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Benji Killed in Vegas

Benji Killed in Vegas, Nolimit City slot machine.

You’re in Vegas! Know that what happens here stays here.

That’s the way the law is. Hit the streets in search of questionable company. Siren songs of cops in the distance. Never far away, the collabos of the capitalist system are present and they make it known. On your side, you also have your own laws. A few street friends to form the ultimate rap group. A few inspirations on a sheet of paper. On a freezing night, take a trip with the guys. In sin city you won’t even be noticed.

Will you go down the path of glory? Or the path of destruction? It is up to you to choose between these two extremes. Know that wealth has a price. Where does it come from? That is not the question.

Score your way through the reels of Benji Killed in Vegas!

Features and game mechanics of Benji Killed in Vegas:

Dead Presidents Nudge:

When a high pay symbol lands fully visible on one of the first 3 reels, it triggers ne feature. During this time, part of the same symbol that lands on other reels also moves in a fully visible mode. For each move, a multiplier is increased by +1 on the symbol.

The multipliers will be added together and then multiplied with the symbol’s payout according to the ratio table.

xNudge Wild :

A 3-line high Wild symbol that always moves and becomes fully visible on the entire reel.

For each step the Wild takes, the win multiplier increases by +1.

Before the payout, the Wild multiplier multiplies with all other possible multipliers that participate in the win. The Wild symbol substitutes for any symbol except the Scatter symbols. It can land on reels 2-4.

2-Dice Respin:

Landing 2 Scatter symbols triggers a respin in which the Enhancers are activated. The two Scatter symbols are transformed into x2 and x3 Overlay Multipliers respectively, which function as described in the Enhancer section.

Vegas$ Spins:

When 3 Scatter symbols land, 9 free spins are awarded.

The Enhancers are activated and the Scatter symbols are turned into x2, x3 and x4 Overlay Multipliers respectively, which work as described in the Enhancer section. The multiplier value resets after each round.

Landing extra Scatter symbols will upgrade the Scatter mode to B.I.G. Vegas$ Spins and 2 extra spins for each Scatter symbol are awarded. The extra Scatter symbols will turn into x5 and x6 Overlay Multipliers respectively. These Overlay Multipliers are active for the remaining free spins.

B.I.G Vegas$ Spins:

When 4 or 5 Scatter symbols land, 11 or 13 free spins are awarded respectively.

The Enhancers are activated and the Scatter symbols are transformed into x2, x3, x4, x5 and x6 Overlay Multipliers respectively, which operate as described in the Enhancer section.

The multiplier values do not reset to the.

Enhancers :

The best Enhancers are activated by 2-Dice Respin, Vegas$ Spins, xBet Red, and B.I.G. Vegas$ Spins.

When Enhancers are activated, the Best Enhancer field is activated and all Enhancer Cells have a chance to land xMultipliers or xSplit symbols.

Overlay Multipliers:

– At the beginning of each spin, the Ovelay Multipliers are randomly moved to a new symbol position. They can land on the same reel but never on the same position as another Overlay Multiplier.

– When evaluating a win, all Overlay Multipliers above the winning symbol combinations add up to and then multiply by the amount of the winning symbol combination.

The following functions can land in Enhancer Cells:


– xMultipliers can have a value between 2 and 9 and when they land on top of a reel, they add its value to any Overlay Multiplier on that reel.

xSplit :

– The xSplit that lands on top of a reel splits all Low symbols in half, creating a maximum possible size of 6 on each reel. When intermediate symbols exist on a reel, xSplit immediately gives them a x2 multiplier, meaning that if they are moved, they can get a maximum multiplier of x6.

– xSplit will double the value of the Overlay Multiplier.

xBet Blue:

For an additional +50% cost on the base bet, the player is guaranteed to get a Scatter symbol per spin, increasing the chances of participating in Vegas$ Spins by over 3 times, and increasing the chances of participating in B.I.G. Vegas$ Spins by 2 times.

The payout for each symbol is unaffected, meaning that all wins are based on the value of the base bet.

xBet Red:

For an additional cost of 9 times the base bet, each spin will have 2 Overlay Multipliers x2 and x3 and the Enhancers are active. It will be possible to land additional Scatter symbols. The chance of participating in Vegas$ Spins is more than x15 higher. The chance of participating in B.I.G. Vegas$ Spins is x50 more likely.

Benji Killed in Vegas:

The maximum payout of the game is x10,000 the base bet.

When the total win exceeds this amount, the game ends and x10,000 base bet is awarded.

Review of Benji Killed in Vegas:

Benji Killed in Vegas is a slot machine with style. Hip hop culture in the dark streets of Las Vegas. Where everyone comes to try their luck. Breaking through will be a long road. But if you’re at this level of play, you want to make it. For that, there are features at your disposal. Progress slowly but surely towards fame and fortune.

Benji Killed in Vegas offers you no less than 3 bonus modes! Don’t wait to explore them. Use the Buy Bonus function! In exchange for a certain amount of credit, activate the bonus mode you wish to launch. Play with Free Spins combined with powerful game mechanics. Ways to win money that have already proven themselves in many other Nolimit City games.

If you like slots in hip hop culture, Nolimit City offers you East Coast VS West Coast.

Benji Killed in Vegas offers you a betting range of €0.20 to €100. With an RTP of 96.04% and high volatility, this game allows you to get a maximum payout of 10,000x!