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Remember Gulag

Remember Gulag, slot machine from Nolimit City.

Are you familiar with Gulag?

Like the rest of us, I imagine from a distance. It’s just as well. Gulag translates to a hell on earth that still exists today. A forced labour camp in the Soviet Union where only the most hardened manage to get out alive. It has to be said that this was not without physical and psychological consequences. An ordeal forever engraved in the memory of those who stayed there. The living conditions were brutal. A Siberian cold that cuts the skin. Hunger that tortures the stomach. Compulsory work, always so constraining. Not to mention guards without a shred of humanity.

Welcome to Gulag!

You are now a resident here. With your fellow prisoners, organise an escape plan. Beware, you will only get one chance!

The end result will be freedom or a rope to the sound of drums…

Will you escape from this cursed Gulag?

Features of Remember Gulag:

Remember Gulag has 6 reels, with reels 5 and 6 locked into the main game. The reel configuration is 3-3-4-4-5-5 during the main game and changes to 5-5-4-4-3-3 in bonus mode. All reels are unlocked during Gulag Spins.

Getting a Scatter unlocks reel 5 and an additional Scatter unlocks reel 6.

xWays symbols can appear on reel 1-2 in the main game.

xNuge Wild symbols can appear on reels 3-4 in the main game.

xSplit Wild symbols can appear on reels 5-6 in the main game.

Propaganda Bet:

Pursue Gulag Spins by increasing the base bet by +20%. Sacrifice for a more brutal base game, but with fewer rewards. Increase the possibility of triggering Gulag Spins. Guaranteed Scatter symbol on the second reel. Guaranteed that reel 5 is unlocked during Propaganda Bet.


– xWays symbol can appear on reel 1-2 in the main game. On reel 5-6 in Gulag Spins bonus mode.

– xWays symbol properties:

– Will reveal a regular random symbol.

– If multiple xWays symbols appear on the reels, all xWays symbols reveal the same symbol.

– The size of the xWays symbol can vary between 2 and 3 symbols.

– If separated by an xSplit Wild symbol, the xWays multiplier value is doubled.

xNudge Wild:

Remember Gulag xNuge Wild symbols can appear on reels 3-4 during the main game and Gulag Spins bonus mode. A stacked Wild symbol will always move closer to full visibility. Each close call increases a Wild multiplier by 1. When a portion of the xNudge Wild symbol appears on the reels, it moves up or down until it is fully visible on the entire reel. Multiple Wild multipliers add up to a total Wild multiplier. When an xSplit Wild symbol separates an xNudge Wild symbol, it adds an additional Wild symbol to that reel.

xSplit Wilds & Wilds:

Normal Remember Gulag Wild symbols can appear on all reels. The xSplit Wild symbol can appear on reels 5-6 during the main game, and on reels 1-2 during the Gulag Spins bonus mode. The xSplit Wild symbols split all symbols to the left and right and double that symbol. If a symbol is split more than once, it will be displayed with a multiplier.

When xSplit Wilds split an xWays symbol, the xWays symbol multiplier is doubled for each split. xSplit Wild that splits a Scatter symbol will turn the Scatter symbol into an expanding Wild that fills the entire reel with Wild symbols. The Scatter symbol does not split when Gulag Spins is activated.

The xSplit Wild symbols turn into two regular Wilds after landing and can be separated by another xSplit Wild.

Scatter :

Making at least 3 Scatter symbols appear activates Gulag Spins. 4 Scatter symbols activate the “Gulag Spins: All Aboard” mode, getting 5 Scatter symbols activates the “Gulag Spins: Double Vodka” mode where all symbol win multipliers are doubled. In the main game, a Scatter symbol can be separated by xSplit Wild if Gulag Spin is not active. The Scatter symbol then turns into an expanding Wild that covers the entire reel. A Scatter symbol is always split in Gulag Spins.

Gulag Spins:

Before the bonus mode starts, a setup round will be triggered. This setup mode will determine the number of spins awarded and the win multiplier for each of the four highest paying character symbols. Prior to the start of Gulag Spins, one of the character symbols is randomly selected and active during the bonus mode.

Getting at least 4 Scatter symbols will make all characters active during the bonus. Getting 5 Scatter symbols pays double the value of the win multiplier during the setup rounds and bonus mode.

During Remember Gulag bonus mode, the top reel can award an increased win multiplier value to active characters.

– During Gulag Spins: Randomly award +1x, +2x or double the value of the current collected win multiplier.

– During Gulag Spins Double Vodka: Randomly award +2x, +4x or double the value of the current collected win multiplier.

– The win multiplier value is updated for the current round and remains unchanged for the rest of the bonus mode.

Making Scatter symbols appear, which awards 1 extra spin each. Collect 3 Scatter symbols during Gulag Spins to upgrade the bonus mode to Gulag Spins: All Aboard, which activates the win multipliers on all character symbols.

Oligarch Status: Achieved:

The maximum payout in Remember Gulag is 30,000x the base bet. When the total win exceeds this amount, the game round ends and a 30,000x base bet multiplier is awarded.

Review of Remember Gulag :

Remember Gulag is a superb achievement by Nolimit City! A slot machine immersing you in the Gulag meanderings. Spin the reels under the Russian national anthem. A front row seat to a high security labour camp. Trying to escape is like trying to commit suicide. It’s impossible to slip through the cracks without being killed by the lead.

If you like slots with characters in prison, we suggest Folsom Prison and San Quentin xWays.

Play with many game mechanics that will probably make your fortune. You won’t become a millionaire with Remember Gulag. However, you have all the weapons in hand to get great rewards. Take part in the fun with xWays, xNudge Wild, xSplit Wilds & Wilds game mechanics. Enter the Gulag Spins bonus mode! During the Free Spins, play with characters from the era such as Stalin. The investment of win multipliers in a deluge of animations and payouts.

Nolimit City’s Remember Gulag slot machine gives you a maximum payout of 30,000x your starting bet! €0.20 is the minimum bet to enter Remember Gulag.

From now on, dare to enter Gulag!