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Folsom Prison

Folsom Prison, Nolimit City slot machine. You’ll spend some time behind bars. That’s what this new title from Nolimit City offers you! From this game publisher, always improbable themes. This time, you have just been tried and placed in detention in the Folsom prison! A prison considered to be one of the toughest in America. A word of advice, make friends quickly if you don’t want to end up a whipping boy. For your survival in this brutal world, be strategic. Be smart and analytical. Be observant! Make a fist at those who try to test you.

Will you awaken your animal instincts?

Features of Folsom Prison:

Reel area:

The reel configuration is 4-6-6-6-4 rows on 5 reels with several locked slots that can be opened by special symbols or a Cockroach. Only open slots are active symbols.

The standard game starts with the middle 2 rows of the first 4 reels forming an active area. The remaining slots are locked. In both bonus modes, additional slots are opened at the beginning of the bonus mode.

Whenever a Wild, Scatter, xSplit, or xWays symbol appears on an open position, it opens the nearest locked positions above and below the affected reel.

Toast Bet:

For an additional cost of 20%, the player is guaranteed a Scatter symbol on the second reel. The payout for each symbol is not affected.


There are 2 wild symbols in the game: Wild and Cockroach Nest. The Wild symbol can appear on any reel except reel 1. The Wild symbol substitutes for all pay symbols.


Scatters can only appear on the middle 2 rows of reel 5. If only 2 Scatter symbols appear, they turn into one of the following sites: xWays, xSplit, Wild or Cockroach Nest.

3 or 4 Scatters in the standard game trigger the bonus modes: Walk the Line or The Chair respectively.

Walk the Line:

3 Scatter symbols in the standard game trigger at least 8 Walk The Line spins. Any Scatter symbol affected by xSplits pays +1 spin. Getting a Scatter on Walk The Line spins (only available on reel 5), pays +2 spins (+1 extra if separate) and any remaining Walk The Line spins are upgraded to The Chair spins. Each turn starts with the rows open in the centre 2-4-4-4-2 and at least 1 Cockroach guaranteed.

The Chair :

4 Scatter symbols in the standard game trigger at least 8 rounds of The Chair. Any Scatter symbol affected by xSplits earns +1 turn. Each round starts with the rows open in the centre 4-4-4-4-4 and at least 3 Cockroach guaranteed.

Cockroach :

Cockroaches can go anywhere in Folsom, but their nest will always appear in the open positions of the middle 3 rolls or be turned into a Scatter. Any locked slot they go to will open.

A Cockroach has a starting position which is replaced by a Wild. It then passes over the reels. It adds a multiplier to any symbol it passes over. Cockroaches in the same positions in the same stage turn that position into a wild.

In Bonus modes, the reels can get a Cockroach Nest symbol:

It is inactive until a Cockroach passes over it. The Cockroach also increases its multiplier to the next level for the rest of the feature.
The Cockroach can be upgraded a maximum of 3 times. The multiplier levels are 1, 2, 3 and 10.
With 2 eggs, a Cockroach will upgrade one level and be cloned for the rest of the feature. This can only happen once per Bonus mode.

Cockroaches retain their multipliers when Walk The Line towers upgrade to The Chair towers.


xWays can appear anywhere. The xWays symbols turn into normal payout symbols. This reveals 2-4 symbols of the same type and increases the number of ways to win. The xWays symbols open 1 symbol above and 1 above on the same reel.


xSplit symbols can only appear on the middle 2 rows of reels 2-5 in Folsom. The xSplit symbols split the entire row they appear on, doubling the number of ways to win. They also split into 2 wilds. Split Scatters also award an extra spin when the Bonus is triggered. Split Scatters also open up additional locked slots. If split, Nest Cockroach increase their multiplier by 1.

Meet Your Maker:

The maximum payout for the game is 75,000x the base bet. When the total payout exceeds this amount, the game round ends and a 75,000x base bet multiplier is awarded.

Review of Folsom Prison:

Folsom Prison is a slot machine that transports you to a prison environment. All kinds of excesses are allowed. Between selling drugs and smuggling under the eyes of the guards. Each inmate belongs to a group. You will be part of one of them. Together with your new tattooed friends, you’ll move through the 5 reels of this powerful slot machine. Nolimit City has combined many game mechanics including xSplit, xWay and xBet! A real time bomb. You’ll see it for yourself when you’re winning. A power trio that does maximum damage to your own interests. Folsom Prison is an excellent slot machine like Nolimit City knows how to make!

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