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Owl Eyes™ is a slot machine that appears in the category of adventure games, animals and fancy casinos reviews. This variant wishes to train its players in a forest that is very different from those that we can know and rub shoulders with from moment to time to wander alone or in family.

From my humble point of view, the challenge that the Nextgen Gaming publishers have set is rather successful. This spectacle that we can describe as magical will take place during the night with as an option a high brightness from the radiation of the full moon.

Strangely, this largely whitish light will spread only to the bottom of the woods as if it feared heat wherever its purpose was to amplify this atmosphere where the uncertainty of the moment.

Many trees of the same family dominate the ambient scenery whether it is on the surface of the ground with their countless and solid roots as in the direction of the sky which is completely obscured by the thick leaves interwoven from the trees that form more than one. This clay ground is partially covered with speckled daisies that blend in total harmony with fine and tall herbs. This flora is also accompanied by clusters of hallucinogenic mushrooms that have the peculiarity of being fluorescent in the dark and being able to occupy all types of surfaces. No place is spared like the trunks of the trees passing through the spaces that were created naturally between their roots.

To add an extra touch to this magical side of the Owl Eyes™ game, the latter is accompanied by countless fireflies that keep moving smoothly and lightly. These last areas have no specific purpose in this rainforest. They have the role of creating points of light in order to allow the users of the slot machine to be able to clearly dissociate the icons that represent this game of chance. The illustrations are multiple and they illustrate both the fauna and the flora of Owl Eyes™.

In general, these drawings are a badger, a tree that has a human face, mushrooms, rabbits and many other symbols that will allow users to be able to unlock beautiful wins! But the animal that dominates this fabulous story will remain the owl who loves to observe everything for hours and hours the full moon. This nocturnal raptor will often be visible in the middle of the other icons and will also be noticed from time hooting.

With the 50 lines slot machine Owl Eyes™, obtaining earning can first of all be acquired via 5 reels and 50 pay lines. All players will be able to donate influence This number of lines through an option provided for this purpose. With its range of bets which is accessible between values ranging from £0.01 euro to £100.00, this money game NextGen Gaming offers the opportunity to be able to add action and to achieve continuity of profits through alternative wilds and also called free spin in the jargon of the casinos online.

Features :


We’re going to start the Owl Eyes™ slot machine’s winning table by the wilds. Yes, in the plural because this feature has a first advantage which is to be able to manifest itself in vertical blocks so as to be able to cover the whole height of a reel. This very specific feature that is in other words to drown a reel with similar icons bears the name of expandable. The second highlight of this feature inside the Owl Eyes™ game is that this phenomenon can be created several times during a single spin.

This option is represented by the main animal of the slot who is the owl. It’s all very pretty. Be able to observe several icons of this nocturnal raptor in full action but what more will it bring for the players? Let’s remember, the wild is a feature that has the principle of creating a pay-win line in the first step. He can make several but the game will only choose the one that brings the most prize. To fulfill its goal, the wilds will act as a substitute for symbols to encourage the formation of winning lines. This joker feature can be shown on reels number 2, 3 and 4.


In order to add tone during the course of its games, the online game Owl Eyes™ offers the opportunity to play for free during a period of time that includes 5 spins. To be able to obtain profits without wagering money, it will be asked to collect a number of 3 scatter icons of the full moon and this at any places on the areas of the slot machine.

When acquiring these 3 stars, the interface of the slot will drastically change its pace to provide a much more sustained brightness. This intense light will be created by the close-up presence of the full moon. The 3 scatter icons will let you understand that an eclipse is going to show up and then allow players to watch this wonderful show that will run continuously and during the whole period of free spins. The stacked wilds will also be present but with a much higher attendance important.

Is a way to allow players to make profits faster and more consistently each time. Other free spins can be credited from the moment when 3 new round moons will point the end of their nose.



Personally, I found that the Owl Eyes™ money game has a very good set of colors with this contrast of the background with the front of the scene which is neither more nor less than the interface of the slot. The soundtrack is also a great success as it quickly immerses players in the context of the game. This fairy side that I felt quickly when connected is perfectly well orchestrated among other things with these fireflies that move with absolute lightness. From the point of view of graphics and the quality of the soundtrack, I have not been disappointed and at this level I wish to pull my castle to publishers of the brand of online money games NextGen Gaming.

At the level of feature, the game of chance of 50 lines Owl Eyes™ leaves the opportunity to collect money through 3 features. The wilds have several facets (expandable-several simultaneous appearances) which opens up access to fast and regular profits. Also the quit or double feature that is well known and reputed in the NextGen gaming virtual games. On the other hand, I was disappointed with the number of free spins granted that are 5 and which therefore proves to be relatively small. Moreover, there is a lack of earning multipliers that is quite a pity. I think that the exploitation of this featuring at the level of obtaining prize could have been improved.

I still enjoy being able to entertain myself with slots that have a fixed jackpot and for Owl Eyes™, this is not the case either. Also specify that this NextGen gaming adventure game offers a redistribution rate of its bets of 95.30%. A pretty low index if we compare it with other online casino games of the brand.

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