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October 2018, the Nextgen provider has just released a new slot machine with 5 reels and 100 pay lines. It is not common to see mix Wild West and ghosts, but the final result is not bad at all! The soundtrack puts us in the mood with its whistling if typical!

In the middle of the desert a band of outlaw presents itself in a small peaceful town, they come to rob the bank because they heard about its safe which is filled with gold, the richest American lives there and deposited all its fortune. The locals are not accustomed to seeing such oddballs because the sheriff does not let anyone who wants to disturb this calm.

But the colors brothers, Pink, Green, red and blue are not afraid. Everyone fears them and they left more than one village without inhabitants! They came to get the gold and no one is going to stop them, that’s for sure. They planned everything. They were going to arrive at night not to alarm the villagers. Hiding in an uninhabited house and after a few days, they wanted to monitor each other’s movements so the plan wouldn’t miss.

Pink is in charge, he wanted to change strategy because he was a little tired of having to shoot everybody to get to their ends. So they were going to try otherwise, just to change a little. But of course, it was without relying on the sheriff, who swore to protect the city with his life!

In the city there are posters everywhere with their picture, their head is prized, dead or alive, whatever, what everyone wants is that they disappear! For the terror they sow throughout the American territory is absolute, it must end and quickly before others are committed by their thirst for money. They are specialists in bank robbery, certainly, but they do not know who they are dealing with in this small town in the depths of territory!

The four brothers colors settled in the house of clash, it’s been a long time since he left and his house is abandoned. They will rest because the trip was long this time, recover forces and especially well revise the plan so that everything goes well. They are not afraid of course, but Pink has a bad feeling. He doesn’t want to say anything to his brothers but this time is not going to be like the others it is certain!

The distance to the bank, the ride, the time, and yes you have to wait for the bank manager to open the door, but soon enough that there is not too many people around, for this shot there, they want to try not to kill anyone, which is going to be quite difficult. Green has the trigger easy! It’s time to rest, but something’s not right, Pink can’t sleep, just he looks at his brothers and hopes that everything will unfold as planned.

As soon as the day rises, Pink, Green, Red and Blue go on their way to steal the bank.
They arrive at the village square and head towards the bank. It’s time… The bank manager arrives…

They’re all in place. What our four bandits have not seen is that behind them the sheriff is there!

He orders them to raise their arms and throw weapons to the ground, it is not worth resisting, but the bandits face him, they sneer even, how one man will be able to prevent them from reaching their goal ? They’re not going to give up that’s a certainty but the sheriff reminds them to the order! This is decided: They’re going to get to the end!

The sheriff is the best shooter of all time, and he’s willing to give his life for his Citizens! A crossing of a gunshot begins, one had never seen such a violence! Blue and red are the first to fall dead, we hear the detonation of the other end of the city. Green has just fallen to the ground too, only pink keeps alive face to face with the sheriff.

They look at each other, hate the eyes, Pink swears the vengeance of his brothers! The sheriff asks him to throw away his gun, but the rage invading Pink spikes him with his revolver. Both shoot at the same moment: They collapse at once, the two shots crossed and they killed each other! The crowd around them grouped: The sheriff this man who had protected them lay dying on the ground, and Pink had not escaped either from the carnage!

The souls rise from the 5 bodies and they find themselves transformed into ghosts! Unbelievable but true, they will haunt forever the city! Frightened people flee because they are afraid of what they see, they give up and leave the 5 ghosts to their fate, day after day the ghost bandits and the sheriff will wave around the saloon and the bank: They are doomed for eternity to stay together!

Polterheist™ features and rules :


Free games are triggered when the scatter symbol, a large gold safe, appears 1, 2 or 3 times on the reels to reward us with 1, 5 or 8 free games. They are played in the pay lines and with the bet that triggered them. On each earned sum of the Polterheist™ money game, the quantity will be multiplied randomly by x2, x3, x5. Other Ghost Break-In and Haunted Wild features can be activated in Free Games.

The Ghost Break-In feature will be triggered when a ghost can appear at the beginning of a turn, and then the ghosts that appeared would add batteries to the reels. All other symbols will become the same symbol as the one that appeared. This feature is available on all tours and free games, but the Haunted Wild feature and free games can not be won when the Ghost Break-in is on the way.

The haunted wilds can be added at the beginning of each round on reels 2, 3 and 4. They are available on all reels and Free Games, and if they are activated the other features of the Polterheist™ slot machine cannot be triggered.

The payments of the Nextgen money game are made in relation to the winning table and the winning lines are multiplied by the bet. Only the highest gain is paid in each line, but the winnings on different pay lines will be added. Prizes will be left to right on the adjacent reels. The scatters will appear on reels 1, 3 and 5 and the wild on reels 2, 3 and 4.

Editorial opinion on Polterheist™

The Polterheist™ virtual slot machine of the Nextgen Gaming provider, released in October 2018, mixes two themes that apparently do not go together, managed to captivate us in order to spend a pleasant moment of diversion. The soundtrack immediately immerses us in the atmosphere of the Wild West with its whistling so representative of the genre. The features are simple but very lucrative, with a 96.19% return to the player and high volatility it does not stop giving chips! Bets range from 0.50 pound to 50 pounds, the range is wide and bets could start lower but you can’t complain it could be worse! It is sure that players with a low budget may not find their account. Nevertheless, it still remains a machine affordable! So what are you waiting to try for free Polterheist™?

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