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Max Quest: The Wrath of Ra®

Betsoft Gaming has just released its new ingenuity: A mix of casino and role-playing games where one can entertain with several people, various game rooms according to bets, and weapons galore to destroy all the enemies on our passage under the theme of Ancient Egypt. An upheaval in the casino game that will make him talk about it for sure!

Max Quest: The Wrath of Ra®, in the midst of the temple of the god of the sun, will make us fight against three Gods: Osiris, Anubis, Ra and against an army of mummies, undead, beetles to be able to enrich our bankroll but also participate in a weekly tournament against other participants, the top!

In ancient Egypt, the judgement of Souls is a trial in which the deceased must appear to have his rights recognized in Eternal Life. However, there are three different concepts of this judicial confrontation. The first conception is a mythical model where Horus the successor of Osiris confronts Seth to obtain the succession to the throne of Egypt.

The second conception, is more general, the deceased confronts his enemies, dead or alive, who stripped of his earthly life. The third conception is that the book of the dead popularized through the scene of the weighing of the heart, in the latter model the deceased is confronted with a divine accuser. Judged by the feather of Maat, the goddess of truth and justice, death must account to Osiris (or Ra) for his actions and his way of living on Earth.

In the casino game Max Quest: The Wrath of Ra®, we will have to confront three gods: Osiris, Anubis, and Ra. Osiris, inventor of agriculture and religion, died drowned in the Nile murdered by conspiracy of his brother Seth. He won the world of the afterlife, of which he became the ruler, the god of the Egyptian pantheon. He is represented with the sceptre Héka and Flabellum Nékhekh which he holds in his hands crossed on his chest.

The second God to whom we must confront in Max Quest: The Wrath of Ra®, will be Anubis, the burial god of Ancient Egypt, master of Necropolises and protector of embalmers, distancing opportunistic scavengers wandering in the nights of Necropolises looking for Corpses.

When on the third, but not the least because the casino game Max Quest: The Wrath of Ra®, bears his name. The God of Heaven and Sun, origin of life in Egyptian mythology, Ra was the symbol of light, of the sun, giver of life and responsible for the cycle of death and resurrection.

The God who represents the midday sun in all its splendor. At first he was the figure the most important from the lower world, it was said that every night he travelled beside him in the form of Auf-Ra the setting sun. To travel in the sky he would have spent 24 hours by boat from east to west, and taking 3 different appearances depending on the time of day. This God is represented by a body of hawk-headed man on which he wears a solar disk is going to be very represented in the game Max Quest: The Wrath of Ra®.

In the temple of the old God of the sun, no one had dared to intrude for millennia, but a group of unperturbed explorers will open the door to penetrate inside this sanctuary… But beware, the curse of Ra is ready to defy you… His army of mummies, living dead and many others will try to prevent you from reaching your goal, that is, the quest for treasure!

Max Quest: The Wrath of Ra®, is not only a game of casino but also a game of role, action and adventure. It transforms the excitement of the RNG-based slots games to an interactive shooting experience. Each bullet drawn towards the disturbing hordes has a chance to pay or to trigger a feature film. The challenge of Ra will test us but we will not feel stress simply an increase in the adrenaline rate, we will have to destroy these watches with rifles and with many other weapons!

If the shot does not touch the enemy it will ricochet until it finds a target, or if the game ends it will be returned to you. As you advance through the halls, you will find yourself in front of ruthless enemies constituting the arsenal worthy of a pharaoh. They discover beetles with gems, resurrected warriors, and the guardians of the dark who move relentlessly into the burial shroud.

In Max Quest: The Wrath of Ra®, you can play up to 5 extra players in the console-type lobby who can help us to eliminate these gods or his fiery mummies that offer huge cash prizes or treasures to collect!

Features of Max Quest: The wrath of Ra®


First let’s talk about quests, which give the name to the casino game of Betsoft Gaming. During the adventure quests will be awarded by stars, from 1 to 5 depending on the difficulty of the mission. Experience points (XP) earned during quests will help you change levels and compete in the week’s ranking.

The events of God are that at each party players can be rewarded with a divine event. At the end from the party all the enemies present on the interface disappear and a random God will be summoned in the middle of the room with his entourage. Once defeated the players will win a safe containing a collectible treasure and currency additional prizes.

We can join up to 5 extra players to form a team and eliminate the hordes of monsters. Working together gives great benefits and more chances of receiving rewards. The more enemies are destroyed, the greater the likelihood that an event of God will occur and that the reborn enemies appear.

To help us eliminate all this scum, we can buy special weapons boxes, but we must know that the weapons we buy are assigned to us randomly, and by logic the most expensive coffers usually contain more of devastating munition.

Are you ready for an adventure in Max Quest: The Wrath of Ra®? First you have to buy ammunition and choose the room where you want to play. The rooms are grouped by the cost of each munition, it must be selected in the brochure of the lobby and these munitions are for standard weapons.

A part of traditional weapons, it will take more powerful weapons to be able to eliminate the fiercest enemies, so they are better and can reach to more than one enemy. Ammunition for special weapons have no cost after purchase. If you get safes, each shot is considered bet and if we don’t use them all in the game they are reimbursed in our bankroll.

If the shot does not reach our enemy, the ammunition will ricochet in the ground and touches another, but if there is no more then its value will be reimbursed to us. When the enemy is hit, there is a random chance to kill him, and each contains many prizes, which will be assigned randomly when the enemy dies.

When death falls on him, there is a possibility that he will be reborn from his ashes and then become an inflamed enemy, more difficult to kill, but the more he is shot and the more possibilities he will perish. The high volatility of these opponents makes them difficult to kill but also that they are generous in terms of rewards.

At the end of a part, there is a possibility that a God will rise. When the feature is triggered, one of the three gods of Ancient Egypt (Osiris, Anubis or Ra) rises and summons his minions. All the players in the room have to work together to kill the God. Each shot against him works in the same way as for the normal enemy, offering a chance to win prizes, and in addition causing him damage will also increase the prize of the final reward.

Once the God is defeated, the prize won, the XP point (which are won by shooting at the enemy by completing missions and collecting treasures), the rewards will spread among all the players in the room in proportion to what they have done and the way they contributed, so the more you contribute and the more money you earn.

Opinion about Max Quest: The wrath of Ra®

It’s impressive what the software Betsoft Gaming has been able to create. A mix between casino game (with a return to the player of 96%) and a game of adventures where we will be able to take off steam by shooting everything that moves, by launching grenades, by persevering on these enemies of the beyond! A beautiful cinematography in accordance with the soundtrack that remains impeccable: the effect is completely insane we have everything in one game!

We can even personalize our avatar with 5 characters starting but we can change some details that will make us feel more convenient in the skin of our character. No jackpot but it must be said that the rest of the features eclipses it and make it move to a second plane differently to other games where this lack is felt or lack of features.

Here is not the case, we are so busy destroying these enemies that we do not even think about it. I believe that a new era has just opened up to us, the evolution of slot machines will take its flight: take off with us and try Max Quest: The Wrath of Ra®, you will not be able to do without!

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