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More Monkeys™

More Monkeys™ is an Asian-style slot machine that has 5 reels, 3 rows. Armed with multiple benefits, this slot machine also offers 1024 combinations to make money.

With the help of pretty neat graphics, the online casino game More Monkeys™ offers an airy landscape that is drawn by a chain of snowy mountains.

The interface of the game is positioned on one of the peaks of this mountainous massif where few people still had the ambition necessary to go on expedition. A wall made of rock serves as a support in order to be level and to maintain a certain stability in the face of time. The interface of the More Monkeys™ slot machine is actually the front wall of a Chinese temple. The roof by itself with a typical architecture of the surroundings. By the way, a reference to the title of 4 seasons coming straight from the producers of games Betsoft Gaming bears similarities common to More Monkeys™.

The 5 reels and 3 rows of More Monkeys™ are animated by all kinds of illustrations. The animals seem to have an important place in the game since a panda in a bamboo forest is visible from time to time. There is also a tiger that stands in a rather special posture.

One of his big paws and resting on the other. He fixes the goal with these brown eyes and he opens his mouth regularly by licking his lips. Harmless, a Chinese carp of white and red colors that comes and goes in its aquatic environment without worrying about the world that revolves around it.

Monkeys will also be present and they act as protagonists to sow discord in the game and open access to features so as not to deprive themselves of distributing tokens in their own way. Pleasant and humorous scenes will be discovered during this part of the gameplay of the slot More Monkeys™.

This NextGen Gaming video slot offers a range of bets ranging from £0.60 to £75.00. To influence a bet value between these two ends, domination values will be within a click range. Located in the lower right of a representation of an Asian sacred temple, these values range from £0.01 to reach a maximum threshold of £1.25.

More Monkeys™ is a game of chance that has quite a rich gameplay. During the course of the game, it will be possible to play with two versions of wilds, free games, multipliers, an option or double and a great opportunity to win one of the three jackpots visible just above the slot machine interface.



Imagine we’re in the main game. In this mode, simple wilds can perfectly stand on reels 2 and 4. In addition to this advantage of being able to manifest several times on the screen to multiply the chances to get a pay-win line, the jokers of the More Monkeys™ online game will be able to metamorphose all the items.

Finally almost since the bonus symbols can not be replaced by the wilds. To accurately identify this feature that aims to substitute other icons to make it easier to gain access to victories, it is the king of signs who will represent it.

For a bit, we might confuse it with a human. He stands upright on both legs and has a blue and yellow combat outfit. He holds in his right hand a stick that he puts in support on his right shoulder. With his other hand, he addresses the sign of victory by raising his index and his major in front of the goal.


The bonus feature is actually a mandatory crossing point to activate free spins. To win free spins, the goal will be to try to collect on the reels at least 3 bonus icons represented by the word bonus in capitals positioned on a red lozenge. In this case, 7 free spins will be activated knowing that it will be possible to get more than 20 in the case of an appearance of 5 bonus icons.

This is not all because the bonus feature will also have coins packs. By obtaining 3, 4 or 5 symbols of this nature, free coins will be allocated and distribute respectively 60, 300 or 5000 chips. During the reception in this feature, the free spins are not going to snap into the immediate. Before entering the topic, the configuration of the game will require you to choose one of the three game modes displayed with explanations in their operation from a special page.

I take advantage of this table of earnings of More Monkeys™ to look at the question of what is offered in addition to these three modes of play?

The first one proposes to accumulate 8 extra free parts in addition to those freshly won. The second mode focuses on the idea of offering far more stacked wilds than the normal 8 on the central coil. Finally the third mode offers those who will choose to merge it with their free spins to activate a gain multiplier of x8! Yes, just that.

When the mode is selected, the bonus feature will start operating. It is from this precise moment that the second form of wild that I set out in the introduction will be able to get into action. Like any good wild who respects himself, his role in the slot More Monkeys™ will be to replace all the icons he finds across his road to help the game to form winning lines and then offer faster payouts to players.

It is a baby chimpanzee who is gifted in acrobatics who will carry out this mission knowing that it will not be able to replace the bonus icons. This suggests that it will be possible to earn extra free games during the bonus feature. The answer is positive if you meet at least 3 items of this kind.


The More Monkeys™ slot machine is accompanied by three jackpots that evolve by weight of chips as a result of the amount injected by the players. At the time I write these lines, the mini jackpot is £500 , the minor of £2 500 and the major of £62 500. Not negligible prizes that will be possible to win at any time!

During an opening to this feature, science fiction will take over to export players to the controls of a spacecraft. The goal will be to spray with a double green laser asteroids, satellites, other ships, etc. The goal of the mission will be to evolve in 6 levels which for the last lead to the jackpots coins.

To go from level to level, so you will have to attack what is in front of either. Each destruction will let see either a red cross or a green arrow. The Red Cross symbolizes the failure and the green arrow the success which therefore will allow to rise one level.

In the event that three red crosses are unfortunately discovered, the jackpot feature will suddenly end. Therefore, players will be expelled and forced to regain the main game. In the event that the six steps are completed, the jackpot level will open.

The same process will then be put in place. The purpose of the mission will be to select devices to discover jackpot illustrations. In the event that three similar representations are collected, the jackpot in connection with the latter will be won. On the other hand, if three red crosses are revealed, the feature will lock to allow for the standard game.



More Monkeys™ is a pretty sketchy game with respect to its graphic quality. In my opinion, the soundtrack is fairly flat and it gets energized and little more when actuating features. In other words, the graphical layout of the slot could have been much more lively with dynamic elements.

But it only comes down to a simple story of taste. For me, I think that NextGen Gaming publishers are focused on gameplay by linking it to a good bunch of features. The wilds do a remarkable job whether it is in the main game or even during the passage of the free spins.

I really liked the fact of being able to associate a game mode with the free spins. Options that add a real force to the redistribution power of the video slot mMre Monkeys™. To date, I have no knowledge of its percentage but from experience during my various tests, I can say that it has nothing to envy to the other extras in the gameplay of the 5 NextGen Gaming casino games.

The x8 multiplier makes miracles during free games that can at the passing reach a dizzying 20 peak! Other than this plus and not least, More Monkeys™ has three jackpots that are far from shy about their chip content. The special level concerning them is very nice to browse and it offers a fairly long playing time which further strengthens are playful side.

The money Game More Monkeys™ is in my humble opinion a fairly simple game at the level of its graphic charter but its general content at the level of its features brings a good growth in chips for the players who will tame it.

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