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Kiss My Chainsaw

Kiss My Chainsaw, Nolimit City slot machine.

It is never a good idea to get into a stranger’s car!

With all the incidents that we know about, you have to be unconscious to try such an experience. It is not that all men are potential predators. Prevention is better than cure. In the context of Kiss My Chainsaw, ending up in a cold meat bag.

We are somewhere in America. Two lifelong best friends, a blonde and a brunette, are on their way home from a night of drinking. Bad luck for them, their designated driver has decided to go home before them. This leaves them in a quandary. Unfortunately, they have no other solution than to hitchhike. The cars pass one after the other without even braking. Time passes and the ladies start to get impatient. They are exhausted from their evening.

Suddenly, a car stops a few metres in front of them. Suddenly they have regained their excitement. They can go home! At the wheel of his Cadillac, it’s Chainsaw Larry. Their saviour. A handsome, clean-cut, trustworthy guy. The kind of guy who gives a good impression. But only at first sight. As they close the car doors, they have no idea that they have just signed their death warrant. From now on, they will not be able to get out. The trap has been sprung on them.

Chainsaw Larry is a potential psychopath who loves to see the fear in his victims’ eyes. His ultimate pleasure is to torture them slowly before murdering them.

The rest of this terrible story can be found in the Kiss My Chainsaw slot machine…

It’s up to you to find out more.

Features and game mechanics of Kiss My Chainsaw:

Reel Area:

A 5 reel, 4-4-4-4-4 line configuration that can go up to 5-5-5-5-5 lines.

Winning combinations are destroyed and the remaining symbols will tumble, allowing new symbols to fall.


Wilds symbols can land on reels 2-5.

Wild symbols can be in the form of a normal Wild symbol, a Charged Wild symbol or a Chainsaw Larry symbol.

When Charged Wild is part of the win, it reduces the fuel in the gas can with a charge and doubles its multiplier for the next avalanche until the gas is empty.

Chainsaw Larry Wild only appears in Chainsaw Larry Spins.


In the main game, the Scatter symbol can only land on reels 1, 3 and 5.

Burnout is triggered by landing exactly 2 Scatter symbols, both on the same line.

Once all wins are executed, Burnout will destroy all symbols, including the 2 Scatter symbols, allowing new symbols to land.

Depending on which line the Scatter symbols land on, one of the bonus modes will be awarded:

3 Scatter symbols on different lines: activation of 8 rounds of “The Ride.”

3 Scatter symbols on the same line: activation of 9 rounds of “The Last Ride.”

The Ride:

An extra line is added and the reel area becomes 5×5.

In The Ride Spins, Charged Wilds can go up to 4x before being destroyed.

Landing exactly 2 Scatter symbols grants +1 spin. If there are only 2 Scatter symbols on the same line, Burnout is triggered.

Landing 3 Scatter symbols will grant +3 spins and activate Chainsaw Larry Spins.

The Last Ride :

The gameplay and features of “The Ride” are the same, but with a guaranteed Scatter symbol on reel 5.

Chainsaw Larry Spins:

The Ride/The Last Ride: Landing 3 Scatter symbols will grant +3 spins and activate Chainsaw Larry Spins.

An additional upgrade reel is added and the symbol payout is enhanced in this mode. It follows the Chaw Larry Spins paytable.

Chainsaw Larry will appear as a jumping Wild, which will jump to a new position on each spin on reels 2 to 4. As Chainsaw Larry jumps to any character symbol, the win multiplier is increased by +1.

Chainsaw Larry will reveal enhancer symbols on the line he lands on, always triggering one of the following enhancers: Smiley, xSplit or Lucky Feet.

Smiley will grant +1 turn.

xSplit will double all multipliers between the xSplit and Chainsaw Larry symbols. Each split character symbol will increase the win multiplier by +1.

Lucky Feet will cause Chainsaw Larry to move to a different line and random position on reels 2 to 4, leaving behind a regular Wild symbol. If Chainsaw Larry moves to a position with a Charged Wild, the Afterburner feature is triggered, which doubles the multipliers of the symbols on the same line. If he jumps on an initial Charged Wild, all symbols in the line become x4, if he jumps on a Charged Wild x2, all symbols become x2.

End of the Road:

The maximum payout in Kiss My Chainsaw is 10,900x the base bet.

When the total win exceeds this amount, the game ends and 10,900x the base bet is awarded.

Review of Kiss My Chainsaw:

Kiss My Chainsaw is a Nolimit City slot that does not lack details. The theme is still very dark. The story of a serial killer who takes young hitchhikers and tortures them before killing them. Quite a morbid theme but if you are a fan of Nolimit City, you shouldn’t be surprised.

Kiss My Chainsaw is a game full of features! Have fun with a Buy Bonus! You have free choice to entertain yourself with no less than 3 bonus games! A trio that focuses on one phase of the game in Free Spins. The payout index with a rudely high volatility. With the Kiss My Chainsaw slot you can get a maximum payout of 10,900x the value of your bet!

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