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Mighty Africa 4069 Ways™

On January 24th, 2019 the Playson provider offered us its new slot machine called Mighty Africa 4069 Ways™. Elaborated with 6 reels and 4 rows under the theme of the majestic Africa, its wilds, its scatter symbol, its free spins and the Wild Split feature will show us the 4069 ways to win! The wildest animals in a beautiful scenery will come to help us increase our bankroll.

The legend says that in Africa a very long time ago, a very smart little leopard who liked to eat lizards on the edge of the river. He used to do that every day and then lay down in the sun. The problem was that there wouldn’t have soon more on this side of the river, but on the other side there was a lot of it.

The only problem is that our friend the leopard (paying symbol of Mighty Africa 4069 Ways™) did not know how to swim. He did not know what to do because he had practically no more of his favorite aperitif. His friend the elephant had just bathed in the river and had given him a good idea.

He told the elephant if he had heard about the endless meadow, with green grass and juicy and the elephant replied that no he knew nothing about it there. The leopard promises to show him but they have to cross the river so the elephant proposes to him to make the crossing on his back. The leopard accepts without hesitation.

The two friends cross the river, the leopard shows the elephant where the meadow is and then goes hunting his favorite lizards. But everything doesn’t last forever, and the leopard eats all the lizards on the shore. So he wants to go back to the other side where his whole family is. But how to cross the river again?

The leopard approaches the field where the elephant is and starts to run and howl. The owners were completely distraught and flocking to the elephant and hit him with wood and throw stones at him. They only stop when they think he’s dead. It was then that the leopard approached and told his friend that he was at night and that he had to go home.

The Elephant (the most lucrative symbol of Mighty Africa 4069 Ways™) asks the leopard why he screamed and he replies that he runs and howls after eating lizards. Then the elephant rides him back to cross the river. But in the middle of the crossing the elephant starts to dance.

This is when the leopard asks the elephant why he does this because he does not know how to swim. The elephant responds to him very quietly that he is used to dancing after eating grass. The leopard falls into the water and gets carried away by the stream and our friend the elephant ended his crossing without problems. That’s how the leopard learned a good lesson.

Features of Mighty Africa 4069 Ways™:


In a beautiful wild Africa, in the middle of the savannah crashes our interface 6 reels, 4 rows and 4069 ways to win. The wilds, scatters and wild animals of Mighty Africa 4069 Ways™ will propel us to victory with a bet value of £0.25 to £100 we find a wide enough range to be able to attract a maximum of players.

The wild symbol is represented by a sand-colored frame with the word wild written inside, it overrides all symbols except the scatter symbol. In the free spins feature, the wild symbol triggers the wild split feature, and it can only appear in reels 2 to 6 only.

The scatter is an image of a family of elephants in the African savannah and the word scatter inscribed inside. Three or more scatter symbols during the main game trigger free spins. Two or more scatter symbols during free spins trigger aditionnal free spins. If we have 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 scatters on the reels then we will have 5, 8, 15, 25 or 50 free spins.

The Wild Split feature will only activate during free spins. At each time that the wild lands on the reels and it divides, it leaves two or three wild symbols instead, increasing the number of winning lines. The number of wild symbols after division will be randomly selected and the maximum number of free spins will be limited to 100 spins.

Opinion about Mighty Africa 4069 Ways™:

Under the theme of Wild Africa the Playson provider presented to us on January the 24th of 2019 its new slot machine of 6 reels, 4 rows and 4069 ways of winning at the start that can turn into 31,104 with the feature wild split activated, and which can generate payouts up to 8,214 times the stake!

Bets range from £0.25 up to £100. By definition, a scale wide enough to be able to reach as many players as possible, which usually is the purpose of the providers to create good games of money but also to allow players with different budgets to be able to entertain themselves with their machines. It is true that here we do not start very low which limits a little because £0.25 per turn it goes fast and it can limit some players.

On the side of the features we only have free spins and a feature the wild split that divides the wild into several. There, the casino game provider Playson has not too heated the brain with the development of video slot Mighty Africa 4069 Ways™ and it’s a pity! We get bored very quickly. No jackpot, no bonus game, no double up… Nothing! The theme is interesting but the game is too bland it misses a bit of everything!

The interface is really too simple no special effect, only when there are two scatters and the third is about to fall. The following reels accelerate and illuminate, the music too, but it’s really the only animation there is in the game. With the novelties coming out lately I think the Playson provider could have done it better.

The return to the player is 95.1% and the rather average volatility which is not very appealing to the player. When I tried the demo, I had to wait a lot of time to trigger the feature of the free spins and that of the wilds split, the proper little wins start earlier, but it always comes back to the same dull and boring point.

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