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Planet Of The Apes™

The slot machine of the giant Netent Planet of the Apes™ was inspired by the trilogy of the Planet of the Apes in association with 20th Century Fox to be able to use characters and soundtrack.

As soon as we click on the game Planet of the Apes™ it is a black screen that appears with thick mist that gives us a glimpse of what we will see. Immediately these are images of the firstFilmThat come to us and imbue us with this impressive climate of battle between humans and primates inviting us to click on the game to continue the adventure.

The introduction of the game Planet of the Ape ™ begins with the presentation of Rise and the reels of the game that ignite which plunges us directly into the atmosphere. Monkeys jump on the screen just like in the slot machine which gives us a preview of what will happen when there will be certain combinationsWinning.

You can also see scenes from theFilmMixed with moments of the game Planet of the Apes™ which leads us to impatient to be able to start part. The film trilogy is an adaptation of the firstFilmIn 1968 with obviously special effects out of the ordinary and really more impressive and this is well transmitted in the game Planet Of The Apes™

< p> Will Rodman is a scientist who works in a San Francisco Lab Center His research to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease by inventing a genetically modified retrovirus and used on chimpanzees and increasing considerably their Intelligence.

One day, one of the apes makes a big scandal in the laboratory and she was killed by Will’s chief. The reason for such madness is that she had just had a baby and she was trying to protect him. The boss of the laboratory gives the order to kill all the chimpanzees but Franklin was unable to kill the little one and gives it to Will to take care of him, he called him Caesar.

Soon Will discovers that Caesar is as smart as his mother and he teaches him the sign language to be able to communicate. Caesar is going to be one of the important characters in the slot machine Planet of the Apes™.

A few years later Will gives the medicine to his father who at the beginning gives fantastic results but after reflects an aggression out of the comon, which gets into a problem, Caesar comes out defending him and is locked in a center for primates where he is abused by the staff, especially the son of the chief, who appears in the video slot Planet Of The Apes™, and the other primates.

Caesar managed to escape and release to Buck a gorilla who becomes his fellow gall and is respected in the community of primates. It steals vials containing the famous virus that increases the intelligence of monkeys but is deadly to humans.

One of the images that appears in the introduction of Planet of the Apes™ is the scene of the San Francisco Bridge attacked by primates with many police cars and the helicopter that is scratching. The images of the film mingle with the features of the game which really makes you want to start.

The Planet Of the Apes™ slot machine is divided into two Parts : Rise the clear part and Dawn the obscure part, where the symbols are the characters of the film, Caesar, Koba, Buck, primates and also the symbols of cards 10, J, Q, K, A.

In the Rise side the symbols are grey surrounded by gilded and in the Dawn side they are grey with bright red edges and at the middle of the dux parts it is Caesar’s head that dominates the game Planet of the Apes™. We can see on each side of the monkeys howling, and with the soundtrack transmits some concern…

The Planet Of the Apes™ slot machine offers six features that are not going to left us indifferent!


The scatter symbols of the game Netent Planet of the Apes™ are represented by the posters of the first two movies from the trilogy, Rise surrounded by gold and Dawn surrounded by red. If three or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the main game reels we will be rewarded, and the scatter symbols Rise and Dawn will be counted in each play area separately each in their Area.

The Dual feature before each lap has a strong chance of being activated. If this feature of Planet of The Apes™ is triggered, a symbol is chosen for each play area. Wilds and Scatter symbols cannot be chosen. If a symbol arrives in the corresponding play area, when the reels stop, it remains glued. If a symbol lands on the other area it is immediately transferred to the Good.

In the rise Bonus feature of the game Netent Planet of the Apes™, if the rise bonus symbol is placed on the first reel the feature fires. The characteristic of this feature is an additional coin gain that is assigned to each human and monkey symbol except the Scatter symbol and appears only on the playground Rise.

Coin winning is paid in addition to the winnings of betting lines on reels when featuring is enabled in the Planet of the Apes™ slot machine.

If the dawn bonus symbol arrives on the last reel, the Dawn Bonus feature is triggered. It transforms the monkey and human symbols into the same symbol that appears only in the game area Dawn.

The stacked Wild feature is enabled in Planet Of the Apes™ in the Rise zone when a reel is completely covered by wilds. The stacked wilds are then duplicated on the Dawn zone in the corresponding position .

To trigger the rise Free spins feature of the Planet of the Apes™ video slot, you need 3 or more Scatter symbols to appear anywhere on the reels in the rise area and 10 free spins will be offered. During the Rise free spins the number of Wild symbols that are collected on the free spins will be placed randomly in the last lap on the playground Planet of the Apes™.

To trigger the Dawn Free spins feature, we need three or more Scatter symbols to appear anywhere on the reels in the Dawn game area and we will have 15 spins as a reward. Free! In the Dawn Free spin of the Planet of the Apes™ slot machine there are three different symbols that activate corresponding gauges a multiplier, an extra Wild and an extra Free spin. When the symbols stop they fill the corresponding gauge, and when it is full it activates the corresponding feature.

Editorial opinion on the game Netent Planet Of the Apes™


This video slot of the giant Netent, released on 23rd of October 2017, is really a little marvel. The wagering value goes from £0.01 up to £1 and on 10 levels the maximum bet can reach the £200, so there are for all the players of the most shy to the gambler accustomed to bet fearless. Its structure is not the most usual it has two games zones of 5 reels each and 20 payment lines per area.

Planet of the Apes™ stands out from the other machines also by its cinematography which, with a soundtrack absolutely in symbiosis with the decor, plunges us from the outset into the world of the Planet of the Apes. The special effects are really incredible, one has the impression of being in the film, the tremors, the stones, the jumps of the monkeys of the reels plunge us directly in this atmosphere at once mysterious and frightening. This Planet of The Apes™ slot has everything to please, bonuses, free spins and with average volatility and a 96.3% return what do you expect to try it for free?

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