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First competitor to TrustPay, OnlinePay is a company that was founded in 2014. For purely strategic reasons, she made this choice to home in Asia, specifically in Singapore. It didn’t take him long to make this company chooses to spread its wings in this context to venture into other markets just as lucrative as the first targeted by appealing to the phenomenal power of media social.

What to know about legally, the ease of digital storage OnlinePay holder has no this need have any authorization to carry out its operations from the monetary authority of Singapore. In place on the Asian market since its beginnings, OnlinePay succeeded to build an envious reputation to gain a lasting place operating with determination in the world popularity than knows today the international market of the payment via device mobile.

This firm offers a major advantage for users around the world who are looking for a reliable and secure system for purposes of transfer money to their friends who have also a free account since its launch OnlinePay. A platform represented by a compatible app on IOS and Android multi-use with all the services of money transfers classified social where users and from virtually any area of the world send and receive funds instantly.

With this mobile app, no more worries on the horizon for pay online as in a perfectly safe environment for example in e-commerce shops but also to credit his account of online casino or to invest in stocks using trading platforms who took their neighborhoods online. is simply the ultimate in intermediary to do banking online without having to disclose sensitive information in connection with its credit card VISA or Mastercard.

An eWallet accessible exclusively to mobile users where security is paramount!

There is a nice range of reasons to want to use OnlinePay. Whether to pay for purchases, deposit, or cash from the cash in a casino online OnlinePay or be a beneficiary on an instant plan of funds via the Internet. The first cause that drives of many mobile users to choose this way to mobile payment to me is that of CPI security.

We all have awareness I mean I think that the internet contains fabulous environments but there is also a great breeding ground for scams to the point that it has become nowadays a scourge where victims themselves are by the thousands each year. Therefore, it is in my view very important before spending its money online to ensure that his bank details are safe from malevolent spirits and that it be applied continually.

Each user maybe quiet when the use of services because the latter provide a legislative defense for all the accounts in its bases of data with upstream an ultra efficient for first mission to fight fraud through systems automated who fiercely nothing no escapes.

Since 2014, all infrastructure implementation relies on a technology SafePay, ensuring highly secure transactions every day. Have also this force not to be the source of the disclosure of banking information in proceedings of payment or receipt of money. Absolutely all data are encrypted. They have the effect of making the impossible task for any individual wishing to steal information confidential.

As a reinforcement to the level of security, there are also security frameworks. These are assets without any interruption such as for example the internet Review Committee and that is based on the fight against money laundering. Many efforts are conducted on a daily basis for this portfolio, a perfect mobile app to respond positively to social payments, to instant purchases as well as refills account.

A place safe and secure where passes constantly digital money from the four corners of the globe. In addition to ensure increased security of his system regularly updated to remain a leading pack of different services of mobile payment offered currently on the market, OnlinePay combines this advantage with speed by allowing to send funds and receive money in a snap of a finger.

A particularly intuitive mobile application offering a guarantee of compatibility on IOS and Android with the key a total lack of spawning for the consumers!

With compatible mobile app on IOS and Android demonstrated as being very easy to use, OnlinePay old to provide services of quality to its customers. The processing of payments is played on a multi-currency (EUR, USD and CNY) panel in not depriving themselves to include a banking service through credit cards VISA and Mastercard.

Indices on execution of notifications in relation to successful transactions and those who have unfortunately taken the path of failure. Visible shipments and receipts of payment in less than 20 seconds on his balance updated in real time. Customer service to listen to its customers which promises to ensure responses within 24 hours. Assistance be approached by e-mail (support[at] or contact and Skype form to contact address OnlinePay Service to the customer.

Policy which frames the management fees, does not charge any form of spawning for the services it provides. On the other hand and always on the side of the consumer, OnlinePay discharges since its terms and conditions for the use of all forms of spawning that may provide for the issuance of third parties for the use of its services.

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