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PaySafeCard is the ideal payment solution for internet users who are looking for a fast, secure payment method that is able to offer them anonymity. PaySafeCard is a company specializing in prepaid purchase vouchers, mastercard prepaid cards and in money transfers on Neteller type wallets accounts and Skrill.

PaySafeCard is represented by the company PaySafe Group PLC. In other words prepaid services company Limited that is part of the (FCA) Financial Conduct Authority is formally authorized to issue electronic money by providing its customers with payment tools appropriate.

PaySafeCard translates into the heart of the prepaid payment sphere as its main engine by being present in more than 500 000 outlets around the world either to be precise 43 countries. It is conceivable to credit its PaySafeCard casino account by appealing to more than 24 currencies the pound.

Last year (2015), 97 million of transactions were made with this instant payment solution that offers an optimum protection zone for its clients and the way to entertain on online casino games in any discretion.

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How it works Paysafecard?

Credit his casino account using PaySafeCard it’s as if we were doing it by paying directly with cash. This diagram is obviously an image but this is how PaySafeCard operates to allow players from around the world to deposit funds safely without them having the need to inform their credit card information or other sensitive information about them from the cash system of the casino.

Moreover, this method of instant payment is ideal for those who do not have a credit card because a serious study was conducted on this issue and the conclusion was that 35% of European citizens do not own a card of credit. The PaySafeCard system is based on a PIN code that is made up of 16 unique digits. A series of figures corresponding to a sum of money well done.

In other words, cash exchanged for a 16-digit PIN code. Therefore, there is no way that another consumer can have the same code. For example, it’s like a car license plate. There is no way that two vehicles can have the same numbering.

How to use Paysafecard?

with PaySafeCard, everything has been implemented so that its operating principle remains simple. The first thing to do is to go physically to a point of sale the closest that can for example be a tobacco office. Once in the establishment, simply ask the tobacconist for a prepaid ticket PaySafeCard.

It is then that he will ask for the desired sum which maybe £10, £25, £50 or £100. One of these sums of money will then be exchanged for a unique 16-digit code present on a PaySafeCard purchase voucher. Following this episode, just log on the internet to log on to a PaySafeCard online casino and deposit money to start playing in real.

Good to know, it is not crucial to deposit the entire funds in connection with the PIN code. For example by having £100 PaySafeCard, the casino account may very well be credited with the sum of £80 which will leave £20 in connection with the prepaid card PaySafeCard.

These £20 will not be lost but available for a next purchase and always with this same identifier composed of 16 digits. In the case of a willingness to want to credit its casino account with PaySafeCard but with a value of more than £100, its internal system offers the option of being able to merge several PaySafeCard PIN codes by introducing them one after the others.

Important Note:

It is advisable to spend these PaySafeCard PIN codes on paper in the first 12 months of their purchase in order to avoid penalties which result in an automatic application of a monthly fee of a value of £3. Certainly a fine sum of money that is programmed to be charged at the 13th months.

Other than this first option of having to leave home to get one or more PaySafeCard vouchers, the firm has put in place a second option to be able to appropriate tickets without the need to move from home. This is the online store ePIN which of course belongs to the firm Paysafe Group PLC.

Once your account is created, simply select a desired PIN code value (£5, £10, £25, £50 or £100) and proceed to payment using various methods such as MasterCard, VISA, Sofort banking or bank transfer. Once this stage has been completed, WkV the official Paysafecard distributor will add the corresponding PIN code to the applicant’s user account. Identifiers that can be transferred at any time from a My account PaySafeCard.

A personal account My PaySafeCard is free when it is created and it offers this undeniable advantage of being able to group an infinite number of PIN codes in one and the same storage location. My PaySafeCard offers additional ease of use compared to paper format (prepaid purchase voucher provided from a physical point of sale) because now in all cases with this second opportunity, there is no need to bother with 16-digit PIN codes during its deposit procedure in an English casino PaySafeCard.

The deposit steps are very simple to implement with an optimum safety index. To use My PaySafeCard to credit his online casino account, simply fill in his username and password and the tour is played!

By being the holder of a My PaySafeCard account, it is possible to graft a second option which is oriented towards a MasterCard prepaid card. A quick and easy way to credit your PaySafeCard casino account as if it were a simple credit card but with the key to the benefits.

To take advantage of this online payment alternative and both offline, just log in to its personal payment account My PaySafeCard and go to the tab command PaySafeCard online Mastercard. As a result of this request, the card will be sent by post within a period of 5 to 10 working days

The first advantage that has all the merits of being clarified is that this famous prepaid credit card imposes a relatively low annual fee of £9.90. To charge funds, the system charges a 4% fee for each procedure that goes in that direction. It is also possible to withdraw liquid from any ATM with a fee of 3% not exceeding the sum of £3.50 per withdrawal of cash.

Pay in foreign currency is a possibility with this type of card provided knowing that bank charges apply and that they amount to 2%. Following a thorough evaluation of the fees and discounted fees of the PaySafeCard prepaid card, we can conclude that they are easily ranked in the average of other prepaid card services such as for example Ecopayz.

After receiving by mail this famous card, it will be mentioned on the letter of kindly connect again on My PaySafeCard using these logins to begin the steps of activation of the card and know in the last moments of this quick check procedure the 4-digit PIN code (secure authentication) is Intended.

A card where only the available credit can be debited avoiding debt. No signature is required to finalize a purchase. In addition, PaySafeCard does not link to the customer’s bank account and does not carry out any credit checks in order to respect the privacy of each.

Where can you use Paysafecard?

PaySafeCard can be used in over 35 million of shops, abroad during holidays (hotel, restaurant, etc.), VoIP and telephony (Skype, Woopla, Toolani, etc.), games, social media (StartMail, University of Geneva, Agorapolis Minecraft, etc.), online dating (DatingWalk, Ashley Madison, Flirtviva, etc.), legal download of music and movies (Spotify, Noco, TS3MusicBot, etc.), internet related services (Blazing Fast, Dreamload, CloneDVD, etc.), loading funds in wallets accounts (electronic wallets (Neteller & Skrill)), gift vouchers (Amazon, Swarovski, Zooplus, etc.) but also for entertaining by betting on sports betting, poker or in online casino PaySafeCard (Happy Hugo Casino).

With this type of card, it is impossible to find a beautiful day in the open because only the amount loaded on the card from his account My PaySafeCard may be spent. An effective way to have absolute control over these spending on the internet where in real life.

The PaySafeCard mobile app and its advantages:

To keep up with the trend, My PaySafeCard also exists on mobile! The My PaySafeCard mobile application is free and it is responsible for providing customers with many strengths that they will no longer be able to spend!

★ Allows you to quickly locate a point of sale by communicating its location or simply letting the application perform its own localization searches or through an input manual.

★ This new technology is compatible with IPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Tablet.

★ Users are in full capacity to be able to securely connect to their respective My account PaySafeCard.

★ To have an eye in real time on all their transactions carried out in the past and to be able to visualize those in progress of treatment.

★ To be able to freely add new PIN codes PaySafeCard.

★ To have an additional option on behalf of Scan2Pay. It allows the help of its Smartphone to be able to flash QR codes present in the banks of the casinos PaySafeCard to be able to deposit funds in record time all in a zone of action perfectly secure.

★ to be able to carry out a thorough search in order to know in a flash all the partner sites via the App.

★ To have access to exclusive promotions and to be able to participate in games.

PaySafeCard Loyalty Program:

In addition to My PaySafeCard, the company PaySafe Group PLC makes available to its customers a loyalty program. A structure that rests in part on a system of loyalty points based on points and level points where the more the service is used and the higher the level of points increases. Points that can later be exchanged for items in the shop my PLUS (shop).

This accumulation of points also opens this advantage of being able to benefit from exclusive offers from online shops in partnership with this giant of the prepaid card. To expand its loyalty program, PaySafeCard has established a sponsorship system that for each membership of a godson allows the sponsor to earn 25 000 plus and 25 000 level points.

PaySafeCard customer service:

The PaySafeCard support remains available at any time of the day from a contact form. To significantly improve the processing of its answers in the English language, PaySafeCard support offers various objects related to the application as questions about the use of paysafecard services, questions about of points of sale, problem of uncredited payment, notification of error during a payment procedure or presumption of fraud.

It is also possible to contact a PaySafeCard operator from an email that is the Following: info[at]paysafecard(dot)com. But also by telephone at the following number 00800 0729 7233 (local rate). The team of advisors is available from Monday to Friday from 10:00 until 22:00, on Saturdays from 10:00 to 21:00 and on Sundays from 10:00 to 20:00.

A frequently asked questions (FAQ) is also part of the paysafecard walls by dealing with the most frequently asked questions related to PaySafeCard, My paysafecard account, PaySafeCard Mastercard, presumption of fraud, refund application or problems related to the payment.

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