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Superstars™ slot machine from NetEnt. Never before seen! This new title offers you to play with the Swedish publisher’s mascots. The fusion of several slot machines! Find the unique characters of Finn, Gonzo, Lady Pig, Space Wars™, Brute and Starburst™! An explosion of stars that have all marked the evolution of NetEnt. Open the doors to the festivities. Step into pure entertainment. A classy party! Stunning party with nothing but good people. Step out onto the red carpet and let the crowd stare at you. Enjoy the luxurious symbols. They will open the doors to promising features. Tonight you will be the king of the dance floor!

Features of Superstars™:

Have fun with simple symbols. These will help you form paylines. They will have all the power over the symbols in the game. With the exception of the scatter and dice icons.

Collect at least 3 diamond scatters anywhere on the reels. At that point, you will activate the Superstars™ bonus game! These scatters symbols will then turn into random wins. They will occupy the same positions on the reels in the bonus game. The dice symbols will replace the scatter symbols in the main game. In the base game, dice symbols can only appear on reel 5. In case the bonus game has been activated by a dice symbol, 1 dice will be added! It will be placed in a counter when the bonus game is launched.

During the bonus game, you will have the opportunity to get instant wins! These can range from 1x to 25x the bet of the dice symbols. A dice symbol will award a roll of the dice. You will have the opportunity to roll multiple dice. Each time you roll a dice, you will move a token on the board. By doing so, you activate the functions on which the token stops. The initial number of free spins will be 3. Each time you get a new win, the reels will reset the counter to 3. If the Extra Spins feature is activated, the counter will be 4. When all positions on the reels are filled, the final game will be activated.

This will take shape when the reels are flooded with wins! All slots on the game board will receive wins. These will range from 25x to 1000x! There will be 2 boxes that do not have this function. They will be used to award dice when your token stops on them. To play, all you have to do is roll the dice. Either to get a win multiplier or to get more dice. At the start of the final game, the dice in the bottom left-hand box will be added to the initial number of dice to be rolled.

The number of dice you can throw is calculated as follows:

Before the start of the final game, your number of dice you can throw.
Added, the maximum number of rounds will be between 3 and 4.
Added, the number of Extra Life hearts remaining in the number of hearts with the start of the endgame. This number multiplied by the maximum number of spins reached in the bonus game.

Also take advantage of the Superstars™ bonus feature! This is where you will find iconic NetEnt characters!

Finn Feature: The Finn character will add +5 to a maximum of 5 wins and then combine them into one win.

Gonzo Feature: Gonzo will aim to multiply random wins up to 24x. This is on all reels of the Superstars™ slot machine.

Miss Banks Feature: Miss Bank will have the feature of placing a maximum of 15 wins on the reels. Values set between 1x and 5x the bet. If one win is placed on top of another, they add up!

Spaces Wars Feature: Awards 3 Respins! This feature will select the top 3 wins. Then it will make them appear during the Space Wars Respins.

Starburst Function: Will force 3 equal wins to be placed vertically. Prizes with values from 2x to 5x. Afterwards the winnings will multiply between them.

Extra Spins Feature: Will increase your potential number of spins to 4.

Extra Life Feature: When the spin counter reaches 0, this Extra Life function will kick in. It will award an Extra Life heart to reset the lap counter to either 3 or 4.

Superstars™ also offers you the chance to win prizes with a wheel of fortune!

Spin the big wheel to try and get the following:

A dice function to accumulate 1 extra dice.
Two dice functions to accumulate 2 additional dice.
A +1 function to add +1 to the value of each win.
An upgrade function to activate a 1x multiplier on all squares without bonus function.
Random function which will allow you to randomly activate the following functions. Starburst, Space Wars, Finn, Gonzo, Miss Banks.
Replay function that allows you to replay the next activated function in the replay ticket. You can replay the following functions. Starburst, Gonzo, Miss Banks, Space Wars, Finn and Upgrade.

The Superstars™ slot machine also allows you to enter the bonus game with just a few clicks. This is thanks to the Buy Bonus feature. To enter the bonus game directly, it will ask you to buy for 150x the value of your bet.

Review of Superstars™:

Superstars™ is an excellent slot from NetEnt. An original title that has a knack for merging several titles into one game. The perfect integration of these titles that are about different themes. In this slot there are loads of features to explore! Resulting in an incredible number of ways to generate profits. The many mechanisms of the game are incredible. This is evident at the highest level in the bonus game.

With this table game that invites you to click on a dice to find out its number. Then progress square by square in a sort of Monopoly game. Then discover the heart of the activated function. Each one reveals a way to award prizes. Great fun with win multipliers that keep adding up in a meter. In the end, seeing all that power accumulated for a more than generous overall profit!

In this review of the Superstars™ slot, I’m only talking about its bonus game. Also remember that you can be entertained with wilds, scatters, free spins, a Buy Bonus feature, a Replay feature or even bonus features!