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Little Bighorn

Little Bighorn slot machine from Nolimit City. Reference game immersing you in the history of Sitting Bull. Transport yourself to the Native American world. With the great Indian chief. Protect your land from the enemy. Even if it costs you your red skin. The white man’s threat is closing in on you at a triple gallop… Don’t get knocked down in this battle. Be observant. Face the enemy at close quarters. On your bay-coated horse. Load your rifle, sharpen your axe! Save your honour and that of your tribe! With your Apache sidekicks, enter an epic conflict! Just for the price of victory!

Features of Little Bighorn:

Let’s take a look at the features that Little Bighorn offers you. This slot machine offers you the wild xMount Scalpe feature. It sounds barbaric to read like that. You’ll see how it works is very simple to understand. It is actually a form of wild. Its basic purpose is to substitute symbols to help you win chips. In its operation, xMount Scalpe wild can only land on the 5 symbol high reel. When it becomes active, all American soldiers will be turned into wilds. At this point, you will be able to see the wild xMount Scalpe acting in motion. The wilds will flip to give you a 1x multiplier. Each wild will act in this way to give you gradual multipliers.

A wild totem will be present. You will be able to identify it by the representation of a bird’s head. This icon can be found on reels 2, 3 and 4. This is in the base game and during the Scalp Free Spins feature. During the free spins, Spirit Call and Totem Scatters can appear on reels 3, 4 and 5. In the base game, you will be able to get several Totem Scatters. In this case, these icons will have the role of converting wilds into expansion. In the free spins, it will be the same with an additional free spin.

No Mercy Scatter – Spirit Call Respin, will only land on reel 5. This feature will start its progression with a Respin that will move to the first reel. Other features will also join on your screen.

• Sitting Bull: Will aim to turn its symbols into expandable wilds.
• Crazy Horse: Will aim to turn its symbols into normal wilds. For each Crazy Horse symbol that appears, a 1x multiplier will be added to all symbols.
• Two Moon: Will have the feature of turning its symbols into single wilds.

Scalp Free Spins will be triggered by at least 3 Totem Scatters symbols. This is when you will be able to play with 8 free spins. During these spins, you will see Scalp Wilds that will increase the sticky multiplier by 1x. This is for each scalped symbol. If you get more Totem Scatters in the free spins, the wilds will become expandable. You will also get an extra free spin. If a No Mercy Scatter symbol shows up, you will get Spirit Call free spins. You will be awarded two free spins.

Spirit Call Free Spins will manifest itself through 3 Totem Scatters. This will activate 10 free spins without delay. The Scalp Free Spin and No Mercy Scatter features can be found on the first reel. On each spin, these features will be able to transform the wilds below.

• Sitting Bull: Will be tasked with turning his wilds into expandable symbols.
• Crazy Horse: Will have the task of transforming his wild symbols into single wilds. Each Crazy Horse that shows up will activate a 1x multiplier that will be added to all his symbols.
• Two Moon: Will turn its wild icons into normal wilds.

Scalp xBet® offers you a Totem Scatter on reel 2 for an additional 50% cost. This will significantly increase your chances of entering the free spins mode.

Review of Little Bighorn:

The Little Bighorn slot machine will definitely transport you to the Native American plains. Stunning scenery awaits you. You won’t learn how to hunt buffalo in this game. Instead, you will organize yourself with your new Apache friends to fight the enemy. Almost like the movie Dances with Wolves directed by Kevin Costner. The redskins against the white invasion. To do this, Nolimit City’s Little Bighorn slot offers a wide range of features. In particular, the free spins are quite lucrative. What is appreciated is that several features can interact with each other. This increases your chances of winning tenfold! It should also be noted that you can multiply your initial bet up to 25,676x! A Nolimit City slot with extreme volatility.

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