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All news of Avis Casinos for the year 2023!

The blog of takes an important place see even capital in the life of this guide to English digital casinos that is updated regularly. It is from there, or rather from his heart, that the source of information flows through fresh news to make this totally independent comparative a host of information abundant and varied about the English online casinos.

The versatility of information takes on a real meaning through this most comprehensive guide, with for example sections that focus on free casino games with no download, a top casino putting only in front of gambling platforms compatible with mobile, PC and especially regulated and approved by the players of the hexagon, a section dedicated to game provider, a topic dedicated exclusively to the most popular means of payment of the market, and to close a section help to players In order to create a strong communication between the readers and the administration of the site of AC.

To allow readers not to miss anything about casino news that brings a strong dynamism to the AC site, the latter updating with almost daily publications. The idea of this blog is to evoke everything that takes place in real time in the English eGaming world. This news goes from publishing the event bonus integration to the last three-dimensional casino game that has just entered the round.

June 09, 2020

Daruma dolls bring good luck and players can see it in this lucky Neko Gigablox game™ of classic Japanese inspiration. The symbology will leave no doubt to the,…

June 09, 2020
Bronco Spirit™ ~ Pragmatic Play ~ #FREEGAME

Bronco Spirit™ is a young mustang horse who lives in the Wild West. One night, Bronco Spirit™ discovers a camp of thieves in which, curiously, he enters. However,,…

June 09, 2020

It runs the year 2255 and the Earth is completely stripped of all its riches. Fear, violence and submissiveness reign. A small group of privileged,…

What are the advantages of this blog ?

Promotions and bonuses present in online casinos

The bonuses offered by virtual casinos provide each time they show up before us this irresistible urge to seize them. Especially when you are aware of the crazy sums in euros that they are ready to offer us! Since the promotions section that the Internet entertainment platforms currently offer, I have developed an entire infrastructure called the bonus family from the navigation bar with the exhaustive list of offers that it is possible To select for most of the time a deposit of money.

Each type of bonus is systematically accompanied by an objective review which is aimed at both novice players as for the more confirmed people who would be looking for additional information in order to strengthen their knowledge about online casino bonuses. All the descriptions are accompanied by concrete examples in order to provide an easy to understand illustration in the face of the principle of operation of each promotion. Finally, reputable online casino brands on the web offering this kind of bonuses are for each content referring to the bonuses referenced in a table provided for this purpose.

Discover free casino games with no download and in preview !

What’s better than to be able to play free games online casinos without having to register beforehand. is synonymous of a good source of entertainment. A place where free and no-download casino games occupy a vast territory. Since this module which I have to say is the most frequented of the site, it is possible to play many types of money games! To slot machines of course but also to roulette, poker, blackjack and other table games, video poker, keno, bingo, Dice game, scraping and to a recent section that offers this opportunity to make predictions from virtual sports games ! Mobile casino players can enjoy the non-download games listed in the AC guide from, in addition to being perfectly compatible with computer versions, they are also available via mobile screens !

By regularly browsing this guide very appreciated by the players, it is certain to be kept informed quickly of the novelties because all the variants added to the toy library of the flash games of silver are accessible first ! As for the rest, I take an unlimited pleasure in writing explanatory news reviews for free casino games. To access it, simply click on one of the buttons (winning table, normal game or full screen game) from one of the game sections. Once present on these pages, it will then be possible to read an objective magazine that includes each time an introduction based on the theme of the story and that is merged with the range of bets, the description of the various features and an opinion purely personal.

Know the origin of gambling with the presentation of their propulsion provider

In parallel to this big block that refers to the game of money with no download the comparative of AC, casino provider also find their place. It is for my part crucial to bring importance to these internet gambling provider development companies and sometimes terrestrial as the famous and talented Swedish creator Netent. Know where their studios of creation of online games, their course and their future ambitions, if they are subject at the fairs to discounts of awards for their different works carried out (best mobile operator, best designer of 3D casino games, and so on.).

There is nothing more significant than being able to consult a TOP English online casinos that only refers to regulated and certified platforms that meet the expectations of the players

The Internet is evolving at high speed with daily novelties and that in all areas! Regarding online casinos It’s exactly the same with new casinos that try their luck in this completely saturated market. But as in any sector of activity, there are good addresses and bad numbers. It is necessary to sort and as a player it is sometimes difficult to draw its pin from the game. You never really know what kind of administration we’ve fallen into.

Will it be reliable in the long term ? If I am a winner and want to ask for a bank withdrawal, will I have problems? Will customer service live up to my requirements as a customer ? Lots of questions are brewing in our head and this is a perfectly normal behavior.

Fortunately, the AC guide rolled up his sleeves to allow his readers to attend only regulated gaming platforms and duly approved by the players and myself. A TOP English online casino from 2020 was trained to give only light to signs of trust. To realize it just browse the objective reviews as well as the opinions of the players.

Compatible casinos on mobile and tablet are famous and they have found their territory from a special section

The mobile world is constantly moving with increasingly sharp technologies. Playing on an online casino from anywhere has become a banal thing but so much more comfortable than being forced to play on a computer at home. Online casinos have been put on the page and they now offer this opportunity to have the choice between entertaining from a mobile phone, on a tablet or with his PC. The choice of connection has become wide and the AC guide has followed the trend to allow its readers to consult tutorials, TOP nomadic casinos and other topics just as interesting from a section entirely dedicated to the world of mobile casinos.

Efficient means of payment to deposit and withdraw money on the internet and especially in digital casinos

When you want to take the step in the real game mode, you want to know the means of payment made available to the customer to be able to deposit and then consider a first cashing. All the reviews and opinions on the online casinos of the AC comparative stipulate black on white the list of the means of payment accepted on the site in question. To go further, the guide has set up a section that is dedicated exclusively to the means of payment that casinos use to receive and send money. In the contents of this important section are prioritized credit cards, electronic wallets (eWallets), prepaid cards, means of payment via the use of a smartphone and a final sub-category to accommodate other methods of payment that would not have found an owner.

The integration of a support in order to help the casino players in difficulties

One of the most important points is my opinion to ensure regular monitoring of the players that I direct towards gambling platforms. I know for a fact that the risk of getting ripped off from the list of recommended casinos is almost zero. But it is not just this point that could lead a player in distress.

For example, a delay in payment, a cancellation of gain, a mistake made in the bank, a misunderstanding of the level of obtaining a bonus, a malfunction at the level of the games, and so on. The cases are considerable and in more than 6 years of experience in the field of online casinos I have seen complaints from the media. I love helping players in trouble. Communicating with them is a real source of happiness and it also benefits from the solidification of my experience in this field.

In addition to allowing readers to express themselves directly from the commentary modules present at the foot of the reviews and reviews of online casinos, the site of AC has assistance via email. Some players wish to preserve their anonymity and with email support just as effective. One thing I conceive perfectly by leaving open an email communication from the contact page.

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