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NextGen Gaming developers go again and through the gameplay of the Monster Wins™ slot machine in a world completely different from ours. Monster Wins™ lies in light years of our galaxy lost between 2 Suns and 3 moons. An interstellar voyage of which almost all in hyper-sleep was led to reach the destination of this distant planet where everything seems to be new to the eyes of Mankind.

The dominant color is blue with low intensity radiation here and there that emanate from these kinds of test tubes used to carry out experiments in chemistry. The latter are subjected to long pipes having the characteristics of being glued to each other. It leaves no space between them and they are nested in the ground in a vertical position to form a protective barrier to something that would appear to be the marker of Alien colonies.

This mystery will not take too long to be revealed in the daylight with this sudden invasion of various creatures of appearances on the 5 reels and 3 rows of the slot machine. Living beings with pacifist ambitions that would not hurt a fly to see their attitudes and their different physical appearances that confuse them for some to pieces of colorful gelatin.

In fact, the colors are at the appointment in this world that is absorbed by love and peace where joy in hearts binds to the faces of these protagonists who are 9 and proudly represented by a Chief. A master who seems to be the smartest of all because it must be admitted the level of intellectual quotient grazes the ground in the very childish universe of the video slot Monster Wins™.

As we might imagine by evoking the term extraterrestrial, these beings are not equipped with new technologies. Therefore, it will be impossible to see them travel between parallel universes using mother ships, flying saucers or exploration drones running at the speed of the light.

Teleportation, dematerialization or telepathy are intellectual faculties that seem to be ignored by these space brothers. The game of Monster Wins™ remains very simplistic in the operation of its gameplay with creatures with an eye that we could call cyclops.

These life forms are more like omelettes than real living beings. Others are more physically evolved with appearances approaching the human species. Still others have more than 2 eyes to infer that they have much more advanced visual qualities than we Earthlings.

In this madness of genetic mutations, these UFOs are framed to avoid madness overflows to see the attitudes of some by an alien who seems to be perfectly well awake and endowed with motor abilities equivalent to those of men see more during certain passages of the game Monster Wins™.

In this live theater from a distant planet, the Monster Wins™ slot will be able to allow its users to play with expandable wilds, free games named Boss Monster and a feature Special title to release Boss Monster or the latter will logically play a fundamental role in allowing the gameplay to progress and release as and when the tokens.

Built of 5 reels, 3 rows and offering 1024 possibilities to earn money, the Monster Wins™ mobile slot machine is in perfect condition to allow its audience to play from £0.50 per spin to reach a peak of £100.00. This results in a relatively correct betting scale that will respond positively to many players.



The Monster Wins™ casino game is equipped with wilds that have the ability to extend to all the height of their coil landing.

In other words, a force of being able to stand on a reel by means of 3 simple wilds that will mount one on top of each other so as to supplement to 100% the height of the wheel in question. These jokers will have an influence on reels 2, 3 and 4. They will be able to replace all the symbols of the game to greatly promote the release of parts through lines fees.

To fulfill this mission in the rules of the art, the wilds will have in the configuration of the slot machine in three-dimensional Monster Wins™ a substitution power on all the items of the game except on the icons Scatters.


These scatter illustrations are identifiable by a bonus that when it will be present 3 times on the screen will allow in the aftermath to be entertained with 3 Free spins.

Free spins a little special because the number 1 reel will have to freeze during the entire free game sequence with Boss Monster icons. The other 4 reels (2, 3, 4 and 5) will start working for 3 laps offered by welcoming the wide open arms of other Boss Monster items as well as wilds simple.

During the course of this free game stage, the gameplay will experience some changes in its graphic chart with a rosy color that comes to marry this dominant blue. The alien master in any case the least idiot of all will come and take a quick look at the story of making sure that everything is unfolding correctly.


The third and last gameplay feature of the slot mobile Monster Wins™ is heading for a special feature that bears the name of releasing Boss monster. This is clearly a challenge coming from the confines of the universe.

To carry it out, the goal will be to get on reel 1 of the Monster Boss stacked on each other. In this case, coil number 1 will freeze in time to leave the field free to other Boss Monster icons to manifest on the other reels of the slot machine and in purpose to pave the way for earnings multipliers.

Following this free spin that we can also qualify as re-spin in gambling jargon on the internet, the main game will regain its operation with just before activating this new sequence the gains arising from the Special feature free Boss Monster added in Crate.



Monster Wins™ is a mobile casino game that is quite simple in its graphics while offering A captivating gameplay with multiple humorous moments created from all parts by these UFOs lulled a little too close to the wall. The theme is original with a gameplay that brings together 3 features whose most interesting remains the sequence of free games that offers despite this a low rate in free Spins.

Globally and through my various tests, the Monster Wins™ game offers a sufficient number of features. The problem is that the latter are taking place extremely quickly. Let’s go back to the free spins. The latter are of a number of 3 which may prove to be relatively short for the vast majority of opinions of players.

We are barely installed in the content of the feature that this one already asks us to rid the floor. For me, this is an error on the part of Nextgen Gaming but to raise the level, the access to the features is very fast between each phase activation.

It is not uncommon to enter the free parts several times with only 70 cumulative spins. An advantage that allows to rebalance the balance knowing that the game of chance Monster Wins™ offers a redistribution rate of 97.12% which is far from the lowest compared to other NextGen Gaming video slot.

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