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The Spinomenal software introduces us to its new slot machine with 5 reels and 30 fixed payment lines under the name of Parrots Rock™. Rock parrots who will share their passion: motorcycles and rock! We will follow their adventures across the country and in addition we will be able to enjoy to win a package!

The 4 brothers Parrot, Pirate, Punky Blue, punky Red and Dj Feta, feel that something is missing in their lives and decide to go around the country in Harley-Davidson to live an adventure all four and strengthen the links between them.

When they were younger they had a band, The Parrots Rock™ that worked well at the university, but after each one made his life, abandoning rock and motorcycles for a more quiet and easy life. Their age was about 40’s and they all felt a great emptiness!

Every week the four Parrot brothers met in a bar, with their motorbike, and between beers they dreamed of making a trip all the four like the good old days! Until the day when Pirate, always with his red bandana on his head (easily recognizable in the video Slot Parrots Rock™), offers them to realize their dream.

They had promised themselves that if one of them won big in the lottery he would invite others to make this trip that they had been waiting for so long. It was not the usual day of meeting but Pirate had gathered his brothers, he had something important to tell them! All very punctual and especially very intrigued by what their big brother had to tell them!

When the parrots are all gathered Pirate drops the bomb: He had won a huge sum in the lottery, and what did he mean by that? That it was time to make this long-awaited journey for years! The other brothers did not believe their ears. Finally they could realize their dream!

But not so easy as this, indeed they had to find excuses for families because otherwise they would never let them go! Each one makes up a story, they make an appointment the following week to begin their journey. They are a bit dingy but it must be said that their life had become really sad and monotonous!

You had to see them, four parrots with their Harley-Davidson, their leather jacket with behind writes Parrots Rock™, and the adrenaline block! They did not believe it yet, they were going to go on the journey of freedom! What they didn’t know was that they were going to live many adventures because they were a little clumsy these parrots!

They started to roll, they had not really set a route, the happiness invaded them and everything was fine until they decided to stop in a road bar where there was full of motorcycles. They had thought it was the perfect place to take a break. Unfortunately, the band that was in that bar was thugs. They look at our parrots over the shoulder and saw them from there! Our friends decide to go away so they don’t get the noises!

They continue to the next village where they stop to refuel. The villagers panicked as they believed they were part of the gang of thugs, are first frightened, but once the error corrected they give them a welcome. But Pirate does not want to leave it there and tells his brothers to wait for him.

He wanted to go back to the road bar to explain to the gang leader of the thugs that things are not getting better with violence. But when he arrives, instead of chatting with them (He was alone against twenty!) He chooses to cut the cables from the motorcycles and he goes away. Of course, he tells his brothers that he threatened the chief and that he fixed the problem!

When the thugs come out of the bar, one of them throws a cigarette butt on the ground causing a fire to motorcycles and bar! The leader of the gang is out of it. He swears he’ll chase those parrots and he’ll leave them out of combat! The rage is seen in his eyes, he will not tremble when they catch them! He orders his men to search for them and quickly!

During that time our friends the parrots settle down comfortably in the small village because the gas pump will only reopen the next day. It’s the village party and they do all kinds of contests. Why not participate? Go, it’s decided they’ll have a little fun, no matter how they are not in a hurry, they took their vacation to work!

The Parrot brothers are having fun that evening, Punky Blue even wins the chilli contest, but the men of the gang leader of the thugs spotted them and he will warn the rest of the band. They will wait until the next day to attack them and take revenge for what they have done to them! When the morning rises, the four Parrot brothers are preparing to have their breakfast, filling up their petrol with their super bikes and leaving but the intentions of the thugs were others!

The thugs arrive in the village and begin to destroy everything they find on their way until our parrots come out to defend their friends from the village. The battle looks tough, but suddenly something happens… The villagers are tired of these lunatics coming to threaten them all the time, snowshoeing them, in short terrorizing them and all together they gather to help their new friends: The union is strong!

Indeed, the thugs are defeated and humiliated and must leave immediately! Now the villagers learned a lesson together. They are invincible and are very thankful to our Rock Parrots who have given them a life lesson that they will never forget. To thank them, they will reform the band and give them a rock concert tonight…

Spinomenal Parrots Rock™ random game features :


The Parrots Rock™ game interface comes with our parrots, Pirate and his bandana on the head, Punky Blue, with his blue crest, punky red with his red crest, and Dj Feta on the keyboard with his headphones on the ears and Rock chords that plunges us directly in the mood of a concert.

In the 3D Parrots Rock™ slot machine, on the side you can see all the features. If we click on each one of them we will be able to see how they are triggered, Which is quite original, because sometimes it is easier to see the explanations in pictures than in writing, and all this with different pieces of rock that announce the various features.

The Mega symbols, these are the items of the parrot rockers, the keyboard Dj, the drums, the bass and the singer that we see in motion that have a version of 2×2 or 3×3 and can be posed only on reels 2 to 4, they will offer more gains generous.

The stacked wilds of the Parrots Rock™ virtual money game are triggered if stacks of wild symbols, represented by gold discs, appear on reels 1 and 5 and amplify the odds of winning. But that only in the main game. To the sound of a different music that we have throughout the game, the reels 1 and 5 start to turn very quickly and finally the wilds are raised in bulk to increase the earnings.

When the reels spin, 1 or more bonus symbols can appear on the interface and then you can reap immediate winnings. This case can find its blossoming in the main game only. It’s called instant win. And every time we change features, we’re going to find out immediately because the music is radically changing songs.

The wilds symbols of the Parrots Rock™ video slot, are the singer Parrot (Punky Red) and the word wild in turquoise in a gold disc. Wilds replace any symbol except free spins and bonuses, and 5 wilds items on a winning line collects a bet per line of x150! Which is not bad at all!

The free spins, it’s a disc with the sign of Heavy Metal, and with free spins written inside. If one gets a free spin on reel 1 and another free spin on reel 5 then 10 free spins will automatically trigger but only in the main game of Parrots Rock™. When the free spins are triggered and the reels turn, you can see the prize box. Each round will be rewarded with a prize multiplier or with extra free spins.

Opinion of the editors on Parrots Rock ™


The new Spinomenal Parrots Rock™ software machine is quite original. For the magnets of rock it will make a cardboard, play on a slot machine with chords of rock it’s brutal! The features are simple. In addition, there is a box features on the side and as soon as you click on it, all the features are explained in pictures which is not common on this type of online slot machine! The betting values range from £0.01 to £10 per coin, which makes a total bet per line of 0.30 up to £300. The range is quite wide and so there will be for all tastes. Spinomenal casino game designers aim at a fairly wide audience. The graphic chart as the soundtrack are beautiful. Very neat and we can applaud them, they did a good job! Come try the Parrots Rock™ game with free chips!

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