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Following the passage of the 2 mobile slots to the titles of Guns N’ Roses™ and Jimi Hendrix™, Netent returns under the spotlight with Motörhead™! An online casino game that traces some of the most intense episodes of the Motörhead™ music group under the well-pronounced influences of speed and trash metal!

In the early stages of connection, the audience of this mobile video slot will enter the vivid of the subject by staging and without wanting to play words this talented group from the United Kingdom. Founded in the early years of 80’s, this team of music artists did not take more than a few months before making a serious place in the world of show business.

The editions of albums are chained down at high speed. Each new introduction of their discs in the bins marked each time a higher level in the evolution of this rock n’roll band which experienced a wave of members between the beginning of the years 1980 until 2015. There were a total of 10 people including 4 who left the Earth’s surface for almost every time reasons for excessive hard drug use.

This legendary band was traversed over the years by Lemmy Kilmister, Phil Campbell, Mikkey Dee, Phil Philithy, Taylor, Wurzel, Eddie Clarke, Brian Robertson, Pete Gill, Larry Wallis and Lucas Fox. There was a stint in the hard rock band Motörhead™. This allowed him to offer freshness following the new entry of a member and a constant rise to the success.

Has an unlimited fame after the placing on the market of their albums and especially the crowds more and more crowded during their tours all over the world. With such a triumph over several decades, Motörhead™ has made a place in the light by being an integral part of the largest British bands of rock classified music classified.

At the moment, Motörhead™ appears at 26th place on 100 of the biggest groups of hard rock by VH1. To mention still figures and allow everyone to measure the global success of this legendary group party of not much, Motörhead™ has elapsed in 40 years of career over 30 million of albums including 22 studio albums, 12 compilations, 4 EP and 13 Recordings of Concert!

The publishers of the firm Netent have taken matters into their own hands with the idea of reviving the Motörhead™ group to the obscur past by integrating it into a slot machine game composed of certain live sequences of its concerts Devilish.

The interface of the game comes with quite dark colors but we had to doubt it because the objective is to dive and without detouring the players in the ambient climate that Motörhead™ was releasing.

An uncertain atmosphere upset by acute and serious sonorities of both electric guitar and big Bass to make the majority of people present completely deaf. The graphic chart illustrates a scene where a live concert of Motörhead™ will soon unfold. There are speakers located all over the place with power cables that litter the floor.

A guitar sits upright on a wall of sound. Further, we can see a battery slightly concealed behind the 5 reels of the video slot Mobile Motörhead™. The crowd calls tirelessly and begins to divulge signs of impatience so that the group members deign to stand on the podium and start playing music until the end of the night. A rather special atmosphere I must say where the unleashed public waits as it can the arrival of their Idols.

Motörhead™ is not an ordinary online slot. It already demonstrates this by its thematic but what I want to assert in this sense that its structure at the level of its 5 reels is unique of its kind. The latter is represented by a sort of isosceles triangle that is lying at the vertical.

On its surface rests squares which in turn allow items to manifest themselves. The top of this triangular shape inhabited by icons of different natures is located on the far left side of the Motörhead™ video slot machine. The surface of its base lies against it on the extreme right side of the game. In other words, this geometric figure allows to leave the activity to 3 symbols on reels 1, 3 others on reels 2, 4 on reels 3 and 4 and 5 active items in the contents of the reel number 5.

With such a configuration at the level of its reels, the Motörhead™ game with 3 rows and 76 fixed lines allows to give way to new features compared to what we can already know of the brand money games Netent.

At any time, it will be possible for Motörhead™ players to encounter simple Wilds, scatters, free games as well as 2 special features and peculiar to this slot machine. As with its great habit, Netent developers program relatively flexible betting ranges to satisfy a large scale of players.

With the Motörhead™ online game, these will be able to blaze sums of money based between £0.01 and £200.00. Since the 76 lines of this slot machine are frozen, it will not be possible to manually activate them. On the other hand, a number of parts will be activated and it will be possible to credit between 1 and 10 coins. Denomination values will also be part of the set with beginner indices starting from £0.01 to up to a maximum of £1.00.


In the gameplay of the Motörhead™ game of chance are available from simple wilds. These are represented by the head of a creature coming straight from the underworld. The jaw is constantly open for probably letting its dreaded fangs and wearing a helmet with cow horns, it will have for the gift of bursting flames of high intensity from its mouth and its eyes demonic.

Paradoxically, its purpose will be to help the game Motörhead™ to define pay lines and keep after an inflamed show the most powerful among them in terms of price redistribution. But these profits can be intensified through the special feature under Mystery Reel Feature!

Whether it is in the main game or in the free game sequence, this option will be able to intervene on several reels see all in case Lady Luck is lurking around. The simple wilds that we have seen previously will have a force which will be able to stack up on each other so as to colonize the whole of a reel.

It is then that the probabilities to enter into victories will be more than ever consistent. Once these reels under the full grasp of this diabolical force will stop for good, these items release a random symbol by putting on the key the scatter icon responsible for putting the parts into free service.

A second feature called special because unique in its kind can manifest itself at every moment of play but only in the context of the main game. This is clearly the feature bomb. Sirens announcing will sound by signaling the setting up of a curfew. The graphic design of the video slot mobile Motörhead™ will know radical changes. A thick red cloud that appears to be a smoke will colonize a good area of the 5 reels. Incessant earthquakes will give the strong impression that something very intense is going to happen in the next moments of the game. The suspense will be guaranteed.

This pronounced feeling will extend throughout the feature bomb feature with a dose of adrenaline that will promise not to come down anytime soon. During this show that deserves to be experienced by a large number of players, bombs will start to rain. They will be imaged by mystery icons that will position themselves in overcoating on the 5 reels of Motörhead™ and of course in a totally random way. Once these explosive devices stop fanning this general chaos, the rollers will start to feature normally by following the launch protocol of the mystery feature reel.


It is no longer a secret but as I had mentioned a short time ago, the machine to under Motörhead™ offers a chance to play for free and this during the passage of 10 free Spins! Rather not bad and so that it can take root in the game, the goal will be at first to collect on 3, 4 and 5 reels of Motörhead™ 3 icons Scatters.

Items that are once again illustrated by this very aggressive creature but in this context presented in another style. His head will be taken in vice by 2 powerful wings of a royal eagle. During this free game phase, the Mystery feature will be able to take control of the game and wilds icons will also be able to add their grain of salt in order to board the players in large series of earnings!



For music fans classified in the hard rock lexicon, Motörhead™ is undoubtedly a reference in matter although I have a more pronounced attraction for the game Guns N ‘ Roses. The elements of the decorations of this 3D mobile video slot are more colorful and the gameplay and hardly more loaded in matters of features.

After that, Motörhead™ remains an excellent title that also offers a good set of features to play and progress quickly in mega wins. With Guns N ‘ Roses, this episode is a bit more difficult to acquire even though these 2 3D slots have a theoretical redistribution rate for players based at over 96.00% !

The mobile slot machine Motörhead™ is very strong sensations and it demonstrates it with the cinematography of departure which also diffuses the group Motörhead™ which is preparing to go on stage and takes control of its musical instruments to endevil the crowd.

With regard to its features, the so-called special ones add a sustained user experience with well-worked soundtracks that immerse us totally in the game to the point of forgetting what revolves around us. The effects of tremor are remarkable and this more particularly in the process of unfolding the option Bomber Feature.

To conclude, the video slot machine Motörhead™ is a real gift from the publishers Netent and it would be a pity not to try to tame it. A very good mobile video slot that appears in the favorite games of the Netent class in the site Avis casinos.

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