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The publishers Netent come back in force at the end of June 2015 with a new game that bears the title of Neon Staxx™! This variant is shown in the slot machines section of 5 reels and 40 fixed lines. Neon Staxx™ is a first face to its graphics design.

No other Netent game can so far compete against this feature with this novelty. Its content invites its players to teleport for a little while in the middle of the 80’s. The places are drawn by neon-colored games and accompanied by a soundtrack that is rhythmic and animated by multiple sounds from a Synthesizer.

With its sleek lines, the slot machine interface presents itself to players facing a rough sea that lets see in the distance the skyscrapers of a big city. This general representation of the background which we must well say promotes the emergence of multiple interrogations suggests that it is a hologram. Yes indeed, this stormy sea is represented in three dimensions with grid areas by thousands of neons.

In other words, all that is illustrated to accompany the online game Neon Staxx™ do not exist. The sky is depicted in a strange way with a palette of colors that focuses largely on pink and black. A feeling of insecurity is also present and consistently. This phenomenon is caused by lightning that keeps hitting the ground and the area of the slot machine will not be spared any more.

Neon Staxx™ is a video slot machine with whimsical theme which has several representations of animals in order to open access to game features that are numbered 3. The latter are focused on a special feature (Super Staxx), wild jokers and a scatter option that will have the project to trigger free spins. Neon Staxx™ is a silver game that also offers a fixed jackpot worth 80 000 chips!

With its 5 reels and 40 fixed payment lines, Neon Staxx™ allows before each new launch to set up a bet that can be selected between the values £0.20 and £100.00. A beach in Paris that should undoubtedly satisfy a good number of players knowing that this opening in Paris is more than correct.

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Now we will focus with as much detail as possible on the features that reserve the game of chance Neon Staxx™ to its users. The first of the Staxx Neon game options is heading to a special feature.

The latter is unique and is therefore exclusively dedicated to this slot machine Netent of 40 lines. This clearly means that it will not be possible to find it in the content of other variants of the brand.

This special option has the name SuperStaxx. Its operating principle is to appear as a block of similar symbols stacked on reels 1, 2 and 3. These icons can be of different natures such as the Viper, The lion, the Panther or the Royal Eagle. In the case of reels 4 and 5, the latter will eventually stop to announce their representations.

The special feature will deliver any winnings in the knowledge that the result of reels 4 and 5 only amplifies them. All icons will be able to play a role at this precise stage of the game apart from the scatter which will be put on the key. During free spins, the special feature SuperStaxx may be active but there will be restrictions on its operation. Stacked symbols can only be predator icons or Wild.


We just now talk about the Joker. For this second paragraph of the features of the whimsical game Neon Staxx™, we will be interested in more ready to understand its role.

Its symbol is pretty stylish with in as representation a kind of ball bearing which once present on the interface of the video slot will perform a spin at 360° on itself. It will be impossible not to notice it on the one hand facing its rather peculiar gestures but also by the fact that the word wild will clearly mention it in pink color as the sky.

As with all jokers, it will be the principle of helping players to obtain prizes more easily by acting as a substitute for symbols. It will be able to act in this direction on all the icons of the Silver game Neon Staxx™ set apart for the scatters. In addition to adding action during the course of the game and encouraging the growth of winning lines, he will take advantage of it at his last moment to add a lot of chips that can go up to a value of 200.


The scatters are icons that are responsible for the birth of parts free spins. By implication, we can therefore clearly understand that the slot machine with no download Neon Staxx™ offers free spins.

In addition to this screenshot during our test, we can also confirm it in writing that Neon Staxx™ offers free spins. In addition, it will be possible to be able to obtain it through different levels of landing. In fact, at a minimum, players will be able to enjoy the 10 free spins while at the most, the index will be 20 which is far from being negligible.

The scatter is very similar to the wild in relation to its physical appearance. This feature is illustrated by a green empty sphere where a pink prism sits on its surface and the word scatter is written just below its base. To start playing for free with Neon Staxx™, the game will ask to collect anywhere on the screen a number of 3 Scatters.



Personally, I loved Neon Staxx™. At first I did not expect such a graphic achievement at all. I found a real touch of originality knowing that this type of graphic content had never yet been proposed by the Swedish publishers Netent.

These talented developers love the taste of risk by putting online games of a whole new genre. For this example, we can say that this is perfectly successful. To date (June 24th of 2015), it is impossible to find in the toy library of Netent money games a variant that confuses graphic and sound similarities with Neon Staxx™. I’m not nostalgic (theme game of the 80’s) but I really enjoyed the soundtrack of Neon Staxx™. This sound emitted by a synthesizer brings some strength to the game and the action is well pronounced.

From the point of view of the features of this three-dimensional slot machine of 40 lines, I can only be satisfied. From the outset, it is possible to play and earn money by playing with a special feature (SuperStaxx). As for its visual content, this feature is unknown to other brand slot videos. This adds spice to the game and I can guarantee that this option is far from Radix.

In addition, its operating principle is original with these stacked blocks columns that not only for the purpose of reaching a big win. Let’s not forget to mention that Neon Staxx™ offers the opportunity to play with 20 free games to the fullest knowing also that the special feature can be active at that time. To encompass its particularly lucrative options, the online game Neon Staxx™ offers a jackpot of £80 000 that can fall any time!

As we can understand, being an online slots tester for 4 years, I can say that Neon Staxx is really worth the detours. All the points that the players are looking for are present. A set of 40 lines that offers a redistribution rate of 96.60%. It would be a pity not to take advantage of all the advantages that this variant offers to try to explode its crate in a time record!

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