to start the game again by committing beforehand a sum of money.


Wilds are also present in the configuration of the slot online in 3D from Pyramid Quest for immortality™. The latter are represented by the cross of life which bears the name of Ankh. As it is easy to see on the slot machine interface, there are 3 areas concealed above the number 2, 3 and 4 reels. If a symbol will be present on one of these three spaces and it will be taken into account in a winning combination then the latter will be automatically substituted as a wild icon for the next avalanche.

That’s when the God Anubis will be able to intervene in the game by offering progressive gain multipliers that will start from x2 and they’ll be in full capacity to reach a top of x10! These factors will activate immediately 3 paying avalanches. Upon reaching the maximum multiplier border of x10, the game will resume its normal course by returning to the main level.

To mark the level of progression relative to multiplication values, the object firmly held by Anubis is composed of 3 discs that are mounted on top of each other vertically and securely held on a gold bar. At the end of each paying avalanche, these spheres will illuminate with a violet color. Mistrust, the fixed jackpot will never be very far in these moments there!



Pyramid Quest for Immortality™ is a splendid 3D Netent game. There is really nothing to throw in front of the different graphics. I was quickly absorbed by this theme of Ancient Egypt with these hybrid gods and these pharaohs. The background music takes advantage of it to add a deeper depth to the game with a rhythmic sound that evolves in the course of the adventures of the video slot. Despite the fact that Pyramid Quest for immortality™ has graphics and sound effects that perfectly accompany its course, I was disappointed with the limited number of features.

There is an avalanche feature (tumbling reels) as for the slot Netent Fruit Case, re-spins as well as wilds that lead to great steps towards price multipliers ranging from x2 to x10. So far everything goes for the best but the publishers Netent this are stopped there. I would have liked to be able to play with an extra option like with free games or a bonus game for example. Maybe this limited number of features is due to the fact that the game of chance offers a huge fixed jackpot worth £3 600 000?

This hypothesis is probably the reason for this but keeping your head on the shoulders, I think this kitty is not going to fall anytime soon. Otherwise, Pyramid Quest for immortality™ is a 3D slot video that is very enjoyable to browse with a redistribution rate of its bets valued at 96.48%. In other words, this is a Netent money game that is profitable in the long run and this has been my case during my demo test periods.

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