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Night at KTV™

On December the 4th of 2018, the GameArt provider released the slot machine mobile Night at KTV™ under the theme of the night, karaoke and gambling with 5 reels, 3 rows and 15 payment lines. Four Features: Cascade feature, Free spins Bonus, Gamble feature, and One and Six Bonus Feature, are original and make us enjoy a good time of entertainment and can make us win a good package!

In the town of Whenzhou, the young Ming Shu has big problems, apart from not being used to do too much, he works only from time to time, projects full head but which never materialize. In fact, it is a dreamer who thinks that he can become someone, have his own business, but the hic? He’s a player inveterate!

He even went to meetings to try to change but he always falls into the trap. As soon as he has some money he’s going to play it at the casino and obviously he loses! And again, we start looking for odd jobs because he can’t resist a normal job. His brother Wang Shu has a gardener company and several times he has asked him to come to work with him, but Ming Shu is too proud and wants nothing to owe him.

He meets people not very frequent and his family is completely hopeless. They don’t know what to do! One day Ming Shu, represented in the mobile Night at KTV™ slot machine by the Asian player, receives a visit from a lender that he finds inside his home when he gets home from work, he retrains cars. Fear invades him, he does not know what to do… Gong Bo asks him to sit down because he has to offer him a job.

He has to go to jail for six months and he tells Ming Shu that he has to keep a gym bag until he gets out, and then he will get 100,000 yen. The young person does not believe his ears! It was too good to be true! Of course, he accepts the case, Gong Bo repeats him several times not to look inside the bag and Ming Shu tells him not to worry, that he manages the situation!

The first thing the young does when the lender goes is put his butt on the floor and open the bag. He starts to pull out a rope, a hammer, a knife and rolls and rolls of money! He rubs his eyes, and puts the bag in a cupboard. It is important not to touch! Gong Bo does not joke with that, he will not come out alive if he touches anything!

But he wants to change, he really needs it, but it’s going to be difficult! One night on his way home, the temptation is too strong, he opens the cupboard and takes some money convincingly that he would replace him when he comes home and heads to the underground casino. It’s going to be his evening! This is clear! As soon as he comes home, everyone rejoices because he loses all the time. But he feels that tonight is different…

Actually it’s different, we see him confident, and Ming Shu starts to win. He is happy! And for once he retires on time! He calls all his buddies and invites them to spend the evening with him, they will go to the KTV as it can be seen in the game of chance Night at KTV™, music, alcohol, girls with dream bodies, and also in the Vip room of the games…

As soon as Ming Shu and his friends arrive at the KTV, they are first taken to the special couch and they ask for a bottle of whisky and another of champagne (one of the paid symbols of Night at KTV™), they will first push the ditty and then they will go to the Vip room. His friends try to dissuade him but this is not possible… The time is come!

Ming Shu calls Mamasan, the owner of the KTV, to ask her if there are any opponents for him and to be able to go into the Vip room. Of course, Mamasan is not going to lose such an opportunity to be able to pluck such a character (the alcohol and the euphoria of winning had given him wings). Friends stay on the other side and continue to have fun with young beauties!

And the game begins… The dice are not his skills but he feels the king of the night! All is well, he wins and it makes him happy too much I would say! Whisky also makes its effect and very quickly our friend Ming Shu loses control but also his money! But he recovers a little and continues to play until the moment when Mamasan offers players from the table everything to play a red or black card (Gamble feature of the instant slot Night at KTV™).

Before starting the game, she calls her matons (logically she was part of one of the larger families of the Chinese triad and had control of the town of Whenzhou). At all the doors she let men so that no one escapes in case… And in the KTV the bank never loses! The first one who rolls the dice is our friend Ming Shu… And… He Wins! Mamasan’s got him fired right now so she won’t lose more. That night he swears to his friends that he will not play anymore, and he invests the money earned in a small business and he of course kept the money from Gong Bo.

Night at KTV™ gambling features


To The end of a winning round, all the winning symbols explode, the other symbols on the reels cascade into the empty spaces and the new symbols fall in their place. At the end of a cascade if there are new wins, they are paid and another cascade is triggered on the new winning symbols. So multiple combinations of stunts are possible, and the feature finishes when no gain is obtained from an avalanche of icons.

The Free Spins Bonus feature is activated when multiple consecutive cascade combinations are obtained. If we trigger four consecutive avalanches, we’ll be rewarded with 4 free spins, if we have 5 consecutive cascades we will have 6 free spins, if we trigger 6 consecutive stunts we will win 10 free spins and from the 7th consecutive cascade we’ll be rewarded with 20 free spins. During the free Spins Bonus Feature the consecutive cascade combinations will earn the same number of free spins as in the basic game.

The Gamble Feature can be activated after any win by clicking on the Gamble button, then you will have to choose the red or black card. The win will be doubled (x2) if the correct red or black card is selected. The winnings can be replayed up to 5 times. You can enable the feature from the settings and it will not be activated during AutoPlay.

The One and Six Bonus Feature will be triggered when three bonus symbols are on the reels and you will have to play dice against a hostess with an exuberant chest. At first the two start with 5 dice. Each round the players cover the dice with the cup, shake it and raise it to discover the dice. For each dice that displays 1, the player removes it; for each dice that shows 6, the player gives it to his opponent and each dice displaying any other number is kept by the player.

After the end of a game the player wins if he finishes without dice and it remains on the contrary. If the two players finish without a dice after the game then no one wins. If you win the game you will be rewarded with a prize that is 10x the total bet multiplied by the sum of the dice that remains to the hostess. This feature can also be triggered during free spins.

Opinion of the game of chance Night at KTV™


The GameArt provider released on December the 4th of 2018 an instant slot, Night at KTV™ with 5 reels, 3 rows and 15 payment lines under the theme of karaoke and gambling. With 4 features, it’s allows us to have a good time without leaving room for boredom because we can pass from features to the game of gamble in a second. Moreover, when we arrive at the dice game with the pin-ups with advantageous breasts as competitors the heat begins to rise and the atmosphere becomes hotter and hotter!

Beautiful dolls and in addition to money nothing is lacking in this game of chance of GameArt. The setting values range from £0.01 to £1 which makes us a bet of £0.15 to £15 (it is on 15 lines) impeccable for players shy or little experienced or who have a budget a little low. As for the gamblers it will be for another time, despite that the game Night at KTV™ holds the road and I believe that even the great players will be entertained because apart from the features other games can bring us a nice amount !

For the graphic chart and the soundtrack nothing to say. Night at KTV™ puts us in the mood immediately, the symbols, the characters everything is hyper realistic and very well done. Absolutely everything to remind us of the middle of the night and its sides obscure! Finally I would like to say that it is worth to try the slot machine with no download Night at KTV™ provider GameArt.

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