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Santa’s Great Gifts™

Santa’s Great Gifts™, Pragmatic Play slot machine. Wrap the joys of Christmas around your heart. With this new slot machine what gift will you get? That’s a good question because there are hundreds of them scattered around! It’s enough to make your head spin, isn’t it? Perhaps a generous multiplier gift from Saint Nicholas? The one that will open the doors to Santa’s great gifts. The mystery remains on the rolls. It’s up to you to spin this slot again and again to discover its treasures.

With Santa’s Great Gifts™, get loads of rewards without further delay!

Features of Santa’s Great Gifts™:

The scatter is illustrated by Father Christmas. The scatter is present on all the reels. It pays out in any position. Getting 4, 5 or 6 scatters pays €6, €10 or €200 respectively.

Tumble Feature:

The tumble feature means that on each spin, the pay combinations are paid out and all winning symbols disappear. The remaining symbols fall to the bottom of the screen and empty slots are replaced by symbols from the top. The tumbling will continue until no more winning combinations appear following a tumble. There is no limit to the number of times you can tumble. All winnings are added to the player’s balance once all drops resulting from a normal spin have been played.

The multiplier symbols are represented by gifts. There is a green, blue, purple and red one. They are present on all reels and can appear randomly during the spins. Cascading during both the base game and the free spins. When a multiplier symbol appears, it takes on a random multiplier value between 2x and 100x. When the cascade sequence ends, the values of all multiplier symbols on the screen are added together. The total win of the sequence is multiplied by the final value.

Free spins:

The free spins feature is awarded when 4 or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the screen. Get 4, 5 or 6 scatter symbols to trigger 10, 15 or 20 free spins respectively. The free spins sequence includes a progressive feature. This starts at level 1 and each time multiplier symbols appear, they are collected in a gauge. The sequence increases in level at certain thresholds and at each level only certain values are possible for the multiplier symbols:

Level 1: Before 6 multiplier symbols are retrieved. In level 1, the multiplier symbols can vary between 2x and 100x.
Level 2: Starts once 6 more multiplier symbols have been retrieved. In level 2, the multiplier symbols can vary between 8x and 100x.
Level 3: Starts once 5 multiplier symbols have been retrieved. In level 3, the multiplier symbols can vary between 15x and 100x.
Level 4: Starts when 4 multiplier symbols have been retrieved. In level 4, the multiplier symbols can vary between 50x and 100x. After level 4, it is not possible to move up a level. All subsequent free spins are played on level 4.

If 3 or more scatter symbols appear during the free spins sequence, an additional 5 free spins are awarded. Special reels are in play during the free spins.

Ante Bet:

The player has the option to select bet multipliers. Depending on the bet selected, the game behaves differently. The possible values are as follows:

25x bet multiplier – the chances of winning free spins naturally are doubled. More scatter symbols are present on the reels. The free spins purchase feature is disabled. 20x Bet Multiplier – gives the opportunity to buy a free spins sequence by paying an amount equivalent to 100x the total bet.

Buy Free Spins:

The free spins sequence can be triggered instantly from the base game by purchasing it. When the 25x ante feature is enabled, the buy-in free spins feature is disabled. There are 4 options for purchasing the free spins sequence:

Pay 100x the total bet to trigger a sequence starting at level 1.
Pay 200x the total bet to trigger a sequence starting at level 2.
Pay 400x the total bet to trigger a sure-fire sequence on level 3.
Pay 500x the total bet to trigger a surefire sequence in level 4.

When you purchase the free spins sequence, a random number of scatter symbols may appear during the spin that triggered the feature, for any of the options.

Review of Santa’s Great Gifts™:

Santa’s Great Gifts™ reflects the magic of Christmas in excellence. A well-heeled Santa always in red and white attire. A long grey beard reaching down to his chest. His little round glasses. The cap aimed at his head. His bundle on his back filled with presents. Santa’s Great Gifts™ highlights Santa’s generosity. You may well notice this in the passage of the free spins. In large numbers with the intervention of multiplier symbols! At maximum, multiply your winnings by 100x! Just huge! All the while knowing that you can activate a Buy Bonus to instantly enter the free spins!

Santa’s Great Gifts™ is a Pragmatic Play slot that offers you high volatility. A minimum bet of €0.20. A maximum win of 5,000x your initial bet!