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Do you know the story of Pinocchio™? I do not know why but I think the answer is positive. Based on many fantastic phenomena, the story of Pinocchio™ traces the miserable life of an old Italian carpenter naming himself Gepetto.

By Lack of popularity and customers to carry out all kinds of wooden manufactures, this tired old man took the wise decision to pass the time by sculpting little by little in a piece of soft wood and lightly burned a statuette. Initially he did not really have a specific goal for this future achievement. He just wanted to consume time by changing the shape of his piece of wood using his mallet and a gouge sharpened.

A few hours later, the appearance of his famous piece of oak turned into a silhouette that looked very much like a young boy. Gepetto gathered all his efforts and experience as a carpenter to improve the design of what he was setting up. He took the initiative to add articulations to his creation to offer his masterpiece an appearance that would be as close as possible to a human body.

Following several days of toil and greatly improving the general appearance of this lifeless puppet, he chooses to store it in the background of his workshop. He took care to say in a corner of his head that he would return to her a few days later. The ultimate goal is to know what he would do with a few reflections. The next day he returned to his workbench and he did not give him much time to realize that the wooden puppet he had made a few days ago had disappeared from his workshop. It was a shock to him, but at that moment he did not know that he would not be at the end of his surprises. At first he thought he had been robbed during the night and for himself this articulated statuette had value.

He was wrong heavily and he did not take long either to realize it. He had not been robbed. The puppet was equipped with of life and she could talk, laugh, to move freely… She had all the senses of a human. Gepetto did not take fright by taking his legs at his blow to flee in great steps. He told himself that he should now teach him the codes of life. He kept telling him that he had to work without a hug at school so that he could build a certain future and not like him.

Pinocchio™ was a loving child who listened to the advice of his creator Gepetto. Pinocchio™ only problem was that when he was lying, his nose would move and then lie down little by little. This story tells that in the course of the evolution of Pinocchio™ the latter had a very long nose. This had the effect of being very handicapping for him. He had become the King of Liars and in the eyes of all!

It is the publishers of Betsoft Gaming who have put their hands to the pulp to realize the title of Pinocchio™. With its three-dimensional decorations, this game of chance will undoubtedly amaze more than one player. This silver game has 5 reels and 15 winning lines. In parallel, Pinocchio™ is a machine to sub video that leaves the opportunity for users to be able to put into play moneys that are on a scale that is based between £0.02 and £75.00.

A range of bets that remains correct to see the other games of money of the publisher Betsoft Gaming. Pinocchio™ offers the opportunity to play with a fairly large number of features as is the case with two special features, three worlds very different from each other, wilds and a double up of Madness!

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The first special feature of the game without a download of Pinocchio™ refers to a mode that carries the Real Boy name/Wood boy. As we can clearly realize by preparing a little attention to the top central of the video slot of Pinocchio™, a gauge is present. The purpose of this feature is to carefully present the mutation of the Pinocchio™ wood puppet with its sudden metamorphosis into a young boy’s human appearance.

To switch to this game mode which will aim to increase the probability of gain and significantly change the interface of the slot online, it will be asked to collect 5 real boys icons. To return to the status of the boy of wood, it will be necessary to do the same with representations of the head of Pinocchio™ in oak wood. During the game stage with the real boy, the book and scatter symbols will be considered wild jokers. The wagon icon will be removed from this metamorphosis and will therefore have no influence at this stage of game.


The story of Pinocchio™ includes a fairy. This one did not miss the appointment to present itself in the content of this slot Betsoft Gaming. With its agility and endless softness, the fairy tale of this fantastic story will have the role of offering a free relaunch (Re-Spin) and fills with Magic! When there is a total lack of gain on reels 1, 2 and 3, the Pinocchio™ Fairy will make her appearance to launch the game for free. The aim of this action will be to offer a second chance so that players can try to win casino chips without having to commit money to launch the 5 reels of the slot machine. This special feature powered by the fairy can also be active in the content of the wild reel features, the other worlds…


We have repeatedly talked about the fact that many worlds coexist in Inside the online game of Pinocchio™. So we are going to devote an entire paragraph to this option, which has many surprises for those who will succeed in activating them. With a little patience it will be possible. At the outset, i.e. from the launch of the video slot of Pinocchio™, players will be connected to the world of Gepetto that is the workshop.

At this moment, the graphic Charter speaks for itself. In this world, representations of Gepetto’s head will be accessible. The goal is to get 1 on reels 1, 3 and 5. Once activated this feature will aim to create a complete reel of Wilds (3) that will have the principle of moving from the right to the left and eventually disappear behind the online slot machine. As long as the wild reel is present on the interface, all the restarts are free (Re-spins). The possible prizes are therefore obtained totally free!

The second world is about the classroom. The latter is illustrated by a blue-colored grimoire. To trigger a wilds reel that moves this time from me down the game interface, it will be asked to get this thick blue book on reels 1, 3 and 5. The reels will also be launched free of charge from the moment the feature is still active.

The Third World of the slot in three dimensions of Pinocchio™ focuses on a trailer. After obtaining prizes and appearing in the center of one of the 5 reels, the reel in question will in turn become a concentration of icons Wilds! This coil will remain frozen in time for 5 Re-Spins! Again, during this time period, no amount of money will be injected so that the game can featured properly. Everything is free at this time there!

Regarding the second and third World, these are activated through a gauge that we can clearly notice at the top of the game interface of Pinocchio™. The first is red (world of the classroom) on the left side while the second is blue (stage world) on the right side. To be able to enter one of these two worlds, it will be obligatory to collect 10 icons that represent the world in question (see above).

Each activation icon inflates the gauge of an index. During this action-packed trip, players will enjoy 8 free spins. The configuration is quite different from what we can know so far regarding the online gambling of the brand Betsoft gaming. As long as users pocket random cash prizes, the number of free spins does not decrease. It is only in case of loss that this index is seen to be inferior. Once the number of free spins is frozen on a zero value index, users will start again in the main game that is the world of Gepetto.



We have to make a careful representation of the fabulous and magical story of Pinocchio™. Betsoft Gaming Publishers have put the package with three-dimensional decorations of remarkable finesse. We are entitled to beautiful representations that evolve between the three worlds and with characters (Gepetto, the Fairy and Pinocchio) that release emotions in perfect harmony with the course of the many adventures of game.

There is not much to regret in the content of this online slot in 3D. The graphic elements as well as the soundtrack of the game are present to accompany the players between each feature. The latter are also in sufficient numbers so as not to plunge the users into a routine and far too fast atmosphere. The fact of having to complete gauges to enter the different worlds gives time to absorb and discover everything that the game Pinocchio™ has to offer us. I think this is a good thing.

On the pay side, the latter follows this step with Re-spins that offer free play times and with juicy prizes to the key. This feature is present in the heart of all the game options of the Pinocchio™ video slot. The free games are also very profitable with Big wins who are far from shy against the goal. To conclude, there is nothing to regret if this is perhaps the absence of fixed jackpot but this detail matters little because the video slot Pinocchio™ has many strengths that will make the happiness of many slots enthusiasts who orient themselves on the Fantastic.fantastique.

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