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Piñata Fiesta™

Piñata Fiesta™, characterized by the festive mechanism of a mobile slot indicating on good music notes that summer begins! The refrains of a latin music brighten our day with its refreshing notes but especially our characters all so joyful, full of movements and colors! With 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 lines under the theme of the Mexican Fiesta, full of features Piñata Spin, Mega Spiñata, Grande Reels, Fiesta Frenzy, Popping Wilds and Free Spins to put our eyes on it!

And yes! The great Fiesta that announces summer willbe celebrated today! In the village of Chilli it is the most important feast! The girls are preparing for the whole year to be impeccable and the boys also try their typical dances not to look ridiculous. Chilli can’t just put her eyes on a girl, he loves them all! But this year he thought it’s going to be different: it’s time to find someone to create a family.

In the village there is an old man who reminds all young people or not so young that the evening of the feast if a couple is formed it is forever so everyone expects this party impatiently. Greta has just arrived at her cousin’s, she’s a very distinguished Cactus Lady or she wants to make her parents believe it, because she’s more interested in the holidays and margaritas !

Pepa’s cousin is coming so she is very happy because they love each other very much, but this year Pepa will not go alone, last year she had found the love of her life. Nothing was going to change instead of going two they would be three. Greta was excited: a party was too great. The Mariachi were ringing their instruments and the music was beginning to get along!

Dressed with their finest assets the two cousins and Pepa’s fiancé arrive at the party that is full. And suddenly the look of Greta and Chilli intersect… It’s love at first sight! They didn’t split up all night! They were too happy and Pepa also by the way that her cousin would not leave again! Long live the Fiesta and Piñata Fiesta™!

Features Piñata Fiesta™:


The casino game Piñata Fiesta™ of the Isoftbet provider is announcing the summer holidays with its slew of features to make us vibrate with its sparkling cocktails, maracas, guitars a chilli with a cigar, a lady cactus as symbols. The wild is a star-shaped festive balloon and the scatter a piñata that instead of letting go of the sweets when it strikes looses features: Mega Spiñata, Grande reels, Fiesta Frenzy, Popping Wilds and also free spins.

The piñata represented by a multi-colored horse held by a blue string can appear in any spin. You have to hit it with a baseball bat, green, yellow and red. By hitting it we can see what we have won. This can be a Mega Spiñata that one of the symbol will be giant, it will take 3×3 reels. Reels 1, 2 and 3 will contain only mega symbols.

As far as the great reels feature is concerned, the reels will start spinning and a random number will turn into a wilds (the star-shaped balloon) to win us a good bundle of coins. The Fiesta Frenzy will make all the royals turn into one of the most paid symbols. You can also find the Popping Wilds feature that is no more than floating balloons on the reels that explode leaving additional wilds at their place.

During free spins, three or more scatter symbols will be anywhere on the reels to reward additional free spins. During the feature there is a chance to trigger one of the 4 modifiers of Piñata (Popping Wilds, Mega Spiñata, Fiesta Frenzy or Grande Reels). At the end of the free spins, three Piñatas will fall from the reels.

It will be necessary to choose one that will reveal a random number of free spins, ranging from 3 to 10, or (Fiesta Over) which will mean that the party is over and that we return to the basic game. The winnings of the free spins will be added to the total winning, you must know that you cannot change the value of bets during the free spins. Choosing a Piñata at the end of the free spins will only appear once per free spins feature. It is also possible that the piñata crosses the screen by swinging, without being broken and no feature is triggered.

Opinion about Piñata Fiesta™:

The Piñata Fiesta™ mobile slot from Isoftbet provider comes to prepare us for the holidays by putting us in the mood. Full of features will brighten us with its symbols in the form of sparkling cocktails, maracas, guitar, a chilli with a cigar, a young cactus. The wild is a star-shaped festive balloon and the scatter a piñata that will offer features: Mega Spiñata, Grande reels, Fiesta Frenzy, Popping Wilds and also free spins.

It is a slot machine full of colors, gaiety but also movements the symbols move as they please. The wild gets hectic, the Cactus Lady makes a wink while she waves her maracas. The chilli that has a flame coming out of its end with its cigar to the mouth, a Mexican-style moustache frowns. The cocktail, a Margarita, moves to the sound of music that in symbiosis with the decor also makes us move and invades us with a sense of joy.

The Isoftbet provider has put all the ingredients to be successful with this new slot machine of 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 fixed lines Piñata Fiesta™. From joy, colors, different features (Mega Spiñata, Grande reels, Fiesta Frenzy, Popping Wilds) but also free spins, we only have the embarrassment of choice. At the end of the free spin sound can choose between 3 piñatas: If we are lucky we will have other free spins and otherwise we’ll return to the basic game.

The return to the player is 96% and the average volatility is not the highest, there, the software could have done better but it is his choice. Denomination values range from 0.01 to €1, as there are 20 lines bets will go from 0.20 to €20. Piñata Fiesta™ is a great game for beginners or for shy players who do not like to risk too much. For the others, the big betters who like the risk and the big bets is not frankly for them but it takes for all tastes.

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