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List of prepaid card deposit means in online casinos


Neosurf is an online payment solution that originated from the insertion on the market a whole new way to deposit money…


Flexepin is a means of payment that is in charge of its main service objectives to maintain a complete anonymity…


PaySafeCard was once the revolutionary prepaid purchase voucher consisting of 16 digits. He held one of the best…


PaySafeCard est la solution de paiement idéale pour les internautes et mobinautes qui sont à la recherche d’un moyen de paiement rapide,…

which companies provide prepaid card services?

Many are the solutions for making money transfers within online casinos and among these are slipping cards, vouchers or even called prepaid tickets. The market shares are huge in this sector of activity and it did not take long for entrepreneurs to put in place a new generation of deposit means to play in digital casinos. The main players in all cases the most common in the transfer options counted in the cashiers of the English online casinos are PaySafeCard and the latest in date CASHlib.

PaySafeCard, a company recognized worldwide since 2011 by having installed its head office in the United Kingdom. Regulated and authorized to offer its services by the Financial Conduct Authority or the CFA, PaySafeCard is a must for casino players who seek to credit their personal account using prepaid purchase vouchers range from £5 to £100 in exchange of a single code consisting of 16 numbers.

But, PaySafeCard does not stop in such a good way by pursuing its overflow ambition to be number 1 with other options like for example offer a MasterCard prepaid card service in order to be able to pay purchases in thousands of shops all around the world , withdraw funds from ATMs, transfer to a record time funds on e-wallets accounts like Neteller or even Skrill, and so on.

The last born in the market for prepaid vouchers, CASHlib follows the evolutionary benefits of PaySafeCard by offering also its services to deposit money within the enclosure of the online casinos with which it is in partnership. CASHlib allows to exchange sums of money between £10 and £250 against a single code consisting in 16 digits. Headquartered in Luxembourg and having a EMoney license, CASHlib is also a secure, anonymous and fast way to make deposits in virtual casinos up to a limit of £1000 per 24-hour range. This characteristic is worth him to leave much more freedom on expenses than his rival Paysafecard.

What does a good prepaid?

We can name it card, good or even ticket. These vouchers are represented each time in paper format and they are barely wider than a ticket that can be recovered when you have just paid for your groceries in a large area. On this prepaid ticket, there is mentioned a whole lot of information such as for example the supplier’s logo, the date of validity, the date of production, an assistance number, simple instructions related to its use on the Internet, the amount of the voucher and that a single secret code consisting of 16 numbers.

Why use a prepaid ticket in English online casinos?

When you choose to play in an online casino, you don’t really know where we’re going. Information about it can easily be cool more than one and this is quite understandable. You have to be careful online because you can quickly fall into a trap. Let’s be reinsured right away that if a casino is regulated it is not to make pretty by decorating a little more the footer of its website by gluing a logo of its license operating.

Behind this authorisation which is to immerse the online casino in the legality by offering its services on the internet is that it necessarily respects a relatively consistent specifications. Also on the safety and respect of the confidentiality standards of its customers. Despite this, some players are still reweaving to the idea of unveiling from their casino account information of cards or RIB Banking.

To address this issue and to both reinsure their customers so as To avoid losing potential customers, online casinos have not hesitated to allow players to adopt means of payment drastically less greed in terms of personal information. The prepaid purchase vouchers, which only require to operate only to provide a unique 16-digit code, are therefore coming in order to be able to credit its account.

For example a prepaid PaySafeCard or CASHlib card of £100 where the bank system of the online casino leaves this option to inform the value of the deposit which For example could be £50. It is therefore the sum of £50 which is credited in the player account and £50 remain in connection with the code of 16 unique digits which may very well be the subject of a use future.

With Prepaid cards, there is therefore a good source of benefits that turn to an ultra secure payment solution without having to inform bank details, to form the profile of a player perfectly anonymous and in addition to be able get his deposit immediately so as to be able to play right away on the crowd of games proposed by the casino.

How to obtain a good Prepaid?

There are two ways to obtain a prepaid card. The first solution to buy a prepaid voucher is to put on his shoes and wear his coat on his shoulders depending on the season in order to go to a kiosk, petrol station or even Tobacconist’s office. Once inside, to ask with kindness a ticket paid in exchange for a certain amount in pounds. For example for PaySafeCard, it is imaging to swap a unique code of 16 digits against £5, £10, £25, £50 or £100. The tobacconist then goes to work to provide after a few moments this famous ticket revealing the 16 numbers precious code.

For The group of lazy, those who do not want to go out of their homes or those who live in a remote village with more cows than inhabitants and where the distributors of prepaid purchase vouchers do not run the streets, the second solution is to surrender the official website of the brand. The steps for obtaining prepaid cards that may be accumulated in their account are very simple to follow.

Even an 8 year old child could make the online purchase of a good prepaid without any assistance from an adult. Regardless of the prepaid card provider, buying on the internet is convenient, easy, fast, allowing immediate use after purchase by offering a whole bunch of control options from its CASHlib account or Paysafecard.

For example, from the mobile application of the compatible PaySafeCard product on IOS,
BlackBerry and Android, the latter offers many very useful options for the consumer. To be able to locate in one click the geographical positions of the points of sale closest to his home, to connect to his personal space My PaySafeCard, to take a look at the previous deposits made in his online casino, to add again 16-digit PIN code for new deposits , to know all of the PaySafeCard casinos and the list is still long.

How to use a prepaid card in a casino?

Once you hold a Ticket Prepaid, all that remains is to go to his favorite online casino. To connect to it using its account IDs to go in the stride to the bank section. From there, indicate that the wish is to make a deposit by clicking on the access button in the next step provided for this effect.

To select in this case the means of deposit CASHlib or PaySafeCard and then to fill in the exact amount that you wish to deposit. Following this, validate all the operations by pressing submit. It is then that the banking system of the online casino immediately credits the funds deposited in cash to allow the player to be entertained right away if that is what he wishes.

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