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Neosurf is an online payment solution that originated from the insertion on the market a whole new way to deposit money in an online casino. The one who would undertake to clearly revolutionize in its entirety the possibilities of payment accessible on the web. Neosurf was therefore without a single precursor to the launch of prepaid vouchers in the form paper.

A method of depositing and withdrawing effectively avoiding the disclosure of this banking information, governs through powerful and operational security systems, to take advantage of an attractive loyalty system, a principle of operation relatively and to have uninterrupted access to a service exempt from the cost of opening or closing the account.

With an addition of all these advantages made available to all casino players, Neosurf enjoys to this day and without great amazement of a attendance that is seen in place and in perpetual increase. A statement giving the taste for smiling that proves to be relatively well marked in many entertainment services and that especially with fans of casino games online.

Is a smashing success that will invite the collaborators of this company of French origin created in 2004 to develop other optional tools equally innovative. A commercial strategy mainly motivated for the purpose of improving the benefits offered by the services already present upstream at Neosurf.

Represented by the company Neosurf Cards SAS, this company places its registered office at 10 rue Pierre Brossolette 94270 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre with as current representative of the publication on its official website Mr. Nicola Saubrié.

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How it works Neosurf?

Since its creation in 2004, the Neosurf system has undergone improvements but without realizing moments of growth that would have given it the opportunity to make new skin. After all why want to bring substantial changes to a well-run and reliable long-term system that brings daily satisfaction to hundreds of thousands of users across the globe?

By appealing to Neosurf technology, it is very easy to deposit money in a casino in order to be able to play real instantly. There is no time imposed before you can start playing. The procedure of transferring money via Neosurf is therefore very easy to implement and especially as recently specified very fast and perfectly secure. To credit his casino account, just a few clicks and the tour is played!

In the reality of Neosurf, consumers must go through 3 steps to make a deposit:

1:The first thing to do is to get out of his home in order to get physically to his nearest dealer. This can for example be a petrol station, a kiosk or press, a tobacconist, an internet cafe or even in a supermarket. As is easy to see following this enumeration, Neosurf is really implanted everywhere!

It then becomes very difficult not to be able to buy a voucher of this brand. In parentheses, competition is not lacking as the most popular with PaySafeCard names or even CASHlib, the newest of them that germinated online in 2016.

To effectively locate a point of sale in partnership with Neosurf among the current 135 000 worldwide, just go to the website of Neosurf. From the section titled (Find a prepaid card), a powerful filter (country, department and borough) allows to quickly locate from a typographic card all the places of sale of the brand.

If resellers do not really short the streets, which can happen in some areas of France, it is always possible to obtain good Neosurf online from the website Myneosurf Attaching particular care to ensure that the information required when creating an account is properly completed free.


Once present in one of these reseller establishments of ticket Neosurf, it is enough simply to address a small hello or goodnight to the person who is responsible for receiving the clients to express his willingness to want to buy a code Neosurf. Different pallets are within the reach of the players. They can exchange a good Neosurf against £10, £25, £50 or £100.

To carry out this trade, it is simply asked to give the equivalent in cash and it is all! There is no request for identity verification or personal contact information to be able to appropriate a prepaid card and whatever its value in pound. The purchase takes place in the most complete of anonymizer. This famous good paper will have a code composed of 10 unique digits. These will give the green light to pay online or play in a Neosurf casino when back to the house.

3:Back to his home, the player will have to log on to his favorite online casino where he will have previously created a real-mode account. After having logged using his pseudonym and password, he will then have to go to the cashier to select the means of deposit Neosurf.

Following this, to inform the 10 digits present on its ticket to credit safely and immediately his account. In case of winning the game and having this desire to want to withdraw money, the system of Neosurf allows to do it by crediting funds from his account Neosurf.

By providing for example a voucher of £100 which remains the highest, the player may have this desire to deposit only the sum of £50. The configuration of Neosurf allows to complete this action. Following the deposit of £50, a transfer of the remaining £50 will take place and it will be linked to another Neosurf code up to a limit of £250. A means of payment combined with optimum security, discretion and allowing an infallible control over the expenses thanks to a diary of activities very complete.

Neosurf and its highly loyal system of advantageous!

Not only does Neosurf offer this ultimate advantage of not having to pay with his credit card but on the other, it allows you to accumulate loyalty points at every purchase or deposit in a casino Digital! NeoMiles that have as a result a certain moment visible from its customer space to be exchanged for multiple gifts! As examples and by making a deposit in a Neosurf casino of £50, the credit system of point NeoMiles allows to earn £250!

On May 15th of 2017, there are exactly 13 046 and they are delicately stored in a shop that does not offer less than 12 sections like media Library, music, Games & Toys, Sound & image, electronics, gastronomy, habitat, household appliances, elle & him, birth, Sport & Leisure and finally Escape! Each section contains dozens of subheadings that present each product with its very explicit datasheet and its value in number of points NeoMiles.

To refine research, 2 search engines are integrated into this huge shop. The first is to filter the items by production mark and the second by number of EcoMiles participation points. To select a gift, simply go to the shop, choose the item, fill in the recipient’s contact information which implies that it is conceivable to send a surprise by making a gift in favor of one of its close. Following these 3 steps, it is sufficient to validate the previous operations and the freshly converted price in EcoMiles is sworn to arrive at destination within 8 working days while being exempt from fees Sending.

MasterCard Neocash Prepaid Card

With Neosurf, it is now possible to buy a prepaid MasterCard-type card in order to be able to pay in stores accepting MasterCard credit cards knowing that this consumer product is not a credit card strictly speaking but rather a refillable card. To be able to become a holder of this payment card, it is asked to go for example to a tobacconist or directly to the site Neocash.

Once logged in, the formalities to be able to obtain the card are relatively simplistic to implement. There are two methods that are presented to customers. The first is to proceed with its order by telephone by calling 0 825 567 109.

The second by online form that asks for information related to civility, correct mailing address to receive the Neocash card as well as a telephone number of valid preference. Then to proceed to the regulation which amounts to £14.90 either by use of credit cards VISA or MasterCard, good prepaid Neosurf, bank transfer, check, Paypal or even from an account MyNeosurf.

The advantages of using the Neocash card

By becoming a holder of this plastic card, many privileges are granted such as being able to convert species, offer money to friends, pay in many stores, settle purchases on the internet, play in online casinos Neosurf, share, control its expenses through inbound and outgoing transaction histories, withdraw cash from any cash machine whether inside or outside the eurozone, etc.

How to activate the map Neocash?

Security occupies a very important place for all the products offered by this international company. A leader in the market for prepaid vouchers. Therefore, the Neocash card is sent by post in case of an online order from the official website. Once in hand, it is asked to enter the word PIN + the 8 digits displayed on the map Neocash in the body of the message of an SMS and send it to number 06 69 25 25 25. A PIN code is automatically distributed and the card is automatically activated and becomes ready to the job!

teenagers can also take advantage of the services of Neosurf!

Indeed, Neosurf extends its benefits by taking care to wink at minors who would experience this need as for their parents to spend their pocket money online. For multiple wishes like to buy the latest music album from their fan, fashionable clothes or any other product of this kind.

For this type of audience, the security measures and protection are necessary. This goes from either and therefore specials codes named Neosurf minor are available on the web as in the various outlets listed above. The latter are activated by low monetary values to prevent any inconvenience.

Moreover, these Neosurf tickets intended for a public of teenagers do not fulfil a validity from the platforms subject to a use exclusively reserved for adults as for example the fact of being able to bet money in a casino online Neosurf.

Neosurf Customer Service

Neosurf follows loan requests from its customers and operates responsibly upstream to continually improve the quality of its services already having a very satisfactory score according to the opinions of the consumers on the internet. Available in English and French, the assistance of this giant of the prepaid card remains reachable by email or by mail to Neosurf seat at 10 rue Pierre Brossolette 94270 le Kremlin-Bicêtre.

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