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Infectious 5 xWays

Infectious 5 xWays, Nolimit City slot.

How about dying a hero?

Well, the idea is to live as long as possible and in good health. In the context of Infectious 5 xWays it’s quite different! Your days are obviously numbered. Evolve as best you can in a post-apocalyptic world! Everything and anything is contaminated by highly radioactive waste.

But who is responsible for this tragedy?

Now the animal and plant world is nothing but ash. A few humans have survived but the chances of repopulating the Earth are almost impossible. It will take centuries for the Earth to clear away so much pollution. In this fast approaching end of the world, become a saviour of sorts. A superhero in a silicone suit alongside Havoc, Mind Flayer, Torch, Misery and Toxicity. All with divergent idiosyncrasies for the sake of your play session.

Without further ado, join your team to see the extent of the damage!

Features and gameplay mechanics of Infectious 5 xWays:


A Wild symbol substitutes for any other symbol except the Bonus symbol and xWays.


3 or more Bonus symbols activate the Infectious Spins bonus modes. Choose between Toxic Hazard and Lock n’ Load modes. 5 Bonus symbols activate Infectious Spins: Mayhem Mode, which is an enhanced version of both Infectious Spins bonus modes. Collect additional bonus symbols during the bonus modes to upgrade to Mayhem Mode. A 4th bonus symbol awards +1 spin, a 5th bonus symbol awards +2 spins. A total of 5 Bonus symbols are required to activate Mayhem Mode, where at least 3 symbols were collected when Infectious Spins were activated.


The xWays symbols will turn into any other symbol except the Wild and Bonus. They will reveal 2 or 3 symbols of the same kind and increase the height of the reel(s).

Infectious xWays:

Activated when the Wild and xWays symbols appear together on the reels. The revealed xWays symbol will infect all other like symbols on the reel area to expand to the same size.

Infectious Spins: Toxic Hazard :

3 Bonus symbols award 9 Infectious Spins and 4 Bonus symbols award 10 Infectious Spins. 1-5 random Wilds will appear on the middle three reels for each spin. This will guarantee Infectious xWays every time an xWays symbol appears. During the feature, Toxic Hazard, Infectious xWays will only reveal the Infectious 5 symbols: Mindflayer, Torch, Misery, Toxicity or Havoc.

Infectious Spins: Lock n’ Load :

3 Bonus symbols award 7 Infectious Spins and 4 Bonus symbols award 8 Infectious Spins. Wilds appear on all 3 reels and are now sticky. They will remain in position for the rest of the feature. Wilds can also receive a x2 or x3 multiplier.

Infectious xWays expansions are guaranteed, as a Wild will always appear on the first spin and award +1 spin. Additional Wilds will be locked into position and award +1 spin. Any xWays symbol that appears will turn into Infectious xWays.

During the Lock n’ Load feature, Infectious xWays will only reveal the Infectious 5 symbols: Mindflayer, Torch, Misery, Toxicity or Havoc.

Infectious Spins: Mayhem Mode:

The Toxic Hazard and Lock n’ Load bonus modes can be upgraded to their Mayhem Mode. The upgrade is activated by getting 5 bonus symbols in the main game or by sticking a total of 5 bonus symbols without the bonus modes.

In Mayhem Mode, all Infectious 5 symbols (Mindflayer, Torch, Misery, Toxicity and Havoc) will turn into a golden Infectious 5 symbol. All Infectious xWays during this mode will only reveal gold Infectious 5 symbols.

5 Bonus symbols award 12 Infectious Spins in Toxic Hazard: Mayhem Mode and 10 Infection Spins in Lock n’ Load: Mayhem Mode.

End of Days :

The maximum payout in Infectious 5 xWays is 55,555x the base bet. When the payout exceeds this amount, Infectious Spins ends and a multiplier of 55,555x base bet is awarded.

Review of Infectious 5 xWays:

Infectious 5 xWays is a slot that takes you right into the heart of the action! A dynamic soundtrack gives you energy to move forward in the game. A team of superheroes by your side to accompany you on your journey. Welcome to Infectious 5 xWays! A world on the brink of agony where radioactivity destroys everything in its path. Nothing can resist it, so strong is its concentration. But there is always a but. Some characters will be present to help you evolve in the game…

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Advance little by little in a slot machine with 4 bonus modes! What a way to see the country! This Nolimit City game is based on the Infectious xWays and xWays game mechanics. The perfect ingredients for an exciting slot game. Infectious 5 xWays allows you to start playing with a minimum bet of €0.20. In a very high volatility, the opportunity to hit a maximum win of 55,555x the value of your base bet!