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All about the rating system Avis Casinos


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By visiting the notices regarding the online casinos classified in the site, we can clearly notice in the top right of their respective magazine a colorful badge with a mention. An illustration that aims to image the general status of the casino. In other words, an overall score that takes its pace through a scale that includes a number of relatively strict evaluation criteria.

These elements to develop a final score are combed. A long-term job that offers players looking for a reliable casino in the long run an opportunity to make the right choice.

A radical way to avoid wasting your time in the middle of all these online casinos that can be found nowadays on the web. I strive to do the necessary to introduce serious English virtual casinos which is why the number of platforms presented on the site is quite low.

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What are the types of statutes administered ?

As I have stated, every notice about an online casino has a status based on multiple criteria. These badges are not present to improve the presentation of opinions. Their function is to clearly indicate the current status of the English online casino in question. These notes are in no way inserted to please the operator who will notice him with an honorable status.

These statutes are placed and validated independently. They rely on both my approval with as an ally an experience of 6 years in the fantasy world of digital casinos and the opinions of the players. In remark, these statutes are dynamic. As a result, they are not frozen in time and they evolve at the end of each quarter.

For example, a promising casino can become serious after several months of activity as is the case for MajesticSlots. All the English casinos listed on the site are re-evaluated every month in order to certify in time the level of the status where they are attached. These quality index badges are numbered 4 and they are serious, promising, scam and closed casino.

Now I will list and explain with details the characteristics of each status so as to allow everyone to understand how I assign them for each virtual casino.


To hold the status of serious, an online casino must not be born from the last rain and count at least 1 year of activity. It may also be classified as serious if it is already attached to an administration that has older marks and has already proven themselves on the ground.

Let’s take an example on LuckLand. Certainly a new casino but that is a brand of sure value because it is supported by an administration that has not been active since two eyelid beats in this internet paying gambling industry.

To be judged as serious, these online casinos must have interesting bonus forms with reasonable bet requirements knowing that some gambling sites do not require them. For more information, see the English Casinos explanatory page with no wager condition. The range of games must be plentiful with monthly novelties.

The assistance must be courteous, responsive and we must have the feeling that it is involved in the different requests of the players. This point is very important to me. For my part, this is the first pillar carrying an online casino. The casinos owners of the status of serious on the site have a very good e-reputation through the forums and blog specialized in this type of online service. In addition, the vast majority of the Ecogra label which is an additional pledge of quality.

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This status does not mean that confidence may be granted to 100% but that the online casinos concerned are on the right track to get the status of serious. They have almost completed their first year of existence.

Their e-reputation on the discussion forums is rather satisfactory overall despite the fact that there may be disputes with players occasionally but it is still quite normal. There is nothing to be alarmed about. In all manners, there will always be unsatisfied players. This is valid in all sectors of activity whether they are located in the virtual or even in the real world.

In my personal capacity, I do not know of any company that is able to show the public a satisfaction of 100% of their customers in relation to the services they provide. A promising casino is also an entertainment site that opens up to many projects in-house. As for example, collaborations with new RNG game providers and with live dealers to allow their customers to discover other variants and have access to an increasingly inflated toy library.

The enhancement of the bonus section with various models to respond favorably to the demand of all players is also a good indication of commitment. A promising virtual casino prepares after a few months of running a VIP club. An improvement aimed at offering loyal players a prestigious place where the benefits are more numerous and more easily accessible.

A promising casino is an innovative company that wishes to mark the blow to stand out from its competition as the proven Wild Sultan. It demonstrates this through the creation of new structures that prove without great difficulty that the institution responds to this to endure and align with the force of time alongside trusted casinos.

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This status can not be more explicit than that. Online casinos that do not respect their players by imposing ineligible betting conditions. Sometimes these crooked casinos change their mind as a shirt and they change their terms of use (TOU) as they like. Horrible behavior.

The terms and Conditions (T&C) evolve constantly and never for the benefit of the players but the house of the scammers of course. The general conditions of use are transformed every week. Most of the time, the latter are translated into English so that victims who do not understand this language are discouraged from reading these incomprehensible blocks of text and end up lowering their arms.

It is afterwards that they are told the bad news by telling them without any discomfort that they must play again X times before they can withdraw money. Should there still be quality assistance because often these casinos scam do not even have premises and therefore the operators are ghosts.

Where then, customer service does not exist and it is present to answer only to big players (Whales-High Roller). A targeted presence to preserve the good health of the company’s business base if we can qualify it in this case. A cold situation in the back.

Small and medium players are never assisted. Only when they register to deposit money and eventually fall into the sign. They never receive their gain even if they have completed their 100% upgrade in case of a bonus acceptance with their initial deposit.

To conclude, real crooks without scruples that tarnish the image of reliable casinos on the internet. Frequently, these scam casinos do not exceed the 6 months of existence by leaving of course with the cashier on the day when their scam is no longer profitable for them where simply unmasked by a large population of players.

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Casino closed

Are named in this way, the English digital casinos have made the decision to stop their business by taking care to prevent their clients. I will take for example illustration the history of Bellevue casino, soaked in the bath in 2012 that was a casino of the brand Real Time Gaming (RTG).

If my memories are good, this site had lasted for 2 beautiful years. Payments were made over time. The casino was equipped with a support worthy of the name. The site was good until the day Bellevue Casino wished to withdraw from the online gambling market.

In all honesty as it was, this casino had posted on all pages of its website a warning message which stated that it would soon close its doors and that it was imperative to request a withdrawal of all of these funds. Bellevue Casino customers had two good months to react.

I never really knew the causes of this closure decision but I had appreciated the transparency of this online casino. I had a hard time seeing it go away because it was one of the most serious online casino signs at that period.

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