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Using the famous NextGen gaming casino game software, the 5 reels and 25 lines slot machine Miss Midas™ opens the doors of a kingdom that is inhabited by a princess. The latter is quite different from those we can find inside this type of content since this pretty young woman has a gift that has the effect of transforming into gold everything she touches with her fingers.

She will not fail to use her edge touch in order to spawn a slew of wild icons that will delight the users ‘ money exchanges. Most of the time, the interface of this slot of 25 lines will be presented in front of the famous kingdom of Miss Midas™. The places are quite impressive with this height of ceiling with multiple vaults that exceeds the mind. This great room where the most obvious of her time Miss Midas™ is illuminated by large stained glass windows. In addition to being accompanied by a captivating soundtrack, this luminous radiation will amplify during the triggering of features.

Wealth is also set to the front of the stage with statuettes that quickly lets think that travels across the globe melts part of the life of Miss Midas™. Ceramics from ancient Greece as well as sculptures of men and women with bare bodies are present along the fortifications of this monument. At the foot of these countless statuettes lies a bed of gold coins and gemstones.

This mat of colors participates in the natural lighting of this large space facing these primary rays of light that pass through the windows of this large living room. It is a real bath of light that is played there. It concentrates in the center of the room to illuminate this double-destination marble staircase which offers two accesses to allow those who borrow it to go to the upper floor.

Miss Midas™ will not show up to the players right away but she will just do it in a second time. More precisely when activating game features. Regarding this aspect of this online casino game, the features will be numbered 3 with wilds and scatters symbols, free games and to finalize this listing a special feature!

With its free bankroll of £1000, the online gambling Miss Midas™ offers the opportunity to be able to put into play sums of money that can start from £0.25. For those who wish to go further in their level of betting, they will be able to go in this direction with the maximum bet £50.00 per spin.

Features :


To begin with, you should know that the online game Miss Midas™ offers the opportunity to play money with a special feature that is peculiar to it. This last one is called Super bet. The principle of this feature is to improve the chances of winning for the players. In other words, this option is intended to reduce the waiting time in the face of obtaining a prize. The super bet is permanently visible on the right side of the slot machine.

In the beginning, this special feature will be disabled. In order to allow it to operate in the game, it will be enough simply to operate it on level 1 or 2. Each floor reserves the right to Miss Midas™ to change some icons in gold that will have the final goal of releasing more generous gains. For example, level 1 offers the opportunity for Miss Midas™ to change the symbols peacock, throne, fruit and gold. This metamorphosis orchestrated by Miss Midas™ will have the final goal of transforming these representations into wilds joker!

As we can clearly see, the higher the active level of the special featuring will be and the greater the chances of leaving with earning following a spin will be consequent. Of course, it engages players to play louder during this activation. For example, to enable level 1, users will need to wager 10 additional coins.


Now we’re going to dedicate a paragraph just for wilds icons. It is the main character of Miss Midas™ who will personally take charge of illustrating this feature through her angelic face. The magic will also be part of the scenery at this moment and it will be growing when activating the feature with a whirlwind of magic that consists of gently transforming symbols into wild. Miss Midas™ will be able to act so on all the icons of the game set apart for the Miss Midas™ scatters.

In addition to offering magical animations while bringing tenderness and peace, Miss Midas’s™ wilds will benefit from their presence to operate token lots. To the maximum either by getting 5 icons of this type, the feature will be able to transmit an amount of 500 chips!


The free spins of the video slot Miss Midas™ will be able to go up to a maximum of 25! To achieve such an advantage in the configuration of the game, it will initially be asked to collect a number of 3 scatters.

This feature free spins is proudly represented by the entire kingdom of Miss Midas™. The latter rests on a green hill where the sky is associated with blue and violet. To start earning free spins (15), the game will require you to gather a number of 3 scatters on the screen. Following this precise moment of the game, the scenery will be almost the same but the light coming from the outside will be much more intense than normal with a much more vivid soundtrack.

The wilds will also be present, which will allow Miss Midas™ to transform into gold the maximum of symbols she’ll cross in her path. Let’s not forget to mention that it will be possible to credit new free spins during this free game process.



Personally, I really like the games that revolve around magic. This is perfectly successful with Miss Midas™. This character has the power to metamorphose into gold all the objects he encounters in his passage. On this occasion, he takes advantage of this action to serve juicy prizes on a platter.

This fantastic theme game we have to say it offers a correct number of features although I have to say that I had enough trouble to get into the feature of free spins. I had to play a little loan 180 spins in order to be able to access and collect in the end the sum of £26.40 (see image illustrative in the paragraph of free spins). The wild plays its role perfectly with this special feature, which greatly assists the joker option to maximize its power of substitution.

In purpose, the redistribution of earnings is satisfactory from my experience with the game but also on its theoretical rate which is displayed on the table of earnings of Miss Midas™. The latter is 95.30% without the Super bet, 95.58% with super upgrade and finally 95.61% with Super Upgrade 2.

With its 5 reels and 25 winning lines, the online slot Miss Midas™ also offers good graphic content with many details making it all its richness. I really enjoyed this brightness game that is continually modified to add some form of life to this NextGen Gaming online casino game.

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