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Pearls of India™

Play’n GO is an online gambling publisher who loves to travel its audience to the four corners of our world that abounds in wonders and places of unspeakable beauty. Regarding his recent creation of slot machine under the title of Pearls of India™, Play’n Go has a deep ambition to ship his players in India™.

Somewhere in Asia in a rather remote place of civilization where nature seems to have taken over to see these trees rooted in the mountains and these countless waterfalls finding various points of flow since the latter. The background of the online casino game Pearls of India™ draws with ease a field of mountains whose respective tops support with power sacred temples that seem to be frozen in time since millennia.

Looking up, one can realize that the climate is foggy type leaving little hope in the sun so that it can pierce and manifest its radiation. By directing his gaze in the void, we can see by logic that the interface of the video slot Pearls of India™ also rests on the top of a nearby mountain or maybe the latter is implanted on one of the roofs of one of these temples visible at a loss of view.

The mystery is a feeling that thrives in the draughts that form between these rocky massifs that seem to want to keep many secrets imprisoned. Riddles that the hero of this story in the name of Rich Wilde will try to solve by using winding paths and sown of pitfalls.

A tall, mature fellow who thinks long and hard before making a decision and it is better for him because death is at every turn in the gameplay of Pearls of India™. Physically, he has all the handsome boy with brown hair. He is trained and therefore his mind lives in a muscular body that is responsive and ready to anticipate all kinds actions.

His arms crossed with a rather proud look, he demonstrates without necessity to utter words that he is ready to exceed his physical and moral limits and that only death will stop him in his future actions. An explorer who loves the passion of danger and who does not retreat to anything when it comes to satisfying his curiosity.

During the series of adventures that will largely flow through the features of the slot machine Pearls of India™, users of the game are at the helm of this hero with a rich experience in high-risk explorations where decisions and actions are improvised at each moment.

A man who is filled with confidence and who strengthens his courage by having the taste for risk and determination to solve the secrets lurking in this adventure marked by the red iron by the spiritual beliefs of living men down his mountains.

Pearls of India™ is a Play’n GO slot machine that is built with 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 payment lines. Pay lines that are controlled by a tumbling reels feature. In other terms, this feature that is permanently enabled in the gameplay of Pearls of India™ has the major mission of dropping from the top of the screen icons of different natures.

Shows neat graphically alluding to sacred monuments, statuettes representing some Hindu gods and goddesses, pearls, the bore of rich Wilde who for recall is the hero of this adventure, letters as well as figures, etc.

Armed with a fearsome tumbling Reels feature that offers re-spins in case of victory as well as scalable winning multipliers ranging from x1 up to x10, the online game Pearls of India™ offers scatters that will give an opening to free spins, A great bonus level as well as wilds.

To travel a heck of a time the players of Pearls of India™ with a cherry on the cake a power of redistribution of bets valued at 96.00%. A very important theoretical rate for a game Play’n GO. To activate the Pearls of India™ game, users will be able to influence denomination values between £0.01 and £1.00 as well as part values based on 1 to 5 that will be activated on the 20 fixed lines of the video slot.



As I have just reconciled, The slot three-dimensional Pearls of India™ has a good bunch of features. A real paradise for players who love adventure games with pretty loaded gameplay.

In this exploration where Rich Wilde is the only protagonist in the history of Pearls of India™, users will be able to be nose to nose with him often enough because this extra will be the role of being the opening key of the wilds. In other words, jokers that will have the aim of activating pay lines and therefore allow players to make a much faster return on the sums of money they choose to put into game.

These jokers are illustrated by the portrait of the hero knowing that they will be in full capacity to appear everywhere on the 5 reels and especially several times during the end of a spin. A significant detail that will allow the wilds to change the court of things much more easily by distributing lots of chips more or less a consistent.

During their presentation on the wheels of the video slot, the jokers of Pearls of India™ will be forced to replace all the icons that can be found on the 5 reels. On the other hand, items that allow you to browse the free games and the bonus game feature will not be able to participate in the wilds mission. Therefore, they will not be able to be substituted.


The bonus level of Pearls of India™ can be activated in another style if we let’s compare it with the other Play’n Go video slot that are available for free and with no download in the Avis Casinos site.

To activate this special level, the goal will be to get symbols that will refer to temples. Each time one or more Hindu monuments present themselves on the reels of the slot, the latter will evacuate their energy in the contents of a power bar implanted on the left side of the game.

This gauge will have a power of 25 bonus symbols. When the latter will have counted 25 bonus items, the feature will be put in place in the gameplay to export the players over a map highlighting three cultural places.

Surrounded with the help of a red felt, these places will be the reel of Brahma, the mystifying wall of Shiva and the status of Vishu. It is then that users will have to put themselves in the shoes of hero Rich Wilde by taking the initiative to select one of the three zones with the help of their mouse of computer.

Once their decision is taken, players will have a common goal in front of these three different ways of earning money. The goal will be to click on items to collect prizes that will add up to each other to give birth to a big win.

For example, for the status of Vishu, the goal will be to click on beads all around it so as to discover each time lots of tokens. Regarding the mystifying of Shiva, the mission will be to click on boxes forming a sort of giant checkerboard to discover prizes. Finally the third bonus game will focus on the Brahma wheel where the goal will be to turn a large stone wheel dissociated into three bearings. The main objective will be to restore a goddess. Depending on its color, the final prize will be more or less therefore.

A second element that is common to its three mini bonus games is that the total prize obtained at the end of the course will be able to associate with a multiplier of x250!


The free spins are part of the set of the mobile slot machine Pearls of India™ and they will need three scatter icons to get service.

To the number of ten which represents a fairly large number, free spins will be able to put in working condition from the moment when three icons in the shape of white pearl of inestimable value will show up anywhere on the 5 reels of the video slot mobile Pearls of India™.

Following the presence of these three symbols in the game, the graphic chart is not going to undergo major physical changes as is the case in the gameplay of the great bonus game. The background will simply know a zoom on the Hindu monument that is closest to the game screen to give the feeling to the players that it will soon be visiting the places.

During its operation, the session of the free spins will remain in retreat and will therefore not offer this opportunity to evolve on the graphic plane. During their operation the free spins will welcome the arms wide open wilds features, cascade symbols and progressive winnings multipliers can range from x1 up to x10.

Extra Free spins can also be the subject of an appearance by activating ten new free spins, taking into account that the featuring of free spins will be able to offer on a platter up to thirty free spins at maximum with a maximum redistribution force of 1 000 000 chips!



Pearls of India™ is a most complete slot machine at the level of its gameplay as is the case for more monkeys which also takes place in ease.

There is nothing missing to form a good adventure game. Play’n GO publishers are very comfortable when it comes to setting up games with a capability to accommodate robust features. This can be seen quickly with the video slot Pearls of India™.

I write this phrase thinking about the bonus game that in reality and a great level that unravels in three mini bonus games. Entertainment spaces having for each a different way of working with the key a very interesting redistribution rate with a multiplier of x250.

The originality is not lacking in this part of the game of Pearls of India™. But to find a comfortable wage index, there is no need to go so far to realize that the Pearls of India™ slot machine is anything but tightfisted. The main game is equipped with an avalanche feature (Tumbling Reels) which aims to offer coins by hundreds as well as re-spins following a victory. To quote a Play’n GO reference that has this cascade option, I quote Wizard of Gems™.

In addition, progressive winning multipliers work hand in hand with this option. Two basic features perfectly synchronized with each other to give players an opportunity to experience the flowering victories of tokens.

In terms of graphics, the mobile slot Pearls of India™ is far from being repulsive with a background giving a panoramic view of Hindu temples implanted on mountain tops where their only access to get there and on foot by through endless staircases of stones.

For those who have read the table of earnings of this slot machine Play’n GO of 5 reels and who are looking for adventure games, I can only suggest them to connect to Pearls of India™ because it is really worth it. The user experience is well at the appointment.

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