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We start on the reel hats with the publishers of the NextGen online silver gaming brand by offering you the opportunity to test their latest masterpiece for free.

This game carries the title of Psycho™ and it should refresh the memory of those who love movies that mix both suspense and horror in other words the Thrillers.

In reality, Psycho™ is the sequel to the first edition bearing the name of psychosis. This film was directed by Alfred Hitchcok who in the passing was at that time a director of Fame.

This cinematographic realization traces life banality of a man with a disturbed behavior. This character owns a motel, the bates and a kind of mansion that is located at the top of a hill not far from this famous hotel of passage where few people have the habit of stopping there for the night.

During this adventure that we can clearly describe as horror, the players of Psycho™ will be largely accompanied by sounds of thunder with as a sudden illumination of lightnings here and there. The users of the Psycho™ slot machine embody the female character of the film named after Marion Crane. This woman of age wall has been on the run for quite some time already and she is looking for a refuge for the time of a night.

With this rainy and stormy weather, as we can realize with the cinematography starting in three dimensions, Marion will make the decision to stop a night in this motel with appearances glaucous. What she does not know yet is that she will never get out. Well, yes, but with the feet in front. A little hint at the scene of the shower where this poor woman is stabbed in a lot and many times without being able to protect herself from the blows that are brought to her in numerous places of her body.

The developers of the NextGen online casino games have thought of everything with this graphic chart. The interface of the online game Psycho™ leaves clearly to see with an unparalleled finesse in achieving all the elements of scenery that marked the minds of the film-goers of the time. At the top stands in this landscape absorbed by the night this House that does not give frankly trust. At the bottom, is noticed in the momentum of a heavy and sinister atmosphere the motel of death which is illuminated by some streetlights and especially by the presence of the full moon. The place is morbid and there is no shortage of details to do it know.

The 5 reels of Psycho™ video slot are highlighted by a shower curtain. This element is not there at random. Its purpose is to remind those who have visualized the film that this part of the scenery wishes to revive us with emotion the end tragic, Marion during the deadly scene that takes place in the bathroom. This knife sharpened carefully like a sheet of mouthful by this murderer who pierces with ease Marion’s body. On this laminated curtain are dripping water. With a little imagination and deduction, this suggests that this horror scene just took place a few moments ago. Psychosis, hypotheses and assumptions reign as master and that is nothing to say. Very disturbing.

In front of this element are arranged all kinds of illustrations that will aim to trigger featuring through the 25 lines of the Psycho™ slot machine. These symbols show the representation of the dwelling which focuses only on dark colors. This is clearly the scatter that will open a certain access to free spins. There are also jokers that will give way to juicy wins in prizes. Of course there will be secondary illustrations like the police inspector, Marion who observes with anguish and discretion what happens on the other side of her bedroom door through the keyhole, packets filled with bank notes,… The graphic elements are not lacking in any way. The soundtrack perfectly encompasses this heavy atmosphere that is intended to amplify the suspense and the horror.

Psycho™ is a game of chance of 5 reels and 25 fixed lines that offer a fairly large range of bets. The latter starts from £0.25 and can extend to a limit of £50.00. Some players may find that this maximum level of betting is low and others not. Personally, £50.00 is already correct for an online casino game of this magnitude. NextGen also offers secondary tools that aim to improve the comfort of use. Therefore, it is quite possible to be entertained with the online game Psycho™ via automatic tours knowing that they will be able to reach a climax of £100 that is already good.

All of the NextGen gaming brand money games also offer the ability to play with a double up feature. The principle of the latter is to allow players who have just obtained a profit to try to double it. This feature is activated following each victory and its activation button is present just above the bankroll.

Features :


The first feature of the Psycho™ money game is oriented towards Wilds that also carry the Wildcard qualifier. As we can clearly guess, this Psycho™ option has the priority of reinforcing the chances of earnings win for the players. This wild feature is represented by the murder weapon of Psycho™. Let’s go straight to the point, it’s a 25 centimeter mouthful knife. Enough to freeze the blood and we must say that the staging of this option fulfilled this objective perfectly. The joker will be able to show up in all areas of the video slot. A way for him to be able to activate very quickly without any brake of start.

Once present on the screen, it will start by issuing batches of fixed tokens. The more the wild will be present in number and the more the lot of chips will be. To the maximum, by presenting itself 5 times, it will offer the lucky winner a pack of coins worth 1250 which is far from negligible. The wild is not going to stop in such a good way because it will even be able to act during the course of the free spins of the game of chance Psycho™. Its role will be to emerge on the screen and from that moment on, it will have the power to activate winning multipliers that can reach a multiplication index of x40!


Inside the section dedicated to the wilds of the slot Psycho™, we alluded to the free spins.

Now we know that it is possible to play for free with Psycho™. The illustration that will be responsible for this activation is the scatter. This symbol is illustrated by this terrifying building. Initially it will have the same effects as the wilds in the game. Once active, the scatter will use it to add coins to the players ‘ crate. At most, it will be possible to win 2500 chips by getting 5 scatters on the screen. To enter the free spins process of the online casino game Psycho™, you will need to collect a minimum number of 3 icons Scatters.

Then and fairly quickly, it is a number of 10 free spins that will start to service. The interface will change little at the level of its colors in order to accompany more frankly the suspense. The wilds will still be present with the advantage of activating winning multipliers on the lots of freshly earned chips. The current multiplication index will be displayed on a sign that announces the arrival at the motel not far from the road.



For me, I’m quite a fan of this kind of game. I especially like slots that are worn permanently on the suspense. With Psycho™, I have to say that I found shoe to my foot. I really enjoyed this staging with the cinematography of departure which traces step by step the sequence of the scene of the film of psychosis where Marion is on the lam. She is actively looking for a shelter for the night and eventually finds herself on the roadside this particularly creepy motel and far from being reassuring.

The graphic charter is very pleasing to the eyes and in my opinion, it gives us the desire to continue to progress in the game by rotating these famous 5 reels and 25 lines which unfortunately are fixed. The soundtrack is a pure Marvel and the latter reinforces the oppressive atmosphere of the game. The lightning, the sound of lightning, the games of lights,… A great online casino game NextGen.

In terms of the redistribution of earnings, I did not really feel disappointment. The range of bets may be low for some players but getting prizes stays steady in time. Psycho™ is a game of money that features wild, winning multipliers and free spins. This is in my opinion a good cocktail of features but I would have liked to be able to play with a bonus level. During free spins, prize levels can reach very high limits knowing that Wilds can show up in several places at the same time. They also have the strength to be able to multiply up to x40 the profits freshly won.

The Psycho™ slots game is in my opinion a video slot that needs to be tested by the largest number of players. A catchy staging with quality visual and sound effects and generosity that surpasses the average of other games of NextGen gaming production.

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