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Nitro Circus™

The Yggdrasil provider in collaboration with the producers of the television series released on November 15th of 2018, their new leader-of work: Nitro Circus™. An incredible mix of slot machine and interactive video game with special effects to cut the breath! We will be able to test full of vehicles, make loopings to go, short raving with Travis Pastrana, Gregg Godfrey, Ryan Sheckler y Erik Roner died accidentally shortly after the release of the film.

Travis Alan Pastrana, born October the 8th, in Annapolis, Maryland is a cross-country motorcycle rider eager for thrills, multi-medal X games in the disciplines of freestyle motocross and also rally. He tries all the time to make new figures and especially to test new sensations: the extreme is his passion!

He participated in freestyle motocross events, that is, the participants must make jumps, acrobatics in the air and then land without too much damage! He’s a pro from the FMX, a pure adrenaline rush, a little unconscious sometimes he had a few accidents including a pretty serious one.

Indeed, this kind of extreme sport is not without risk and injuries can be very important. At the age of sixteen he had his first accident by making a jump of 36.5 meters by not reaching the height sufficient. The result is several weeks in a coma and in a wheelchair for months.

Injuries are part of its day to day and above all they do not curb it, this sensation of freedom, of madness at times it is something that makes Pastrana live. The son of a veteran of the United States Navy Corps born in Puerto Rico, he decided to represent the island in international competitions and his license was given to him on March the 15th of 2008 at the Latin American Super Cross Championship which he ended third that year.

He presents himself in a lot of competitions, rubbing shoulders with the best riders but he is looking for something different, the risk does not scare him. He then decided to be part of a television program, the Nitro Circus™, which was first seen on February 8, 2009, to show the world what he and his band of buddies were capable of Do!

Erik Roner, one of Travis Pastrana’s other adventure friends, born on November the 2nd of 1976 in San Francisco, in addition to his jumping and skydiving skills, he was also an accomplished skier. He was part of the Nitro Circus™ team and appeared punctually in films such as 3.

But his passion was also his sentence of death: on September the 28th of 2015, in a skydiving jump for the inauguration of a golf tournament, Erik Roner at 39 years old, hits a tree and dies on the job. Nobody believed it but when you realize this type of sport unfortunately you have to expect everything and it was not afraid of anything. In the Nitro Circus™ silver game, they used his figure to pay homage to him, he was very important to his friends.

One of the other characters in the Nitro Circus™ online gambling game is Ryan Sheckler. Born on 30th December 1989, it is a skateboarder but he also had his own reality show called Life of Ryan that films his life from day by day. He also participated in the film from Travis Pastrana showing his skill with skateboarding and since 2012 he has a beneficial foundation called Sheckler
Foundation that helps children with serious illnesses and risk sport sportsmen with lesions.

The last character of the game Nitro Circus™ is Gregg Godfrey, born on May the 26th of 1969 who first worked as a stuntman but quickly he started to shoot his own shorts and documentaries all had the same leit-motive: high-risk sports. Apart from his love for the moto-cross and his variants he also turned the film Nitro Circus™ with Pastrana and company.

Not only are these characters part of the film Nitro Circus™, but many others that we would not have time to list, but I will talk about the only woman who is part of the team and it is a pity that is not represented in the game, it is Jolene Van Vugt.

Born on September the 17th of 1980 in London, Ontario (Canada), she is the first Canadian national women’s motocross champion, she has many Guinness records and it is especially the first woman to have made a backflip! She was part of the television series that door the name of the game but also the film, his prowess made her a place on the team of Travis Pastrana.

You really have to be a fan of this kind of sports to love the film, which is actually a kind of documentary reproducing the spins and follies of these daredevil who do not really realize the risks before embarking on such an adventure. Sometimes even it gets closer to the sordid and unconscious but that’s it, it’s the show, it’s Nitro Circus™!

Nitro Circus™ features:


We can start with the nitro jump, if all the letters of the word nitro fall on the reels, the Nitro jump Bonus Game feature will be triggered. It will be possible to collect during the mini-game coins represented by a gold coin, a speed-boost (a blue bottle with red flames on the side) that increases the chances of getting a larger multiplier of earnings in the final jump.

A battery-shaped multiplier that will apply to all parts harvested on the way during jumps, symbols in the form of special vehicles that one must collect and that give us 1 additional jump.

To be able to play the money Game Nitro Circus™ one must first choose a vehicle among those offered. Each one will have different functions and depending on what one will want it will take one or the other. There are three categories: Tricks, Boost and Size. The first gives the opportunity to win more coins, the second it will increase the chances of getting a higher multiplier in the final jump.

Finally, the third will make us win more symbols. During the Nitro Jump you can also have speed boost that will be added to the gauge that is placed in the center and at the bottom of the interface. You have to click as much as possible in the red button of the gauge to get more Boost in a specified time. If you have more Boost you will have the possibility to have a larger multiplier of earnings but if you scratch you will not have multipliers.

With regard to the Nitro Free spins, to trigger it will have to have 3 or more bomb-shaped symbols. If we have 3, 4 or 5 nitro bombs on the interface we will get 10, 20 or 30 free spins. During this feature one or more of these symbols can be found.

The special vehicles (the car, the armchair, the small horse, the bathtub) or you can also be entitled to wilds, free spins or a multiplier of earnings. When the mini Nitro Blast game is triggered, the bombs explode in smoke clouds and leave room for the symbols that go override.

In the virtual slot machine Nitro Circus™ There are two special symbols, the wild, written in letters, with above the flames and below the stars, all in gold color, and which can substitute all the regular symbols. Nitro bombs can trigger nitro Free spins or the Nitro Blast mini game.

Opinion of the writing of Nitro Circus™


The Yggdrasil provider has really bet on its latest creation: A slot machine with mini games, spins and a soundtrack that will blow you! It’s not just a video slot, no, it’s something more! The new era of slot machines has arrived. For players who are looking for more than spin rolls they will take their Feet! It’s a world apart, a mix of several games that ensure you a top level entertainment. The return to the player is 97% which is really not negligible despite a low volatility and we can earn a maximum of 258,750 Parts! Come quickly try the 3D slot machine Nitro Circus™!

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