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Presents on the electronic money market since the dawn of the year 2012, Papaya is a Maltese-based firm that reveals itself as fully operational in the european market. The latter provides a complete service and legal overstatement by appearing among the many companies of this line which are governed by the Maltese authorities regulating financial markets (MFASA).

This is the pinnacle that can be found at the moment because in reality, it is the only regulator of the financial markets established on the island of Malta which moreover for the small info continues to seduce and convince other markets to sign.

Papaya is certainly a young company that at the time I write this article just barely blew its 5 candles. This is not to say that there is a lack of gloomy doubts about its stability and credibility on the european scale. On the contrary, because this firm has done many times its evidence and it perseveres on the ground with the setting up on the market of high quality products that we will discover in a forthcoming instant.

Papaya is therefore meant to be a recent and energy-filled actor who has set this goal to make available to its clientele a high level of services of different origins in order to respond favorably to a commitment that combine excellence and innovation.

Of course, a remarkable professionalism is to be stressed in this constant effort to maintain at the highest possible level an index of added value. An optic that aims to bring with it the best conditions of use just for the elusive pleasure of the users. An effective way to open your arms to operations of a very easy nature to implement immersed in a computer security environment almost Impenetrable.

To go further…

what products are offered by Papaya Ltd?

Very anxious to provide the daily service of high quality, gradually papaya has developed 3 types of products in order to be able to compete fairly with the other competitors of the sector. Namely for Neteller information, Skrill and EcoPays. These products designed by Papaya cover a Papaya e-Wallet service, PapayaCard (virtual and physical cards) and PapayaDuo.

★ the Papaya e-wallet reacts in exactly the same way as a regular bank account that could be consulted at any time from the internet network. This is clearly the ideal and turnkey solution for casinotiers and English online casino players. Namely that Wild Sultan Casino is the first internet gambling establishment to offer this very inexpensive payment option in its operation.

What is fabulous with the Papaya e-account is that it can be compared to a Swiss army knife by offering many opportunities that consist of being able to make online purchases safely with the online shops integrated in the service of Papaya , send free money around the world, easily reload its Papaya prepaid card, deposit funds but also receive it immediately by a third party or in an authorized Papaya online casino!

To load money on its e-wallet nothing simpler by being able to use a wide range of methods such as for example bank transfer, credit card or debit, eWallet to card Papaya, Entercash, Sofort or even through Prepaid Coupon NeoSurf.

An online account papaya that ensures total fidelity by wearing this status to be accessible free of charge at any time of the day as of the night when the orders of transaction follow without difficulty this not all in an atmosphere perfectly secured by powerful systems it.

★ Rather pleasing to the eyes with its green kiwi colors, Papaya also offers a full service prepaid card. Papaya’s refillable MasterCard. This plastic card offers a good array of advantages for its owner with upstream this new way of being able to manage its daily budget by adopting its own transaction limits. A good alternative to avoid finding yourself with cash in your hands to keep using your money in a more expensive setting sure.

Furthermore, this card is independent in the sense that it is not attached to a conventional bank account but only via Papaya’s e-Wallet system. In other words, only the funds available in the electronic account can be used so as not to create unfortunate bank overdrafts with the troubles that follow.

The Papaya prepaid card is refillable from £15 for a maximum credit of £3000 per recharge, a total of available funds of £15000 and £50000 maximum per year before having to start a limit lifting procedure giving additional documents.

Available for people living in Malta, Italy, Spain, Greece, France and soon in other European Union countries, the Papaya prepaid card may be claimed at any time from its internet account Papaya.

Simply request it by activating the prepaid plastic card option. Following this, the application is examined by an operator and then the card is shipped within 5 to 7 working days with a fee application of £10 for the creation of the card and £5 for the reason of the sent by post.

For security reasons, the 4-digit PIN code in the card link recently sent by the post office is sent by sms. Once the card is received, simply log in to its Papaya account to activate it in a 1-click mouse.

By being the holder of the Papaya card provided by the regulated bank IDT Financial Services Limited, under MasterCard International license and licensed by the financial services commission, various benefits are open. The first concerns the fact that it is possible to use this card in 34 million loan of outlets around the world accepting payments MasterCard.

Species can be withdrawn in France and abroad as soon as the distributor offers compatibility with MasterCard services. Nowadays, it is relatively difficult not to meet one by walking in the street! Finally, a simple use that offers an ultra secure means of purchase via technologies the perfect.

★ The third product is the last of the list is interested in the benefits of PapayaDuo. A godsend to be able to share in all serenity his money with members of his own family or with close friends that they reside in the same country or then to the stranger.

Everything is happening since his e-Wallet Papaya account where from this area an option is to make money transfers or to issue refills in favor of the cards of the members of his family or for closing it.

The location has absolutely no important to carry out this kind of banking operation and in addition, the service of PapayaDuo is open 24 hours and of course 7d/7. For this to become a reality, it is imperative that the receiver also hold a Papaya account. From there, he must transmit his email attached to his Papaya account to the sender for him to be able to carry out the transfer either on the card or the Papaya account of catcher.

Following this, the receiver can then pay in full freedom and simplicity online, but also pay with his physical card Papaya if he has one, play money in an online casino or even withdraw funds via a cash machine tickets.

Who is the product of Papaya Ltd?

Papaya is multi-card in the sense that it responds present to offer its services to private customers as to professionals namely online casino operators like Wild Sultan. Papaya is the perfect tool that responds to an alternative to use cash for people who do not have a bank account, internet casino players, students, families but also for internet users who purchase products online.

All Papaya products present from the device interfaces mobile!

As for its website and all the options offered, all this small world can be made available on mobile and tablet nomadic devices via a free downloadable application on the platform of Google Play.

With the application mobile de Papaya, mobile application, it is also conceivable to be able to manage its finances by accessing all the options offered by default via a computer interface.

Well noted, intuitive and very easy to use, receive payments without this endless waiting worries or send money is a formality that is accomplished in just a few steps!

customer service that proves to be at the height of all the expectations.

Papaya’s website is translated into many foreign languages and English is well-represented at this great list. The support also follows this driving logic by having agents skilfully controlling the language of Shakespeare. In addition to having set up a fairly important frequently asked questions, Papaya provides reactive communication by supporting its communication offers with a contact form, a phone number + 356 201 555 00, various e-mails in order to preserve and to maintain a good organization.

There is one that is intended exclusively for support at customerservice[at], a second dedicated to claims from complaints[at] and a third related to losses and thefts at lost&stolen[at] Finally, this opportunity to send a mail to Papaya Ltd, 31 Sliema Road, Gzira, GZR 1637 – MALTA.

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