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Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine™

The giant Yggdrasil has released on September the 5th of 2019 a truly amazing slot machine! Honoring Nikola Tesla, we are presented with a truly unique video slot: almost a century after his death an invention was discovered in the back of his laboratory that he did not want us to find. We’ll have an electrifying experience with Energy Burst, Exploding Wilds, Wilds substitutions and Reels Clones!

Nikola Tesla, a world-renowned inventor for his many inventions in the field of electromagnetism, was born on July the 10th of 1856 in Smijan (current Croacia). This incredible scientist with such an innovative mind and a visual ability so special to visualize things but sometimes so misunderstood.

His younger years he shared them between his family, and his black cat who never left him alone. When Nikola Tesla is 7 years old a great misfortune comes to hit his family: his older brother dies and leaves a huge void that Nikola will try to fill for the rest of his life. They all lived in a big country house but after this brutal event the Tesla family moved to Gospic, a big city.

Not feeling in his natural environment, Nikola leans towards reading, but this hobby quickly becomes an obsession that he is unable to control. When he was 14 he became seriously ill, but he got away with it and his father sent him to his uncle’s house in Karlowac so he could study.

Unfortunately, his father’s plans to have him study to become a priest are not suitable for him. Again he returns to Gospic. When a serious cholera epidemic arrives and Nikola does not escape it. His very affected father promises that if he gets away with it he will let him study what he wants. Being of a very strong nature Tesla gets away with it and decides to study his passion Physics and engineering.

So that he could do so, his father decided to make him a deserter, so that he would not do military service and risk his life again, and send him into exile for a while in the mountains. When he returns he begins to study compulsively or even obsessively. Of course, he gets the best results, but the parents don’t congratulate him when he comes back to see them.

The teachers had sent a letter to the parents explaining that their son was studying too much even at the expense of his health. Completely disgusted, he was always trying to fill the void that his brother had left, he would not finish his second year, obsession this time with the game to lead a life as a beggar and be deported by the police to Gospic.

He resumes his life and resumes his studies. Some time later Nikola Tesla went to France and then to the United States to continue his research and where most of his inventions were born. Among his greatest discoveries, we can find the radio, the fluorescent lamp, the alternating current, the study of X-rays, the Stol aircraft, remote control and much more…

Nikola Tesla also worked with Thomas Edison, but he decided to work on his own when he broke his word and did not pay him the agreed salary. They will then become enemies due to the war of currents (Edison’s continuous current versus Tesla’s alternating current) which would gain Tesla which would result in opening a deeper gap between them. Nikola Tesla died on January the 7th of 1943 at the age of 86 in a hotel, alone, and completely ruined.

Features Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine™:


Winning combinations will be triggered from left to right. The chosen symbols must be next to each other on a winning line. All winnings will be calculated by line with the chosen bet and not the total bet. Only the highest combination per line will be paid.

During free spins, winning combinations on both sides where only the biggest win per line will be paid. The wild symbol can substitute any symbol to complete a winning combination. This will not replace the scatter free spins and Scatter Level Up symbols.

If you find 3, 4 or 5 scatter free spins symbols regardless of your position then you will be rewarded with 8, 10 or 12 free spins respectively. The free spins and Energy Burst features cannot be re-triggered, they will be played on the same lines and put that triggered them. In addition, they cannot be triggered at the same time in the basic game.

Before the 1st free spin a fixed wild will be placed on the central position 3rd reel and 2nd row. Free spins will start with level 1. During free spins the Scatter Level Up symbol may appear in reels 1 or 5. If it appears it will increase the level of free spins from 1 to a maximum of 5.

The Level Up scatter symbol will not appear in level 5 free spins. With each level increased a fixed wild will be placed randomly on reels 2 to 4 directly adjacent to the previous fixed wild. During the additional free spins will be rewarded as long as a Level Up scatter symbol is triggered on the latest free spin.

As soon as 3 identical symbols, except wild symbols and scatter free spins symbols, appear on the 3rd reel the Energy Burst feature will activate and the Bonus Spins with 1 of the 3 bonus features (Exploding Wilds, Reel Clone or Wild Substitution) will be activated randomly.

The weak symbols Jack, Queen, Jack and Ace will generate 3 bonus spins. The strong symbols the capacitor, the goggles, and the watch will be able to generate 5 bonus spins. The free spins feature cannot be re-triggered from the Energy Burst feature.

The Energy Burst I will be the Exploding Wild. After triggering the Energy Burst feature, 2 or 3 randomly selected symbols will be replaced by fixed wild symbols. Bonus spins will begin. During bonus spins the wilds spins symbols will remain displayed.

The Energy Burst II will be the Wild Substitution. After triggering the Energy Burst feature, a randomly selected symbol (Ace, Capacitor or Goggles). If the chosen symbol remains displayed during the spin bonuses if it will be changed to a wild symbol.

The Energy Burst III will be the Reel Clone. After triggering the Energy Burst feature, 3 randomly selected reels (1-2-4 or 1-3-4 or 2-3-4) are linked so there will always be the same symbol settings displayed. The linked reels will be the same for all Spins Bonuses.

Opinions about Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine™:

The giant Yggdrasil has really done well with this absolutely awesome machine! The best of the best! A really great cinematography with our little scientist who goes back and forth to his machine to make adjustments and then it disappears again like a draft. The soundtrack that goes perfectly with our game, hammer blows that are heard when our scientist comes to arrange his machine. A dark interface but one that’s illuminated by symbols, by features, it’s electrifying!

It’s amazing how to be a quality, but it’s true that we’re talking about Yggdrasil, who has been able to change over the years, to lead a spectacular evolution from its beginnings to nowadays. Highly sought-after interfaces, games that make us vibrate and catch us. They really do magic, it’s impressive, it almost always leaves us with our mouths open!

There’s nothing wrong with feature, we have a choice, everything is done randomly, we are given the features, the winning symbols in short the Yggdrasil provider leaves Mrs. Chance the right to choose this or that feature, or wilds, symbols. We look forward to seeing how many free spins or the prize we’re going to get.

The coin values range from 0.01 to €3.00, knowing that one plays on 25 fixed lines the total bet will be from 0.25 to €75.00. There are still a lot of levels the player has the choice, there is something for everyone, it’s really great! It is true that there is no big bet but the highest is €75 which is also not given to everyone!

Volatility is average and we have a return to the player of 96.2% which remains in the average as well. We don’t have to wait too long to see the triggering of the magnificent electrifying features that make us have a great time. Absolutely no complaints, the game is beautiful and you can applaud the provider Yggdrasil for this incredible game Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine™.

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