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The TV series Narcos™ produced by Netflix was so successful that one will even see it from the hand of the team of the giant Netent. The story of the legendary Pablo Escobar the most wanted man in the world by the DEA inspired the provider to release a beautiful game with a slew of features: the wild symbol, the walking wild, the drive-by feature, the locked-up symbol, the locked-up feature, the golden locked up symbol and free spins will be present to amaze us.

Narcos™ is a television series based on drug trafficking in Colombia in the 90’s and on the persecution of one of the most bloodthirsty traffickers Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria, head of the Medellin cartel. The story begins when Cucaracha a cocaine manufacturer who left Chile settles in Colombia and looks for a partner.

Then he met Pablo Escobar who at first was a recognized trafficker of goods in association with his cousin Gustavo Gaviria. They start to create a huge wealth in the city of Medellin. They also associate with the main traffickers of other Colombian goods. We also see how the drug is introduced in the United States and the people involved.

This history is often told from the point of view of DEA agent Steve Murphy, an American sent to Colombia to investigate cocaine trafficking and collaborate in the arrest of the major traffickers. With agent Javier Peña, they will be the head of commandos to end the bloody adventures and the life of the great luxury of Pablo Escobar.

We can see how influential this character was in his country and the series reflects absolutely everything, no taboos everything is dealt with. The drugs, the murders, the fear, the immense wealth he even had and nobody knew what he possessed , the power he exercised over everyone: and when we disagreed with him he did not go through four paths!

The series Narcos™ of a brutal realism has connected a large audience who had the curiosity to know a little more about the life of Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria. Extremely well done, there is nothing lacking and it must be said that when Pablo Escobar no longer appears it is no longer the same, there is no longer the same interest can be because the other cartels were not so known. It is true that at the end of the series we have a much broader view of all drug cartels in Colombia.

Features Narcos™:


The locked up feature will be activated during the main game when 3 or more locked-up symbols on the same row. When the feature is triggered, the locked-up symbols will move together in a cluster shape. All laps during this feature are free.

A symbol is part of a cluster if it is adjacent horizontally or vertically to another identical symbol. During the locked-up feature the symbols will form clusters to earn coins. Three or more symbols appearing in a cluster rewards a victory. All the symbols in the main game remain in the playground and move to the center to form a cluster.

Each locked-up and golden locked-up symbol in a cluster will be given a value. The value assigned to the symbols can be 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 times the total bet. In addition, Golden locked up symbols with important starting values have an additional amount of coins that will be given to them and that can be 11, 12, 13, 16, or 26 times the total bet.

During the locked up feature only the locked up and golden locked up symbols will appear on the reels. Players start the locked up feature with 3 spins. During each round if a new locked up or golden locked up symbol appears, creating new cluster wins or adding to already existing clusters, the number of spins will be 3.

The locked up and golden locked up symbols will rotate independently but also simultaneously on the reels. When there are no more laps or the playground is completely filled with the symbols the feature will be finished and the winnings will be rewarded. At the end of the feature the game will return to the base game that triggered it.

At the end of the locked up feature the total win of the feature will be added to all winnings in the round that will have triggered the feature. The feature will be played on the same level of betting and parts that have activated it and the values will not be able to change during the feature.

The locked up and golden locked up symbols that remain on the reels but are not part of a cluster will have no value until they are connected to a cluster. During the locked up feature, golden locked up symbols can unlock one of the following features: multiplier, upgrade symbols, and high starting value.

The multiplier: all the values of the cluster win symbols are multiplied by 2 or 3. The upgrade symbols, during the feature of multiple upgrades that increase by 1 the total bet that can be assigned to the symbols that are part of the same cluster.

This upgrade may occur from 7 to 15 times each time the feature is enabled. The high starting value: an additional value will be added to the golden locked up symbol as a starting value. If more than one golden locked up symbol appears in the same turn, the symbol begins to reveal the value horizontally from the left to the right.

At the beginning of the feature the betting values for the golden locked up symbols are the same as the regular locked up symbols. This value can change. If the locked up feature is enabled during AutoPlay, it will automatically stop. At the end of the locked up feature, the game returns to the turn that activated it and the AutoPlay will not restart.

The drive-by feature will be activated randomly during the main game will transform some paid symbols into wilds symbols. Each symbol will be transformed independently of the other symbols. At the end of the drive-by feature the total win resulting from the drive-by will be added to the bankroll. If free spins or locked up are also activated then the drive-by will run first. Drive-by feature will only be rewarded when the feature finishes.

During the basic game and free spins the wilds that are part of a win will remain on the reels and will shift horizontally from one position to the left in each round. Wilds that shift horizontally during each round are called walking wilds.

During the main game and free spins if any feature is activated while the walking wilds are still present on the reels, the walking wilds continue until the feature is complete. It will finish if there are no more winnings or if the limit is reached.

If 3 scatter symbols appear anywhere on reels 1, 3 and 5 in the main game 10 free spins will be activated. In the free spins, in each round there is a chance that one or more high paying symbol will change to wilds. Free spins and walking wild functionality can be triggered in the same round.

At the end of free spins, if there are still walking wilds on the reels, an additional free spin will be rewarded. This will continue until there is no more walking wilds present. The free spins will be played on the same level of coins and betting as the game that triggered them. At the end of the free spins, the total win will be added to the others harvested in the round that triggered them.

Opinion about Narcos™:

The famous Netflix series, Narcos™ has had an incredible worldwide success. His main character is Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria one of the world’s most famous and bloody drug trafficker. And Netent could not fail to release a game with the collaboration of Netflix for all fans of the series. It would have been unforgivable for him to have a competitor do it.

Netent brings us a slot machine Narcos™ of 5 reels 3 rows and 243 ways to win. A soundtrack that reminds us of the television series plunges us immediately into the mysterious and frightening atmosphere of the ruthless universe of Narcos™. Fans will immediately recognize the jingle of the series when they return to the game.

The characters that are part of it can be easily recognized: it could not miss Pablo Escobar, DEA agents Javier Peña and Steve Murphy, the bloodthirsty Jose Rodriguez, and Virginia Vallejo lover of the boss of the drug. The characters drawn in a very real cartoon mode are really well made, we feel that we are there.

The return to the player is 96.23% which is good enough for a slot of its characteristics and the average volatility to high which makes that one should not wait a lease to discover the features of Narcos™. The coin values range from 0.01 to €2, which gives us bets of 0.20 to €400 depending on what value and what level of bet one chooses.

We find the Netent that we love, a game full of features (drive-by, free spins, locked up, golden locked up, walking wilds), and that quickly activate, prices that do not stop falling… This time the shot is successful for Netent! A casino game Narcos™ gorgeous that makes us spend a great time with atypical characters.

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