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Pumpkin Patch™

The Habanero software brings us a new 3D video slot on behalf of Pumpkin Patch™, quite entertaining under the theme of pumpkins, a very neat graphic chart, amazing visual effects, and as a bit of country soundtrack and the sounds of our friends the squirrel, the multi-colored raven, not forgetting our pumpkin and his cell phone!

In a faraway country, Pumpkinland, everything was going on quietly. Every year pumpkins were born, cared for by their owners, and then prepared and sold for Halloween. Norbert, one of the peasants, was putting country music on them because he said he had read a study on music and plants.

Indeed, Norbert was a farmer by vocation, modern who sought the well-being of his plants above all. He was doing research on the internet to be able to improve his techniques and then have the best products of the whole neighborhood! Norbert DJ as all his neighbors used to go to the fields every morning, with his radio, to treat these fruits, vegetables and cereals with country shots!

It was time to plant the pumpkins because they had to be beautiful and huge for the arrival of Halloween. Norbert DJ goes off as usual in humming and dancing to plant his pumpkins and heal his plantations. On the way he met Corbec Color, a multi-colored raven that turned out to be a sorcerer trapped in the body of the bird.

Indeed, this sorcerer kept making his own, really dingo the poor, so to punish him the council of sorcerers had him locked in a body of raven. Obviously, black is not the color that characterizes him, so our raven had gone to dye his feathers and he was splitting the pear when people looked at him (easily recognizable in the game Habanero Pumpkin Patch™!).

Our good farmer, he is also a little crazy he must say, meets Corbec Color, which accompanies him a long way. Norbert DJ was kind enough and this strange rare bird really amused him! Totally different from the birds he knew but as wacky as he was! So our two friends went a long way together.

To thank the brave peasant, Corbec Color gave him a potion that he had stolen from his sorcerers and hidden under the wing. He tells Norbert DJ to pour it on one of the pumpkin seeds, and make a wish that will rise. Not very convinced of Mr. Corbec Color’s speech, he kept the vial in his pocket to take it out once the plants were sown, but good: who does not try anything, has nothing!

Finally he arrives in his huge terrain, turns on his radio, turns on himself like a professional dancer, and starts planting pumpkins and corn at the rate of country music! All the world remained gaping, thinking that he lacked a bolt to this poor peasant! But he continued cheerfully without really being disturbed by what people thought of him. He was unique and no one could shade him!

When he had finished planting the pumpkins and corn, Norbert DJ, remembers the vial of his friend Corbec Color, and smiling and without really believing too much he poured it on one of the seeds he had just planted! His wish was for this pumpkin to take life, and every day the farmer who loved over all the music came to water his plants with his radio to make them happier!

When the plants start to grow, our adorable realizes that one of the pumpkins is not like the others, that she moved to the sound of music! The villagers couldn’t have said it, but no! He didn’t dream! It was the little pumpkin that danced to the sound of music! He did not believe his eyes, was it his wish that would be fulfilled?

The days passed and our friend Norbert DJ the passionate music farmer, spent his days pampering his pumpkins and especially one he had named Fleetwood, in honor of the great musical group Fleetwood Mac which was his favorite. Until the day he heard a little voice that said to him: I want to change my profession! I want to be a scarecrow!

Norbert DJ did not believe his ears! Seriously? A talking pumpkin? No, he had not drank anything that day, it was clear. He did not dream it was Fleetwood who had spoken to him! Fleetwood wanted to change his life and become a scarecrow who would watch the crops of his dear farmer!

The living pumpkin had a very communicative laugh, a good living as his beloved master! Now what Fleetwood wanted was to dress, but not no matter how, the style had to be very colored and extra-solar, of the kind Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, this is a purple jacket, feathers, a big hat of the same color as his jacket, a skirt green and a grey waistcoat. Very normal, isn’t it?

Nestor the squirrel a little Zin-Zin, was passing the day in the field to snatch the tails of the pumpkins and to be chased by Corbec Color, and Fleetwood to dance to the sound of music with his pipe in the mouth, that Norbert DJ put from morning to evening : It was really the joy of the farmer, and the people of the surroundings now envied him. It was always the feast at the good peasant!

Pumpkin Patch™ features:


First start with the Pumpkin feature, any symbol Corbec Color (the rare bird), appearing next to a pumpkin, stings it, explodes it and changes it for wilds to cover all the positions of the reel before the payments are assigned.

Any symbol Nestor the squirrel that appears next to a pumpkin, he rips off his tail and turns the pumpkin symbol into wild, before the payments are awarded. Several combinations that appear on the screen will be random.

Free Spins are also part of the features of the Pumpkin Patch™ slot machine. 3 or more scatter symbols appear anywhere in the basic game, except wild symbols and triggers the feature of free spins except for wild symbols that directly allocate 8 free additional spins.

All prizes are tripled during free games and free spins are played at the wagering of the game that triggered them. When the corn symbols land in a winning combination of the Pumpkin Patch™ main game, they are added to the number of free spins in wait.

The feature of free games is triggered by more than 30 corn symbols collected in the basic game of random Pumpkin Patch™ , and are recorded for each bet configuration. The countdown starts with the 8 for each configuration. At the end of the free spins, the account for the corn is reset to 8 for the setting of the bet.

Editorial opinion on the game Pumpkin Patch™


The Habanero Pumpkin Patch™ money game is built with 5 reels and 3 rows. A slot machine who lets himself be noticed to remain quite entertaining. With a wagering value of £0.01 to £20, we can make bets ranging from 0.25 up to £500 that the big gamblers who want to bet big will find their happiness! These hilarious characters make the graphic chart a success and with a little background country music it puts us in the mood from the start.

There are not many features, but its average volatility makes it possible to collect prizes from the beginning! The special effects are top too! When the pumpkin takes its phone and marks a number, it warns that we will receive a prize, when we win a good piece our pumpkin starts to dance, it’s too great! Or when the pumpkins are exploded by the rare bird or the squirrel pulls out his tail, this is madness! I really advise you to come and try Pumpkin Patch™.

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