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Snakes & Ladders 2 – Snake Eyes™

Snakes & Ladders 2 – Snake Eyes™, Pragmatic Play slot game. How would you like to immerse yourself in a fully immersive board game? That’s what this new title offers you. Evolve in the middle of nature. In the heart of the jungle between banana-eating gorillas and poisonous snakes! Throw the dice in the wilderness to awaken a horde of gain multipliers! Will they be ambitious? That’s a certainty. To find out, roll the dice in Snakes & Ladders 2 – Snake Eyes™. Move around a board to accumulate a series of prizes and free spins!

Can you put the snakes in your pocket? Tame the gorilla king?

Features of Snakes & Ladders 2 – Snake Eyes™:

The dice symbol is the wild. It substitutes for all symbols except the bonus symbol. When it appears, the wild dice symbol will be represented with 1, 2 or 3 dots. This represents the multiplier of 1x, 2x or 3x apply to the total win of that spin.

The bonus symbol can appear on all reels. Get 3 or more bonus symbols to trigger the snake & ladder bonus. Depending on the number of bonus symbols obtained, a different number of reels are awarded as follows:

5 Bonus symbols – 16 dice rolls.
4 Bonus symbols – 14 dice rolls.
3 Bonus symbols – 12 dice rolls.

When the feature is triggered by 4 or 5 bonus symbols, there is a chance that one of these symbols will turn into a snake bonus symbol. This will result in 2 more dice being thrown for the next sequence. During the bonus game, the player is presented with a board with 144 squares, on a 12×12 grid. The player is represented by a monkey’s head which, at the beginning of the game, is placed on square 1.

At the start of the game, random items are placed in random squares on the grid: cash rewards expressed as a multiplier of the total bet. Multipliers for the total win. Ladders of all sizes. Snakes of all sizes and bananas.

On each roll during the game, 2 dice give a random result between 1 and 6 points each. After each throw, the monkey head moves a certain number of places on the grid according to the total number of points on the two dice.

The monkey head can stop on a square with :

Cash reward: A random value from 4x to 100x the total bet. Stopping on a square with a cash reward adds that value to the total win of the game.

Multiplier: A multiplier which, when the monkey’s head stops on it, multiplies the total win so far.

Ladder: The ladder is a shortcut that allows the player to move from a lower to a higher square on the grid. When the monkey head stops on the lower base of the ladder, it automatically moves to the square where the upper end of the ladder is located.

Snake: The snake is a shortcut that directs the player from an upper square to a lower square. When the monkey head stops on the head of the snake, it automatically moves to the square where the end of the snake’s tail is.

Banana: Stopping on a banana triggers a sequence where random money values are added to the grid. In random locations and all other bananas in the grid are removed.

Last square: Stop on the 144th square of the board to receive 1000x your total bet. Randomly, any square can hide a shortcut, the rope charmer. When the monkey head stops on a square hiding a rope charmer, the shortcut appears and the monkey head moves to a random location on the grid higher than that square.

The game ends when there are no more throws left or when the last square, 144th, is reached. Once the game is over, the total value accumulated so far is awarded.

The bonus game offers a guaranteed maximum payout of 20x the total bet. Once the throws are completed, if the amount currently collected is less than 20x the total bet, the rage mode is activated and the sign head moves from its current location to the end of the grid through all remaining locations. This is done in order and by collecting all the values and multipliers it encounters. This is done by applying the total of all multipliers retrieved to the final amount. In rage mode, the monkey head ignores ladders, snakes, bananas and rope charmers.

If at any point the monkey head reaches square 144, the game ends immediately and a chance to retrigger is presented. The game will proceed with a roll of 2 dice. If the result is 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5 or 6-6, the bonus game will be retriggered and will start at the beginning.

The number of throws in the retriggered game is the same as the number of throws in the original bonus game. Each time the dice roll is 1-1, an extra throw is awarded.

Each time the dice roll 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5, 6-6, a section of the snake at the top of the reels fills. The snake consists of 4 sections. When all 4 sections are filled, a retriggered bonus is awarded. The retriggered bonus will be played once the sequence is completed. The total win of the sequence is equal to the total amount collected from all bonus rounds played.

Review of Snakes & Ladders 2 – Snake Eyes™:

Snakes & Ladders 2 – Snake Eyes™, is for my part a relatively attractive machine. I’ve always enjoyed games in the wild. Right on target with this new title from publishers Pragmatic Play! Snakes & Ladders 2 – Snake Eyes™ offers you an eye-catching theme with plenty of graphic details that make a difference. The gameplay fits in with the comfort of the game with a fairly comprehensive gameplay. Particularly in the meandering bonus game. Roll the dice to progress on a 12×12 game board. Traps of course and a nice amount of options to enjoy for a while.

A rather high volatility. We regret that there is no Buy Bonus. Snakes & Ladders 2 – Snake Eyes™ allows you to launch its 5 reels from 0.10 €. A chance to multiply your bet value up to 5,300x. A theoretical payout rate for the player of 96.03%!

Get deep into the jungle to increase your win values!